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  1. Whoa is right!! I was not expecting this to arrive so early either but really happy that everything made it in tact. Glad you like the shirts and I hope you enjoy the canned (lol) wine. I was a bit worried that the can would ruin the flavor of the wine, so I sampled a few on my own and thought it seemed to hold up pretty well. The cans ended up really coming in handy for some of our picnics and beach days. Really awesome that you are familiar with the Adirondacks! I really love this area as I too have some fond collage memories. Nowadays, when we want to get away from the city life, this is one of our preferred areas go. Anyways... really glad that you joined the exchange this year. This really is a fun way for all of us to showcase some of our hometown favorites and I am happy that you appreciated it. Cheers!
  2. Spreadsheet updated. I left out who I am sending it to for suspense, although it might be pretty obvious.
  3. Better late than never.... but the package has been dropped off and is scheduled to ship to Washington state
  4. As promised, here are the pics of the shirts and swag sent by @krista4 Lake Chelan Hat, Stehekin Mountain Shirt & 6 month Onesie - Isn't she lovely Krista went a "most obscure location" quest to get this shirt, which is only accessible by a difficult hike or a ferry. Very cool. Jets Dress - Pic This is for 18 months so it will be ready to go for the 2021 season Pourhouse - Shirt & Glassware Slippery Pig - Front & Glassware / Back Freemont Brewing - Front & Slap-Koozy / Back Highside Distilling - Front / Back Valholl Brewing - Front / Back & Sticker Quimper Sound Records - Front / Back Rainy Daze Brewing - Shirt & Sticker Again, thank you for the thoughtful package, Krista!
  5. You nailed it. And all of the shirts are great, especially the Stehekin one. Very cool and original.
  6. Package received.... haven't opened it yet (swamped at work) but will do so when I am free All I can say is wow. I honestly think Krista should win the 2020 T Shirt Exchange award! She really knocked it out of the park with this one. She sent 8 (yes eight!) T Shirts! 2 onesies for my baby girl! An awesome Lake Chelan hat (wearing it as I type this up) and some cool glassware. But wait… there’s more… she also sent some stickers, a really cool slap-koozy (can’t wait to put this one to use) and a really nice letter to explain it all. @krista4 I am speechless. Thank you so much! This was really a very thoughtful package and your stalking skills are excellent! You were able to figure out that I’ve got a newborn (almost 6 months old now), I am a huge Stevie Wonder fan and yes, you guessed correctly, I am a frustrated Jets fan (not sure if I want to subject my daughter to a lifetime of pain and suffering, but she will definitely wear this Jets outfit). All of the shirts are really cool and are immediately going into my rotation. Again, thank you K4. Really thoughtful and well done. Stay tuned for pics of the haul.
  7. And just an update : I have collected everything that I need to send and will be sending it out this weekend.
  8. Package received.... haven't opened it yet (swamped at work) but will do so when I am free
  9. Nice shipment from @cheeseypoof !! Dear Stalkee - sorry, I will not be sending as much content but I think you will still enjoy.
  10. I unfortunately pulled the trigger to quickly. Would definitely prefer the flat tray style. Still love the AF though, use it for just about anything. Not waiting for it to heat up is such a time saver. Just turn it on, punch in the settings and let it fry.
  11. I ended up drinking the booze that I was supposed to ship So I'm just going to have to go back and get more