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  1. LOL, RG was right and I was wrong — very wrong. Luckily I hedged a bit and ran about 30% of my action using more of RG’s guys so I avoided a beat-down and just had a smallish loss.
  2. Been on a slo-mo hot streak. I’ve been playing 2-3 nights a week and doing well when I play. My lunch time initial lineup is NOT liked by RG at all. Usually there’s at least some symmetry there, but not today.
  3. Paul/Fox — Paul seems a little pricey but his usage should be massive. I have an irrational man-crush on Fox. Brogdon/Barton — Brogdon is just salary relief. Lebron/Hezondja — Hezondja gets the spot start, affords salary relief. Labiserre/Henson — Labs gets the spot start for salary relief. Henson another cheap piece of the Bucks. KAT
  4. Lol, my lineup matches RG exactly. That’s probably not good for RG.
  5. I’ve been totally out of pocket for quite awhile. Laid up sick while the fam is going to watch the Peay play tonight. Watching the Titans lay a turd yet still hang around. So I’m in for the first time in quite awhile.
  6. Complete whiff for me. First one of those I've had in awhile.
  7. Whimped out for cash and rolled w/ Clarkson instead: Yogi/JJ -- This is more than sufficient risk. Clarkson/Klay LBJ/Crabbe Bell/Taj Drummond
  8. I'm rocking him. Just because. Sometimes we need a little irrational confidence guy.
  9. My current placeholder has JR Smith in it. I'm thinking that's probably not going to remain unchanged for my cash action
  10. Good night. Base lineup hit 366, despite not being liked by RG much at all. Rondo and Sabonis were drags, but everyone else was good-to-great. 0.22 units in 0.78 units out. Was just 10 or so points from getting into real money in a couple GPPs. Wish I'd played more but I get gun shy when I don't at least kind of mesh w/ the prognosticators.
  11. Geez, Houston is really good. GS might want to make sure they have home court advantage over the Rockets in the playoffs. At home this team is death.
  12. Well that sucked. Wouldn't have mattered if I had time b/c I was all-in on Drummond and Schroeder.
  13. Thank goodness I have very little action. Thought I was going to have a good 45 mins to adjust things before tipoff, but that blew up on me (kids aren't always conducive to planning), so I started dumping contests like a fiend at red lights. I've got 1 lineup spread across all kinds of formats, including a train in a large GPP. Gonna be a complete whiff, but at least it's just 0.11 credits.
  14. Blow-out city in the projected high-scoring early games. Could wreak havoc for me. I REALLY need another big shift from Drummond
  15. So, what do we do w/ SA now?