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  1. Um, this was my point. Yet you stated you "genuinely weren't sure" what the right decision was.
  2. Rodrigo Duterte

    Official Alshon Jeffery - The Bandwagon

    That was his third ball dropped all year, is that true? Wow. It happens, hope the guy doesn't take it too hard. He seemed to be genuinely distraught. Sucks. The way they rallied around him after it says a lot.
  3. I'm not some Eagles fan but the way they handled that dropped ball was awesome. Sports are great because of the ups and downs. And as you get older, you learn to appreciate the downs even more. Nice job Eagles. Coach, Foles, and the team handled it very well. They rallied around him, knowing it could've been anybody, any one of them. That was good ####.
  4. It appears so. He's serious, I thought he was fishing.
  5. I think that one was so obviously stupid that it's not even worthy of going over. There's not much to say.
  6. Rodrigo Duterte

    Los Angeles Rams Vs Dallas Cowboys, Divisional Playoff Game

    He'll need to grow a lot more, was nowhere close on some big throws last night. He and Jason can keep growing all they want.
  7. Rodrigo Duterte

    CJ Anderson

    It was the line.
  8. Rodrigo Duterte

    Sammy Watkins the next Andre Johnson...

    Aikman was trying to say he was the best receiver in the league. Seriously, he said that. I love Aikman but come on.
  9. Rodrigo Duterte

    ***2018 Dallas Cowboys*** 👍
  10. Um, his job as Head Coach is to know better.
  11. Rodrigo Duterte

    Los Angeles Rams Vs Dallas Cowboys, Divisional Playoff Game

    He gets to keep his job. So great. The guy is horrible.
  12. I go for two there. You have to get a two-point conversion, the sooner I know what we're up against, the better. The XP part is obvious. Garrett is so conservative.