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  1. That can be ok, so long as the positive night was REALLY positive.
  2. Couldn't quite get anything I really liked. So I ended going w/ 2 naturally. #1 (my "please let Philly's backcourt suck" lineup): Dinwiddie/Goran Waiters/Harris Leonard/Barnes WCS/Blake KOQ #2 (my "too many Knicks" lineup) Collison/Rose Waiters/Lee Barnes/Ross KP/Blake Drummond
  3. Things gotten any better for you this week?
  4. Had an unplanned hiatus. Been stupid busy. Ironically I'm stuck working late tonight so I have more time to build a lineup this evening. ?
  5. Looks like not having T. Ross will be an impediment.
  6. Sheesh. I should have played the early slate. Of course an 11% edge still likely isn't enough to help me. Lord knows it wasn't Thursday.
  7. Oof. I was shocked they released him because he's such a good locker room guy and role-model for the young guys. ?
  8. Assuming LBJ misses or is limited, this is where I am. Mike says this is 307. His math-preferred are all 312-ish tho. Steph/Irving -- Durant being out makes me feel ok w/ Steph. Irving's usage should be high w/ LBJ out or limited. Korver/Wade -- See Irving for Korver. Cle's defense sucks when they're 100% and Chi is a mess outside of Butler and Wade. Wiggins/RHJ -- Houston is bad defensively and wants to play st pace, which Minn likes to do as well. Everyone is out for BKN, so why not RHJ? I'm pretty sure I haven't played him all year. Saric/Gordon -- These guys should get ample usage after trades/injuries on their teams. R. Lopez -- It's Cleveland.
  9. Sheesh. GS gets Brooklyn at home tonight. Do we fade the whole debacle, look at bench guys, or play it like a normal game? I can't see this being anything but a curb-stomping.
  10. Damn, that sucks. You really have been cold lately. I had a decent little stretch before the ASB to get me out of the wilderness. Maybe your stretch is coming.
  11. Ha! 43 FD points in 31 minutes. I guess even stretchy 5's are dominating them now.
  12. Good luck. It's just a big GPP with everyone guaranteed of at least a double-up now. I bet there will be some bat#### crazy lineups entered
  13. If I do any (big "if" -- I'm prepping for a slew of 7 year olds spending the night tonight), none. The big bulls dominate the Lakers. Stretchy guys are just good against them.
  14. Including my long-shot, contrarian lineups? none.
  15. It just hit me -- I had 2 lineups w/ 2 guys who were sub-$100 per point (and who weren't THAT highly owned) fail to cash in a contest that basically the top 63% advanced in. Plus they both had a 5-figure guy come in sub-$200 per point. That's actually impressive in a really bad way.