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  1. Totally my bad. Thought "De'Aaron" not "Deangelo"
  2. Thought I saw he was coming off bench.
  3. Elfrid/Lonzo Booker/Jaylen Covington/Crabbe Simmons/Crowder Vuc
  4. How is Deanglo not starting?
  5. Bleh. I was all-in on him dueling Lonzo. Pivoting to Elfrid.
  6. My lunch time placeholder: Bledsoe/Collison Booker/Ross Tatum/Covington Simmons/Crowder Vuc Feels too variable for cash but not variable enough for GPP.
  7. Clarkson or Redick @ SG?
  8. 2nd half last year I just blindly inserted any big, physical rebounder-type that faced the Lakers. I may do that again this year. I like Lonzo, both his game and what I've seen of his personality. I think he's just going to have a hit list problem thanks to his dad, not necessarily on the offensive end. But defensively I fear Westbrook (whom is apparently worse than Lonzo per LaVar), Curry, etc. are just going to murder him.
  9. You guys would seem to have a nice head start this week.
  10. I haven't really looked yet. What are your initial thoughts on your Lakers? Lonzo is going to have some tough nights thanks so his dad I think. Can anyone there handle a front-line, physical big man?
  11. Won my cash games, lost my GPPs but still netted positive. I'm only playing a tiny amount right now tho.
  12. I need him to score enough to ensure that the field ties me at that spot (be it RB or flex). My team depth is limited at this juncture.
  13. Have fun. Your Lakers should be entertaining this year even if they don't win a bunch of games.
  14. Doesn't Markkanen have to get a bunch of minutes in the early going?
  15. Are Lakers going to be awful against big men again this year?