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  1. Yeah, but you can get used to it. Trust me on ULU, place is amazing.
  2. Friend said his dog starting tripping out like 10 minutes before it. Which probably means more like 5 minutes but still.
  3. Rodgers will go off this year. Would not want to face that guy. Pack will be a team nobody wants to face in the playoffs.
  4. Broncos. Their D is gonna be filthy. Chubb and Miller. Cam Newton can attest.
  5. But he didn't say that. He said his "source" was that Kawhi was going to Toronto. You put it at 60-70%, nobody else. You were the one that said that "IF he had said there was a 60-70% chance". That was never the case and changes the argument completely. No big deal, but you definitely changed the parameters here.
  6. I'm wearing sneakers that look like wing tips. People have no idea.
  7. Love earthquakes. Exciting. Changes your way of thinking, however fleeting that may be.