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  1. For all the road trippers who don't feel comfortable pulling into a public bathroom, this portable urinal might be helpful to avoid those pit stops. It even comes with a "extension" to help the ladies with their aim.
  2. I haven’t driven my second car in a while now. Does gas in a car go bad? How long does it last? Can I simply drive the car around to keep it fresh or do I have to use up the full tank before this expiration date? I remember there was some discussion of this in TWD thread, I can’t believe it’s actually relevant now.
  3. Give this a try GB. I've been very successful refreshing at midnight. Hopefully it works for you.
  4. He gives credit to a Dr VanWingen from Michigan for this technique. Worth a watch as it goes into a bit more detail and includes some tips for take out.
  5. Same, it’s excellent. And I plan for this to be my new normal after this whole nightmare is over.
  6. My uncle in Spain tested positive with the virus a little over a week ago. He’s 75 years old with no other medical issues. He was hit with the typical symptoms. Started with fever and an unrelenting cough. He went to the hospital when he started to experience extreme shortness of breath. He went to one of the smaller hospitals in the suburbs of Madrid and has been there for a week now. He just let us know that he has recovered and now is home. What a relief!!!
  7. 404 checking in here, looking pretty light. Still not gonna leave my house though...
  8. Amazon Fresh / Whole Foods deliveries has been a great option for us to avoid going to the grocery store. Availability of produce and meat can vary so ymmv but the biggest hurdle that I am sure most have encountered is lack of delivery times. The best way to overcome the lack of delivery times is to refresh your order at Midnight. You'll notice that there are only 2 days available for deliveries, today and tomorrow. Every night at midnight (or 12:01 AM) the website will release the next days delivery times. If you're quick, you should be able to lock up a delivery time for the newly released day. We set up our cart early in he day, Amazon will remove unavailable items from your cart, we make substitutions at 11:30 PM then refresh at midnight. This has worked a few times for us, hopefully this helpful for others. Not sure if an Amazon Prime membership is needed but I believe it is. GL!
  9. Thank you!!!! Stevie really hits the spot for some much needed soul soothing. Giving my newborn daughter an intro to his catalogue so nothing better than starting with Songs in the Key of Life. Knocks Me Off My Feet
  10. The environment healing itself and plants/animals taking the land back is some pretty good nature shtick.
  11. I noticed that you used the word "when" rather than "if". Sadly, I agree. This is the tragic path that we are on if we don't take strict drastic measures.
  12. This *1000000000 Shut. It. All. Down. Now. No flights. Only essentials running. Complete federal lockdown. For 28 days. Give the people a plan. A target and an exit strategy. That will help enforcement and stabilize markets and the economy. What exactly are we waiting for? What will it take to shut it all down? 100K confirmed? 1 million? A complete collapse of the health care system? WTF are we waiting for?
  13. JFC.... shut it all down. Mandatory isolation. What are we waiting for?
  14. Ah, AMC A List, thank you but good bye (for now) My wife and I signed up about a year ago and we took full advantage. Gotta go back and check but I think we went to upwards of 50 movies in this last year. We were also very fortunate that it was a fantastic year for movies. Some hidden gems worth checking out: The Art of Self Defense, Brightburn, Rocketman, The Dead Don’t Die, Yesterday, Doctor Sleep, Crawl, Peanut Butter Falcon, Ready or Not, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood