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  1. This is nonsense. Just did a search on my phone..... lovely. Thank you. Still need to research further, I wish I were home right now.
  2. I'm at work, I am saving the SI search for when I get home.
  3. This whole thread for me: highlight > right click > search google for " "
  4. I would say yes, give a try and see if you feel any difference. I bought a flower strain that has a small percentage of CBD and is still mostly THC but it did feel pretty physically relaxing. Its still new to me so I am still researching the effects.
  5. Saw it (in the theaters) yesterday. I agree, a lot funnier than I was expecting. Worth checking out once it hits the streaming channels.
  6. Wow, I used to work in that building. That would have been an interesting day.
  7. huh... I always thought Dr. Michael Greger was pretty legit.
  8. Anyone catch the Garrett Dillahunt (Jack McCall and Mr W.) cameo? Three different characters for this guy... awesome.
  9. Sounded more Yodaesk than Shakespearean. Agree with the overall rating though, loved the movie and was really happy to get another "episode".
  10. He really has done an outstanding job with this show. He deserves all the credit.
  11. Wow, massive tournament. Sounds awesome. One of these years I'll make my way out there for a low buy in tourney. Let us know if you end up having a deep run.
  12. finished with 29,500. Good Luck!! Big 50? How many tournaments are you planning on playing?