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  1. Bench Dak at tough Pats in favor of Foles Jax at Ten?
  2. Awesome spot on post ! Both my redrafts are auction !
  3. 15-20% but someone will overpay like 35% total
  4. Baker sucks the life out of OBJ fantasy value
  5. Got a feeling he will be the lead back come Fantasy playoff time !
  6. Great news - miss him for 1 week rather than getting a 0 bc he aggregates it early and ends up missing multiple weeks
  7. Great option but I’d go Boyd as he is healthier and Steelers stink at covering slot please see mine.....
  8. Julio is a stud but I would absolutely do this deal !!! please see mine.....
  9. I’d keep Thomas - Brees maybe back sooner than original thought please see mine.....
  10. I’m not a fan of Lindsay. He is splitting with Freeman. Waller has been. I’ve surprise. That said get Kelce please see mine.....
  11. Brady . Case maybe replaced by the rookie please see mine.....
  12. McCoy and it’s not close please see mine.....