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  1. Great list, all around. But, this is one my all-time favorite songs- just so hauntingly beautiful.
  2. sounds tentacle-y. not my thing, but i hear in japan, it’s an art form.
  3. What't their college placement percentage like?
  4. Same here. I have a 6th grader. I really wanted him to have the option to go back in person, but Northern California (probably all of CA) is distance only for Fall. I'm stressed out about how it will affect him, scholastically and socially, but I'm relieved I don't have to agonize over the decision, anymore.
  5. good grief. not trying to imitate or mock you, @shadyridr reading about that "doctor" I started to off on a diatribe about us not having moved an inch past the ridiculous ideas of the Dark Ages, and just thew up my hands. That expression was inmy head from reading your reply, and it came out as about the only thing I could say that wouldn't get me banned.
  6. Yeah, your post kind of dovetails with CurlyNight's, too. I imagine you'd want rock solid proof of pancreatic cancer before getting the pancreas removed. I've participated in pancreas surgeries before, but never cared for anyone after having their pancreas removed. I imagine it's a profoundly life-altering event.
  7. A little light on details, but this could be a great thing. I wonder how much mortality would change if detection were moved forward several years and early treatment could start. And, definitely, #### cancer!
  8. If it were an attempt at introducing an invasive species, we'd have to mail several more times the amount of seeds back to China to equal the impact. First, their aggregate land mass is 3.75 M square mile to our 3.6 M; that's disregarding actual arable land, and using cumulative totals. Plus, they have a population of 1.4 B, compared to 358 M. With a population density that high, impact per seed packet would be lower. For example, Mr. Edgar Wright in Utah gets mailed a seed packet. He plants the seeds and introduces an invasive species. Year 1 negative impact (estimates from USDA numbers) would be roughly .6 hectares. But, by year 5, that impact has surged to 14.4 hectares. By comparison, we send packets to Mr. Xi Po Wong in Chonqing and Mr. Ma Po Wong, in Daiyang village. If planted, their respective negative impacts would be 0.03 and 0.18 hectares, with a five-year estimate of 2.0 and 5.7 hectares. So, clearly, 2 Wongs do not equal a Wright.
  9. If a beanstalk grows in your shed, climb it. But do NOT kill the goose!
  10. Brother, there are a lot of things that pop into my head to say to you. But, I'll keep it as simple as I can: you're an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your struggles, and now your triumphs. I really appreciate your straightforward honesty and bravery. I agree with you that there is meaning behind everything we go through. And, it takes a special breed of cat to take all that pain and transform it into service towards the greater good. Your very existence manifests that meaning in real, tangible benefits for everyone you come in contact with. You are a true human being. God bless!
  11. I am having the same problem. Apple with Safari.
  12. Horizon Zero Dawn. Double-check to make sure there's nothing else inappropriate, but the violence isn't bad. Great RPG, with an admirable female lead, great storyline, excellent graphics and fantastic gameplay.
  13. Even a regular surgical mask is about 80% effective at filtering particles the average size of coronavirus Can we stop with the "it's really not effective" talk, please? Is it 100% effective. No. Is it the simplest and most effective way to stop the spread of the disease when we can't isolate ourselves? Yes.
  14. Official: No fans at Eagles' games this year Man, if there is a season, it's gonna be a weird one.😪😷
  15. I'm imagining how much different the story would be if MOP were the protagonist in A Clean, Well-lighted Place
  16. I didn't get past page 1, so apologies if already posted. My brother asked my dad for $5. Dad asked what it was for. Brother said, "I wanna get a guinea pig." Dad said, "Here's $10. Go get yourself a nice Irish girl."
  17. You make a good point, but you're downplaying the other points: 1. how long is it sustainable to run at 95% capacity before seeing poor patient outcomes? 2. Those surge episodes are mitigated by being able to flex with other facilities. If every facility in the area is at surge levels, what do we do then?
  18. Sure, I guess we're better off now that a little more is known about the disease. But, that's kind of like telling someone who just got diagnosed with cancer that they're lucky they weren't diagnosed in the 80s, when cancer treatment was absolutely barbaric. It's still cancer and it still sucks. We have surges every year. And every year we play the shell game with other hospitals of 'hey, will you take this patient?' And they do, and we take theirs. Only now, there is no other hospital to call because they're all full, too. And every year, we have to stack patients in hallways or board them in the ER until we find a permanent bed. But, that is in Fall and Winter because of flu season. And, last I checked, the flu didn't give notice it's decided not to infect anyone this year because there's enough sick people already. And I'm not sure what numbers you're using to say length of stay is down. But, I'm not seeing it in my patients. Even the patients that are requiring minimal care, are staying an average of about 2 weeks before being deemed medically stable enough to discharge. The nes that are requiring stepdown or ICU care are here for multiple weeks.
  19. I am sad for my kid. He is 11 and an only child. This quarantine is horrible for him, very little social contact outside a few cousins that are taking strong precautions, too. Selfishly, I'm also relieved that I might not have to make the choice of sending him back to school with all of this going on. I have been struggling with weighing the need for his social development with the dangers of going back to school. He'll be crushed, but, at least he'll be safe.
  20. What sort of connection do you have to hospitals and healthcare? I'm asking to figure out how you are speaking so confidently about this. I've been an RN for 16 years, now, and what you're writing doesn't match up with my experience through 16 years of working in various positions and what I am seeing in my microcosm of experience with this disease- which is rural counties in Northern CA, feeding into the greater Sacramento metro area. Usually, this is the low season: patient admissions are usually way down in Summer. This is the time of year when Nurses are usually getting called off because we have more staff than we need for the number of patients admitted. The past few weeks, I have worked at least one OT shift every week, sometimes two, because we are overrun with COVID+ patients. I ignore my phone the other 2 days of the week, when I get multiple texts, begging for someone to come in and work. When cases were coming in at a trickle rate, we were shipping all the COVID+ patients to our sister hospitals- big facilities with way more beds and staff and higher levels of care (ECCMO, CRRT). They had designated COVID wings, to quarantine the positive patients. They filled up about a month ago. Then, the trickle went to a steady flow. Our rural county has seen what looks like exponential growth in positive cases. Through the iniitial lockdown back in March and April, our cases were steadily 0-5 per day. In the last 4-6 weeks, it's risen steadily into the 20s, then 30s, now 40s per day. Our ER is slammed every single night for the past 3-4 weeks, roughly 80% COVID+ patients. And now, there's no place to send them. Every other hospital in the area is dealing with the same thing. We have four levels of surge planning, and when I left on Friday, we were at Level 2, and heading towards Level 3. Level 4 is setting up outdoor tents to care for patients, like an Army mobile hospital. Our in-house staff is already stretched thin. We have a staffing pool for the whole greater Sacramento area, but those RNs are limited and every hospital is fighting for them. We are putting out the word that we need more Travel RNs, but it takes time to find them and onboard them and orient them. Plus, with all of the hotspots in the country, they're needed other places, too. So, if they come here- they don't go to Miami-Dade or Phoenix or Houston. I know some places are doing just fine. Very minimal cases, hospital resources not taxed. We were, too, up until about a month, month and a half ago. And I'd be lying if I didn't admit I started wondering if maybe this whole thing wasn't overblown a little bit. I am like you: very skeptical of media reports that fear monger, because that's what drives viewers. Now, in the middle of this, I fear we're going to be overwhelmed. If the steady increase in positive cases doesn't peak soon, I can easily see us getting to the point of Level 4 surge capacity. And I am not particularly excited about the prospect of taking care of very sick patients in a tent. And that's now, during the slow season. If we are still dealing with this amount of new cases and admissions when Fall and Winter come, then those quotes you posted from 2018 will look like interviews with people just stepping off "It's a Small World" ride at Disney. Those quotes are from a time when there was someplace to send patients when you got overwhelmed. Those quotes are from a time when there were logistical solutions just by mobilizing unused resources. We are in our slow season, when admission rates are already notoriously low, and elective cases have been halted effectively since March. I'm begging somebody for a glimmer of hope. Some argument that we have this covered and we will go back to business as usual, or at least, close to it. But, my experiences tell me that's not the case. I hope I'm wrong.
  21. There isn't. Mine is a combo air fryer/pressure cooker/crockpot, so it has the basket. I'd definitely prefer trays. I bought some tiered wire racks that fit inside off amazon, they work ok.