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  1. The War Room is a "Homer/General Manager focused" league organized into the NFL structure with 32 teams, 2 conferences, 8 divisions. Each conference, AFC and NFC have their own player pool, making this essentially 2 16-team leagues. Teams focus on General Manager tasks year round, but don´t need to submit a starting lineup each week, instead lineups are set based on the top performing players each week ("Bestball format"). GroupMe is recommended for communication (and honestly half the fun!). All teams have 27 man rosters, 10 man taxi squad (DTS), and unlimited injured reserve. 16 spots are committed to offensive players and 11 spots for IDP. Teams start 11 players each week: QB, RB, 2 WR, TE, 2 FLEX, DL, LB, DB, DFLEX. The entry fee is $54.38 ($50 + 4.38 site fee [$140 deluxe league/32] ), but teams need to be paid 2 years in advance to allow for future pick trades. We offer a 50% discount on the first year, so dues would be $83.76. Currently we have 2 openings in the AFC and 3 openings in the NFC. AFC - filled! NFC - Cowboys (for a 4-team dispersal draft, including the already claimed Falcons, 49ers & Packers) Since there are multiple openings in both conferences we will hold a dispersal draft of all players on the rosters plus free agents and all the draft picks these teams currently hold as soon as a conference is filled. Link to Rosters - Link to ByLaws Message either me (Co-commish: or the Commish (Casey: or leave a message on here if interested or if you want further information. THX!
  2. Going into our 3rd season, BAM (Build-A-Monster) has 2 remaining available teams: NFC: Washington Redskins (playoff team from a year ago, 9-3 record – full set of draft picksl for ´19) This team is available for direct purchase (NO dispersal draft!) and has a very strong nucleus of players including A. Luck, N. Chubb, Leonard Fournette, J. Landry, A. Robinson, OJ Howard, D. Buckner, TJ Watt, … AFC: Cincinnati Bengals (will be part of a 3-team dispersal draft with Steelers & Ravens) The dispersal draft is deep in talent and will allow for a multitude of different team building approaches. Among the rookie draft picks available are 3 1st-rounders (total of 16 picks). The list of players available in the ROD includes: P. Rivers. K. Cousins, C. Wentz, B. Mayfield, Lamar Jackson, Derrius Guice, Antonio Brown, A. Thielen, Keenan Allen, N. Agholor, D. Baldwin and R. Gronkowski among other on offense. As well as a multitude of IDP studs like A. Donald, D. Hunter, N. Suh, Leonard Williams, C. Littleton, K. Alonso. K. Mack, J. Davis, Harrison Smith, … A more extended list of the available players can be seen here. Interested?   Short league description: “Build-a-Monster” closely mimics the NFL as it´s a 32 teams Dynasty League split into 2 conferences (each with its own player pool – essentially making it 2 16-team leagues) and 8 divisions. We want to provide a full blown GM experience allowing managers to draft – trade – work the waiver wire – develop young talent – and make hard decisions on who to cut and who to keep. Did Calvin Ridley ride your bench in week 3 of last season (40.50pts)? How about R. Anderson in championship week 16 (29.65pts)?! With our Best Ball format, you won´t have to experience the frustrations of setting the wrong line up and you can exclusively focus on assembling the best and deepest roster on both sides of the ball. With 30 men rosters (in-season) plus 10-men President Drumpf (practice squads), we offer a deep dynasty experience while making sure that the waiver wire still matters. We want to separate the elite from the also-runs, so QB´s will score 6pts for every TD, but -4pts for every INT – essentially separating the Aaron Rodgers´ from the Blake Bortles´ of the NFL landscape! (for more on this, check out this article). Along with that, we increased the value of our TE´s, adopting´s setting of 1.5pts for every reception. We also want owners that are in it for the long haul – so we decided to implement a rolling prize pool. Every year, $5 from every owner will flow into this side pot. The cumulated amount will be paid out to the first owner collecting 3 Build-A-Monster Super Bowl trophies! The fee is $59.38 [[$55/year+MFL site fee of $4.38]]. We also need the 2nd year paid in advance/deposit in order to allow owners to trade future picks also. Check out our detailed bylaws and scoring settings here. For further quetions, feel free to contact me via private message or mail to
  3. Going into our 15th season, AFDL (Another F´ing Dynasty League) has 1 remaining available team for a 3-team dispersal draft. The replacement owners draft has quality depth and interesting rookie draft picks – a decent draft can pay dividends right away. A long running league like this inevitably has its share of turnover – this will be my 2nd year as commissioner of the league and after a tumultuous past the league has been reshaped, re-designed and is ready to take off. The buy-in is $165 ($125 annual fee + $40 deposit for future picks trading). You can see the available players for the ROD here. The site design and team logos have been revamped before our ’18 season. You can either decide to take over the orphaned team (Clearwater Cajuns) or have your own team banner custom-made from our graphics guy ($5). There will be a review of last year’s rule changes and some votes on new rules once we have a full set of owners. The ROD will be 35 rounds long and includes all the players from the 3 abandoned teams, all FA´s and all the draft picks that were held by the abandoned teams. This is the link to the league page. Short league description: AFDL, also known as "Another F'ing Dynasty League" was established in 2005 (Fighting Monkeys remains the lone original). Effective May 2015, AFDL was reduced from a 14-team league to a 12-team league. Hosted on, AFDL has no divisions but orders its standings via victory points. The regular season consists of 13 weeks where each team plays 9 teams once and 2 teams twice. The top 6 teams from weeks 1-13 will advance to the playoffs. Weeks 14–16 will be played as a tournament with the week 16 winner clinching the AFDL championship. Roster size will be 24 players. There will be an IR list, but AFDL operates without a President Trump. Rosters must be cut down to 18 players by the end of the real NFL rookie draft. The following positions are included in our weekly lineups: QB – RB – WR – TE – K – Team Defense. If you´re interested, have a look at our league site here and please don´t hesitate to contact me either via private message here in the forum or via mail to
  4. Hey, We do have an opening in a 12-team dynasty. Here is the link to the league page. It's going to be a 3 (or 4) team dispersal draft with plenty of talent and rookie draft picks. If you're interested but need further information, feel free to contact me here, via private message or via mail to Cheers, Eric
  5. Hey RoninJT, Thanks for your interest in our league. The turnover of players is really very unpredictable. There were years when only 1 team or even no team changed owners. Last year as well as this year, we had to find 3 new owners. This is somewhat unfortunate in a dynasty league - so our goal is really to gather a troop of reliable and committed owners going forward. As for the VP's, a team gets 2 points for a win and 0 points for a loss. In addition to this, the top 4 scoring teams of the week get an additional 2 points, the 5th to 8th scoring team gets 1 additional VP and the bottom 4 scoring teams for the week get 0 VP. So even when you lose (say to the top scoring team of the week) you can still gain 2 VP's. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Eric
  6. buy-in is $165 with the annual fee being $125 and we ask for $40 deposit for future picks trading.