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  1. Looks like not having T. Ross will be an impediment.
  2. Sheesh. I should have played the early slate. Of course an 11% edge still likely isn't enough to help me. Lord knows it wasn't Thursday.
  3. Oof. I was shocked they released him because he's such a good locker room guy and role-model for the young guys. ?
  4. Assuming LBJ misses or is limited, this is where I am. Mike says this is 307. His math-preferred are all 312-ish tho. Steph/Irving -- Durant being out makes me feel ok w/ Steph. Irving's usage should be high w/ LBJ out or limited. Korver/Wade -- See Irving for Korver. Cle's defense sucks when they're 100% and Chi is a mess outside of Butler and Wade. Wiggins/RHJ -- Houston is bad defensively and wants to play st pace, which Minn likes to do as well. Everyone is out for BKN, so why not RHJ? I'm pretty sure I haven't played him all year. Saric/Gordon -- These guys should get ample usage after trades/injuries on their teams. R. Lopez -- It's Cleveland.
  5. Sheesh. GS gets Brooklyn at home tonight. Do we fade the whole debacle, look at bench guys, or play it like a normal game? I can't see this being anything but a curb-stomping.
  6. Damn, that sucks. You really have been cold lately. I had a decent little stretch before the ASB to get me out of the wilderness. Maybe your stretch is coming.
  7. Ha! 43 FD points in 31 minutes. I guess even stretchy 5's are dominating them now.
  8. Good luck. It's just a big GPP with everyone guaranteed of at least a double-up now. I bet there will be some bat#### crazy lineups entered
  9. If I do any (big "if" -- I'm prepping for a slew of 7 year olds spending the night tonight), none. The big bulls dominate the Lakers. Stretchy guys are just good against them.
  10. Including my long-shot, contrarian lineups? none.
  11. It just hit me -- I had 2 lineups w/ 2 guys who were sub-$100 per point (and who weren't THAT highly owned) fail to cash in a contest that basically the top 63% advanced in. Plus they both had a 5-figure guy come in sub-$200 per point. That's actually impressive in a really bad way.
  12. Nice job regardless. I was all-in on the Holidays. Absolutely horrible. I could have survived Justin (I was also all-in on WCS, Gordon, and LBJ), but not Jrue too. Even my Nurkic lineups didn't advance. I've lost a lot more money in one day before, but this was one of the most disappointing nights for me in a long time.
  13. Man, Jrue has been horrific tonight.
  14. And Lillard got in foul trouble. And Jrue looks like he's still on the break.
  15. Oof. Courtney Lee is playing. I'm a tad exposed on Holiday. As in 100%.