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  1. This kid was hilarious in every scene he was in, good for him.
  2. I was really rooting for her to sweep both of the Lead and Supporting Actress categories. Dern and Zellweger both had great performances though so they were both deserving winners.
  3. I agree with this. The movie itself was just OK but Rene's performance was still quite good. I didn't realize Zellweger was actually singing the songs, which definitely gives her a bump, but I was a bit turned off by the dubbing of the sound during the singing parts. The lip syncing just seemed a bit off. If there was a biopic that deserved recognition this year, it should have been Rocketman. This was IMO a MUCH better film than both Judy and Bohemian Rhapsody. Egerton was stellar, the musical pieces were excellent and fun as was the dubbing, and the story/script/plot was heartfelt. Lots of great movies in 2019 and this was absolutely one of them. No idea why it's getting no love from the Oscars.
  4. I haven't seen Little Women or Marriage Story yet but the easy #1 and #2 for me are Parasite & Jojo Rabbit. Both perfect movies IMO. I would group the rest of them together as being very strong films with a few flaws, some of them more flawed than the others and would rank them in the following order: 1917, Once Upon a Time, Ford v Ferarri, Joker, The Irishmen.
  5. Yea, this guy is a hero. The hit and runner thought he'd get away with it but karma's a #####, or in this case a good samaritan.
  6. The Gentlemen This is the new British Gangster movie from Guy Ritchie. I've got kind of mixed feelings on this one. While it was a fun popcorn movie with funny gangster dialogue, entertaining gangster violence and some cool gangster dudes, I left a bit unimpressed. It felt like Ritchie was trying to tap into the formula that made Lock Stock and Snatch excellent, but this one just fell short IMO. It just didn't have that lasting impression that the other two movies did. No need to catch this one in the theaters, but still worth a watch when it hits the streaming services.
  7. Denis and this movie have gotten a lot of praise and I just don't get it. Such an uncomfortable movie to sit through and forgettable. Hard pass.
  8. Watching this now, I'm on the final episode. It's tough to watch and really infuriating but it's an excellent crime/court room doc.
  9. Dracula was a bit of a let down mainly because of a terrible final episode. It started great and the questions that were being posed in the first 2 episodes made this series very interesting. The reveals to these questions were just meh.
  10. Parasite is pretty much perfect movie making. Absolutely flawless movie. Bong Joon-Ho is a masterful storyteller and is an extremely skillful movie maker. Excellent world-building and originality in each of the movies that I've seen by him. So far, I have seen Parasite, Okja and Snowpiecer: haven't seen The Host yet but it's on my watchlist. Parasite comes in as my #1 movie for 2019 with Jojo Rabbit as a close #2.
  11. I'll be right there with ya in section 113
  12. Yea, saw that but I think 1917 runs away with that one. I was referring to Best Actor, I thought Defoe deserved a nomination.