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  1. Staying in downtown Seattle this week. Any suggestions for nearby hikes? I don't have a car.
  2. Yep, and way cheaper than our amigos to the south at clearing fields. They're like land piranha.
  3. His nickname also has to go. URB??? Good god.
  4. It's meaningless. HTH.
  5. Brick house.
  6. LMMFAO @ Bryce and his mirror, doing his hair. So perfect. It's great for baseball.
  7. You're right, I apologize, didn't realize this was the HOME RUN DERBY OMG!!!1
  8. Yo shadyridr, did you see that commercial for the $120 All-Star bat??? It has the Capitol on it and everything! You should get it and show everybody how patriotic you are.
  9. At least Bryce doesn't have to be bothered running to first tonight. Not like he would anyway.
  10. He showed up. Also, he's wearing a Captain America costume.
  11. Harper coming off as the massive tool he is and he hasn't even hit yet.
  12. The whole intro thing they did was as gay as it gets.
  13. Prove it.