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  1. I play in a 14 team in-person auction PPR redraft. In a league this size you need full PPR to make more players valuable.
  2. This game confirms I am a fantasy football regular season fanatic —- NOT NFL Playoffs meh
  3. Are you kidding me? The mysterious roughing on rams (pats rb) that no one knew who it was in AND the delay of game that nullified the pats offsides !!!
  4. Sadly for me and probably quite a few next season football ends at conclusion of fantasy football (end Week 16). I won’t watch any more “playoff” football starting with this year”s Super Bowl who got there via refs undeserved.
  5. NFL is becoming unwatchable after fantasy football season concludes end Week 16.
  6. Great post. Agree with you although I don’t like the current state Of NFL. Safety is kind of a hypocrisy if they keep playing Thur games
  7. I hope they reevaluate the rules next year. You simply cannot play defense. This is getting ridiculous. Refs basically gave game to Saints over Steelers (and I was pulling for saints)z
  8. I’m rooting for saints but Steelers getting screwed from the opening drive PI in end zone to that last flag both would have been turnover on downs.
  9. Fake punt Tomlin giving saints momentum who are down 4 late 4th quarter
  10. Unique local 14 team redraft auction. We do victory points regular season still maintain h2h. Playoffs are different - 6 teams advance. Week 13 it’s Seeds 3-6 with top 2 advance to final 4 round robin. Then it’s 3 weeks of all play amongst 4 teams so you can go 3-0,2-1,1-2,0-3 each week. Winner is best record of 9 games followed by points then seed as tiebreakers. Perfect !
  11. That Kc TD drive that was aided by several BS charger penalty —- weak also rivers did it without Allen
  12. Let’s more on please- forget the TE premium then 0.5 or 1.0 ?