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  1. But man, Oakland really is horrible.
  2. I keep building out w/ 2-3 Chiefs in Ware (no brainer imo, don’t overthink it), Kelce, and Hill. I love each of them in a vacuum, but get 50-ish points out of those 3 seems less likely than getting 20 out of each in a vacuum.
  3. Yeah, Edwards instead of Ekelor for me at least in 1.
  4. That’s valid I guess. Just seems to me that they’re just playing it out now and they need to figure out if Jameis is the guy or not. Fitz won’t be there next year.
  5. Not much love for Jameis here. Figure he’s going to have 40-ish attempts. Sure, at least a couple of those will get picked-off, but seems unlikely that he won’t get to 20 points assuming he nabs a few points running. Here’s what I have for my cash lineups (maybe “cash plus” since I run them in triples too). I’m all-in on Chubb, Ekelor, Brate, and ODB. Also willing to bet the Jacksonville serves up multiple turnovers. Jackson, Chubb/Ekelor, Beckham/Boyd/Evans, Brate, Conner, Bills Jameis, Chubb/Ekelor, Beckham/Hilton/Antonio, Breida, Brate, Bills Might turn Conner into Mack in that first one, then turn Boyd into Keenan. That’s a “negative” correlation play w/ Ekelor I know. But w/ Ekelor as cheap as he is, he doesn’t need much to be ok
  6. Earlier in the year the variant of that $9.99 contest paid $1M to first. They scaled the size back and raised entry from $9 to $9.99 for the current format.
  7. Man, you basically have to run 1 gpp lineup w/ Blount every week in case he has one of his occasional multi-TD games w/ less than 50 yards.
  8. Ebron seems to be having a game.
  9. Going Jones => Harris, Chubb => David Johnson.
  10. My current cash builds: Fitz, Melvin/Kamara, Fitz/MVS/Jones, Doyle, Chubb, Jets Mariota, Melvin/Hunt, Evans/Jones/Golladay, Reed, Chubb, Packers Considering Harris for Jones or Fitz in the 1st. The FBG value chart doesn’t like him, but I think w/ Crowder out he’s a good play for cash.
  11. Yeah, all the pivots look to be in the early games. I’m open to Ekelor in my GPPs, but certainly not cash.
  12. Looking for any last minute insight tonight. A win gets my “streak” to 5. Tinkering w/ 3 lineups but tonight’s contest for the “streak” is single entry. Currently looking at: Conley/Fox — Philly and LAL have been horrible at defense. Mathews/Hield — I like Mathews a fair amount. Hield gives me heartburn tho. But LAL have been bad at defense. Barnes/Richardson — This is 1 too many Mavs probably, but I like Barnes’s price point. Josh is kind of a stretch maybe but he’s a former Vol. Nance/Aldridge — These were my 2 early morning PF choices and they hold up under scrutiny. RG likes them too, so there’s that. Howard — Here’s the real problem w/ this lineup. He gives me great pause. Can go w/ JaVale but meh. Another $100 and I could get WCS, who is really the guy I want in this general price range. Need top half to “keep streaking”, top 22% to win any money. Any insight appreciated.
  13. I’m running a Klay/Steph/Jerebko/Bell and a Durant/Bell. I think Iggy might work too but can’t work one w/ him that isn’t completely duplicative.
  14. The implied score is 118-123!by far highest tonight.