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  1. What about the $.50 draft, is that happening? Asking for a friend. And what happened to the dollar one?
  2. Thanks for sharing, enjoyed it. The thing about it is that there's not much risk involved, which is good. The part that's supposed to be unreal, from the viewpoint, is not much different than any roller-coaster, or going to the top of some high building, where everything is covered, safety-wise. And it looks like a zoo, with people trying to get around each other. Similar thing is what's happened to Everest.
  3. Second quote came back at $1475 with a 10 - 14 day "turnaround" time. Same guy that dragged his feet to begin with. Heard back from my friend who's been out of the office until today. His assistant was the one that sent me the Appraiser who was bonkers. He confirmed the guy is an idiot and gave me a woman that he would use. So we'll see where this one goes but it sounds much better already.
  4. Home is in California. What's the law there? Got another referral this morning, we'll see where this one goes. Had no idea it would be this discerning.
  5. Good call but doubtful, boss has been there 20 years. Exit strategy seems best. And one which could entertain us, even better.
  6. I don't need two appraisals, was just wondering if that was something I should do. I got it from the thread topic is all, which I haven't read. What I need is the right appraiser. Never done this and it's not my home, helping a friend with it. And if you read my reply above to Cletius, you'll see we can't just go with the current realtor and his appraiser at this point. Kind of a conflict of interest there, imo.
  7. Thanks CM, appreciate the feedback. Comps are difficult for this situation, there just aren't many, and they're not really that comparable, given the location. Have a real estate broker, but don't trust him completely. Really nice guy, kind of a family friend, but has no listings and other red flags, including knowing and representing the current tenant, who wants to buy the place. He can not wait for the commission. Current tenant is a low-baller, big-time. The lease arrangement proved as much, and he's been leasing in the area for 20 years now, bouncing around, waiting to pounce when the price is right. Shrewd guy, smart, don't blame him at all, but that's not going to happen.
  8. I do have a friend that's an appraiser and would be happy to give him the business, but he does not do work in the area and I would think that's important. How much does that matter? Also thinking about getting two now.
  9. Bumped this after searching for home appraisal info here. This is for a sale. I was referred to 3 guys. First guy seemed okay, asking for a grand. Second guy is dragging his feet, for no reason, don't like that. Third dude was a total loon, can't believe he was even recommended. The messages he left are hysterical. This shouldn't be that difficult. Anyway, what do I need to know to find the right appraiser?
  10. Saw Thorogood at some Festival in Telluride. They had to drag him off the stage. I thought it might be part of his act. Maybe it was, but I'm sure he was smashed. Kept stumbling around towards the end and ended up flat out on his back after the last song, arms and legs outstretched. Classic. He knew he'd be taken care of and didn't give a ####. We were right there. We've all been there.
  11. There's a new rule, guy. There will be no more laughable or pathetic -- take your pick -- videos of law enforcement acting like d-bags in the FFA. It's wrong! Same will go for real estate brokers, they are taking too much crap around here imo.
  12. Right, which proves that this inept, power-tripping cop, and his attitude, is somehow warranted or excusable. Got it.
  13. I open these threads to read the comments of those that will defend authority at all costs.