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  1. Wait, the Lincoln Project really is banned here?
  2. I'm a little confused by this. I'm assuming you mean just going with the Peloton initially would've been fantastic value. But if you are only $800 in, that's like 1/3 the price of a Peloton. If that's the case, I would consider the knock-off excellent value. Unless you've added $800 onto the initial bike purchase. In which case, what was that cost and which bike? Thanks. Also, does the Peloton come (standard) with all those add-ons you mention?
  3. Oh but it does. I would be concerned with the fudging of numbers. Why wouldn't you be??? So you're happy in the interim, great. Down the line there will be a price to pay. We will see what that is.....
  4. Just asking, did they change things up or not? And is it to be trusted?
  5. Didn't Florida change some things about how they'd be tracking cases a few months back? I don't know the details but I remember reading about some new implementations or whatever that suggested they might be able to fudge the numbers. Again, it was awhile ago and I'm foggy on it, but it stuck out to me as an opening for them to tweak stuff down the line. So with everything in play right now, I don't trust their numbers one bit.
  6. The families that you know "on the left" that aren't doing those things does not speak for the rest of the nation. It might not be political for some, sure, but there are legions more that have made it political. Sad story.
  7. Seeing her cover Chris Cornell live changed my opinion of her completely. She slayed that ####. I believe this is the one: "Say Hello to Heaven"
  8. Is this the new covid thread? What happened with the other one exactly?
  9. Think we're just gonna follow your lead on this. Did you look at all options, like other manufacturers and stuff? I've seen many posts from you and trust your research. Anybody against doing this for any reason? It's basically getting into this Peloton rage but at half the price (or more).
  10. Very approachable. Would be there at the bar like any other drinker. Nice.
  11. Hung out with that guy a few times. At his pub, Bestie's, in Hermosa Beach. You ever been? It's probably still there.
  12. Once you get passed the fairy tale bs and think about the reality of it all, it's tough to see them the same. In the overwhelming amount, it really is downhill from there. From that very day actually, lol. I don't know man, enduring an entire day of small talk for some free drinks and a dance floor w/ Aunt Margaret is not some whale of a time in my mind. Not these days. I'll be sitting there in some church pew, waiting for it all to be done, forced to think about the over/under in years before the cheating or divorce starts. Actually, that can make witnessing the colossal waste of money involved kind of fun. Not so much with the anticipation of a DJ and an onslaught of endless Oscar speeches.
  13. Agree, all that poll reflects are opinions prior to the debate. And that tonight didn't change those opinions. Which is a "win" for Biden.