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  1. I'd say them deciding during OTAs to move him to ILB when he'd never played there before and hadn't spent a whole lot of time in coverage in college was what went wrong in Baltimore. He had promising athletic numbers for an EDGE and could have developed if he was kept there imo. AFAIK Tennessee uses him as an EDGE
  2. 2QB 0.5 PPR league Gave: Gardner Minshew, Austin Ekeler, Mike Williams & late 1st Received: Amari Cooper & early 2nd
  3. Baltimore Ravens 1 17 17 C.J. Mosley LB Alabama 2 16 48 Timmy Jernigan DT Florida State 3 15 79 Terrence Brooks DB Florida State 3 35 99 Crockett Gillmore TE Colorado State 4 34 134 Brent Urban DT Virginia 4 38 138 Lorenzo Taliaferro RB Coastal Carolina 5 35 175 John Urschel G Penn State 6 18 194 Keith Wenning QB Ball State 7 3 218 Mike Campanaro WR Wake Forest 2. Players still with team - 2 (CJ Mosley & Brent Urban) 3. Starters - 2, when Urban isn't injured (3 if you count the fact that Jernigan starts in Philly) 4. Potential future starters - 0 5. Pro-bowls - 3 (all by Mosley) 6. Positives CJ Mosley is one of the better LBs in the league, although his performance in 2017 below that of previous years Zach Orr was a pretty good UDFA (until a previously unknown neck condition caused him to retire) James Hurst was an UDFA who earned a 2nd contract after decent play at LG last year 7. Negatives Timmy Jernigan was a poor fit in the defensive scheme, and was traded away for an ~8 place upgrade in the 3rd round after his 3rd season Terrence Brooks was a flat out bust, and Crockett Gillmore, Brent Urban and Michael Campanaro were all significantly affected by injuries during their time on the team John Urschel looked good during his short run of starts in his 2nd year, then regressed in his 3rd before retiring just before training camp in 2017 Keith Wenning never made it off the practice squad 8. Grade - I'd be hard pressed to give it more than a C- as just one productive player from an entire draft class is below par, even if that one player is in the top 5-10 at his position
  4. GamePass isn't exclusively European. Its the official subscription service for any international fan (of which I am one). This off-season however, GamePass has gone from being one service that provides for all outside the US to using 3 different operators each servicing a different region - Europe, Canada and the "Rest of the World". Legalities aside, I'd imagine if you were going to access GamePass through a VPN, you'd get the same service regardless of the region you're using so you'd just choose the cheapest option
  5. 12 team PPR IDP 2xSuperflex Gave: 1.06 (turned into Dalvin Cook), late 2018 1st, Will Fuller & Duke Johnson Got: Antonio Brown Context: I'm in win-now mode because in what is effectively a 3QB league, 2 of mine are Brady and Brees. Fuller was my WR4 and Johnson my RB5 and I'm confident my pick will end up being 10-12 next year (it hasn't been higher than 8th in the last 5 years). This trade will give me 5 of the top 15 points scorers in this league last year