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  1. So depressing to be eliminated so quickly. Most years I’m a big “meh” on the whole thing b/c of the randomness of it all, even the years I’ve made the final 250. But I REALLY liked my team this year. You would think a 26 man roster would have some injury security, but that wasn’t the case.
  2. Fell 4.2 short. That damned dropped TD by Jones was the difference.
  3. Yep. And I only sliced 8 off my gap. And MVS got hurt. So likely a 12th zero.
  4. Welp, I knew it was going to be dicey w/ my injuries. The Turk is coming through the door to get me as I type this. Currently @ 104.5, a smooth 32 below the cut line. 0’s from: Brees, Singletary, J. Jackson, D. Jackson, Watkins, Dorsett, Washington, Engram, Waller, Carlson, Bills. Horribly bad performances by Gordon (1.7), Goodwin (3.5), Breida (8.3), Sanu (5.9) I do have Jones and MVS going. Only have to crest 0.0 and 1.7 to start counting. And Prater (-2) as well. So I could increase significantly, I guess.
  5. I’m in real trouble this week. Waller on bye with Engram hurt, leaving me only Hooper. That might be ok for my TE score, but 7/10ths of my flexes have come from that group. I have only 3 actual RBs (Jones, Cook, Breida) going this week. Brees is out for me @ QB, leaving me with essentially Jackson (Mariota being my 3rd). I have 1/3 of my PK on bye and the Bills DST on bye, leaving me with Seattle. I don’t know the status of Watkins, D. Jackson, and Dorsett, but that’s potentially 3 WRs out.
  6. Seven 0’s this week, only 1 on bye. I need to get some guys back real soon or the Turk and I are going to get to know one another.
  7. Well that ended poorly. I knew it was going to go bad, but I couldn’t stop myself.
  8. I think i’ll probably advance this week. But the injuries are mounting.
  9. How bad has my team been? I got 45.7 from Jones and still don’t feel remotely safe yet.
  10. I know. My MO is to build my cores myself then check w/ them. But I hate having my eggs all in 1 basket.
  11. I’m also stacking Allen w/ McCaffrey in a couple GPPs in what I hope is a contrarian play.
  12. I’m stuck on the QBs in that Balt/Pitt game for my 2 cash+ lineups. Do I need to be talked off of that?
  13. Just like I said — Ekelor will struggle and Keenan will go off. Thankfully I ran a bit of Ekelor out as a hedge. But RB wasn’t my issue (nearly 100% on Chubb and Fournette), it was WR. It’s tough to get to 156 w/ Allen/M. Brown/MVS as your WR corps (17.7 total) but I did it w/ my Thurs slate. BTW, I found overlays galore again on Thursday. My 2 Sun cash+ lineups were good (132) and bad (104). If the Thurs lineup holds (I’m done) it should be a nice week.