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  1. Oh for sure she did, no question. Win win if there ever was one.
  2. From Day 1 she was eyeing that bank account. She's actually a smart chick, albeit super conniving. Cutler got his ### owned. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
  3. I don't know what you were watching but I couldn't watch an episode without thinking, no way this lasts. She can't stand being in the same room with the guy (unless the cameras were there and even then, it would show). Mr. Mopey must've been a nightmare to live with. Hell, his teammates could barely sit next to the guy for long. It was clear as day they were toast.
  4. Just stepped in to say every time I see the username "drunken slob" I crack up. Well done.
  5. No they aren't. Sorry, but that's a dumb cliche. The Patriots off-season clearly shows they aren't the team to beat. So what, you're going to need to see a team actually beat Jarrett Stidham first? I don't need to wait til September to surmise as much.
  6. My ####### sister is insisting that dogs can't carry it. She's got a lapdog that she just brought to our 88 year old Mom (who has high BP). I have tried like hell to keep her safe for a month now. Sister, who lives a block away and rarely visited prior to the pandemic, waltzes up just now and lets the dog go nuts. I'm beyond livid. At both of them, actually. I haven't read enough of this thread -- it gets too depressing at times, unfortunately -- to know the consensus on pets carrying this ####. Does anyone have some links on that? I just feel it's too risky, period. Certainly not worth the 2 minutes of petting for ####'s sake. While I'm at it. Thanks for the massive contributions all of you make in here. Little chance I would've been out in front of this thing without you. Stay safe.
  7. Then why not just fix whatever the problem was, instead of deleting an entire topic that was quite interesting and fun?
  8. That thread was great, while lightening the mood. Why not just delete the offensive posts?
  9. I have found similar solace in South Park. It's still great.
  10. Where would one order 12 gauge double aught buckshot (2 3/4)?