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  1. Offer #1 is flat out a terrible trade for you. Offer #2 is a good trade but only because of your depth. He's getting better overall value but the improvement to your starting line-up is comparable. Offer #3 is a good trade.
  2. Update: I traded Garoppolo and a 2019 3rd round pick for Lavonte David and Jameis Winston. Before you call me crazy, I have Deshaun Watson as my starting QB and am a diehard Buccaneers fan. I think David is far better for a few more years than any LB I can draft with a mid-late 3rd and I don't think Jameis is a major downgrade from Jimmy. A downgrade yes but not a major one. So, what does everyone think of this trade?
  3. Unless you're super high on Ronald Jones, Sony Michel, or Nick Chubb you should take Bell without question over McKinnon and the pick.
  4. I say make the offer then. Of course, I might be biased because I have Barkley and Watson on my team.
  5. If it's for 1.03 I take that deal in a heartbeat because Guice or Penny are still going to be available and that's depth worth adding over the difference between Cook and Fournette. For 1.05, it really depends on who is available. I think there's a dropoff after Guice and Penny and I like Fournette over Cook more than I like the depth that's probably available here.
  6. You are safer keeping what you have but there's more potential upside on the other side of the trade. You need to ask yourself a simple question. 'Do I want reliability or a chance at a higher ceiling for my team?' If you prefer safe, reliability you should stay put. If you want to take a small-medium risk on a higher ceiling than pull the trigger as fast as you can.
  7. For this year, I keep Ertz and McCoy and look at replacing McCoy next year. Likely with a RB you draft this year. It's a solid class with lots of guys who should see fantasy relevance almost out of the gate.
  8. JuJu is a no-brainer at $1. Your second spot is more complicated. I'd personally be inclined to keep Goodwin at $1 and take my chances. I couldn't argue against McCaffrey at $28 based on the info given, though. Keeping Goodwin improves your potential (pre-auction) but McCaffrey is a solid known commodity at that price. Honestly, so long as you keep JuJu you can't go wrong either way on the second keeper I think. Goodwin could definitely work out better for you but it's a gamble whereas McCaffrey is a reasonably sure thing.
  9. Exactly this. With limited keepers and this kind of draft you should take BPA until all top 12 players at each position are gone. Then switch to drafting for need.
  10. I'd take the 1st as well.
  11. I need a little help weighing a potential trade. It's an IDP dynasty league. The scoring setup favors WR over LB by about 10-15% based on season totals at each position. For additional reference, I am a huge Buccaneer fan and prize when I can acquire a solid Buccaneer fantasy starter for my team. I'm looking at trading for Lavonte David and the first name they through out as an idea was Cooper Kupp. I'm pretty high on both players. Kupp is a WR3 on my roster right now (behind Keenan Allen and TY Hilton) but he could become a WR2 soon. David would be an instant LB1/2 for me (alongside Christian Kirksey). The question is how good, bad, or reasonable would this trade be if it were straight up?
  12. If this were a dynasty league with small rollover rosters an argument could be made for Freeman and maaaaybe Mckinnon. In a keeper league as described there is no contest though. You have to keep Gronk.
  13. If the league dues are $50 per year and there are 12 teams, how is the total league payout $1200 or more? Your payout every year is at least twice your annual dues.
  14. Further update: 1.11 has come and gone now. I drafted Courtland Sutton. Moore, Kirk, and Ridley were already taken. Gallup and Miller were still available. Honestly, Sutton was the WR I was highest on to begin with. I wouldn't argue he should be the first WR drafted but I absolutely love his upside potential.