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  1. Rodrigo Duterte

    Ariana Grande makes Otis grande

    Otis was right. That's all I'm saying. She is smokin.
  2. You guys sound like monitor lizards.
  3. Rodrigo Duterte

    2018 MLB Regular Season Thread! Current thread batting average: .420

    Exciting playoffs thus far. Division winners going 12 - 2. Too lazy to add up run differentials but most games were yawners.
  4. The video after it is a badass squirrel f'ing with a big snake. He took some strikes but kept going toe to toe with the thing. When the snake threw in the towel and tried to flee, the squirrel just kept trying to eat its tail and ####. Would not leave it alone. I ended up afraid of the squirrel, it could probably take out Bender's coons.
  5. Rodrigo Duterte

    ::: The Apple iPhone X :::

    Taking my second X back tonight because the same type of audio problem. Don't get sound on some texts and call audio also goes out intermittently. It works most of the time but that's the problem, when you go in, they can't find anything wrong with it. Maddening. When they finally swapped out my first one, the phone they brought from the back was not in a new package and my thinking was that it was a refurb. And that it had the same problem. My guess is that they refurbed an X with the same problem as mine and once whoever tests it before repurchase or exchange, they think it's fine. Both of mine could work normally for a few days and until they inevitably screw up again. It will also ring when on silent sometimes. Nice unsuspecting wake up call. And has rung on loud volume even though it's on like one bar. I also get a loud cracking sound occasionally when a text comes in, annoying and again, should not happen with f'n $1000 phone.
  6. Rodrigo Duterte

    Charlotte, NC

    Where are the pics anyway?
  7. Rodrigo Duterte

    Charlotte, NC

  8. Rodrigo Duterte

    ***2018 Dallas Cowboys*** Boys got a D...Dak attack back

    Dallas has been irrelevant for two decades now, there is nothing left to hate. It's pure comedy. Garrett still at the helm is oh so entertaining.
  9. Rodrigo Duterte

    ***2018 Dallas Cowboys*** Boys got a D...Dak attack back

    Love that Jason Garrett is John Fox v2.0, it's fantastic.
  10. Rodrigo Duterte

    Dynasty: RB Royce da 6’0 Freeman, Denver Broncos

    Who or what is going to wake them up? It certainly won't be Vance Joseph. That clown is a joke of a coach. Why Elway gave him another year I will never know. And I doubt the Rams and Phillips are going to be some wake up call. They won't be running on them and will have to abandon it by half regardless. Likely another mauling coming up. The Broncos need an overhaul and quick, the D isn't getting younger.
  11. Rodrigo Duterte

    Credit Cards

    Posted this in the wrong thread last night, too much beer. Please just see the bolded if you don't want to go through my gripe about the joke of a mileage program that is Chase/United. holy mother of god is united milage plus a nightmare. and obviously united sucks in general. spent no less than 4 hours trying to redeem some miles the other day, to no avail. call center disconnected me three different times, after long holds and I could not have been nicer to them. and no it was not bad cel coverage. the third one was a supervisor. that was a first. tried everything, and I mean everything, and in the end even chase bank was conferencing in their call center to try to fix things. their entire structure is set up to make as many roadblocks as possible so that their customers will finally throw in the towel and just spend the cash instead. if i listed it all here it would take me an hour. if they spent the same amount of energy and time simply serving customers as opposed to screwing them i am sure it would pay off in the long run, but no, somewhere they decided to make it their mission to grind out every cent and see how much they could make off of every last customer for as much as possible. it's like a game with them. horrible business practices. unethical. will never step foot or pay another buck to them no matter what. my other cc had an alaska air miles program (i just never use it). so i called them right after this mess and i got more done in 5 minutes with a great rep in seattle, imagine that, than i got the entire morning with chase/united. rang once, and a human answered ready to help and able at that. and guess what? they put your milage plus number right on the card so i wasn't forced to have to do 14,053 backflips, emails and security checks to get someone to talk or try and help me. it was joyous. no holding or music or transferring, it was hard to believe. anyway, i don't like doing research and ya'll know much more than i so I would love a rec on the best cc miles plan to enroll in. haven't read the thread btw. i will stick with alaska air for now, but seeing this thread made me curious if there is another one to consider. what i care about most at this point is the best customer service, ease of use, without all the blackout dates, jumping through hoops, or other fine print bs. not worth it to me at an advanced age and so forth. thanks.
  12. Rodrigo Duterte

    Work Travel Guys

  13. Michael is a weak name for a hurricane. I could maybe go with Miguel, or Mike. But Michael???
  14. Moving in will make it like trying to work together, why do that? Married business partners end in divorce 82% of the time. This is akin to it. You're obviously both miserable when trying to sleep next to each other, so somehow you think cohabiting will work? Separate rooms or not, you're only going to exacerbate the problem. The part you talk about having these great moments and being super into each other and all that? Kiss them goodbye. Why not keep that feeling of being a little out of reach, instead of trying to force what isn't working? No offense, but you're nuts if you try this.