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  1. @Snorkelson @fightingillini @Arodin @travdogg Thank you all for the are some updates... He ended up dealing Fitz in another deal, but is offering Jamison Crowder in his place now. I'm really high on Crowder. I'm just wondering if it's worth giving up a top 15 WR in Baldwin and a high-potential RB when I'm weak there, just to move back into the first round, and pick up a WR3 (having Crowder/DJax at my flex). I feel like my biggest question is the urgency of it. Should I hold still, chase the ring, and then deal in the offseason? Or do I make the move now?
  2. 12 team PPR. Start 2 RB, 2 WR, FLEX. I was offered 2 2018 1sts (most likely mid-late) and Fitz for Caff. My top RBs are David Johnson, Caff, Dalvin Cook, Perine. My top WRs are Antonio Brown, Cooper, Baldwin, DeSean, Enunwa, Godwin, Stills, Woods. Fitz would slot in as my WR4. I currently have no picks in 2018 until a (projected) mid-late 3rd. Is this deal worth doing? If done, I could potentially flip Baldwin for what is projected to be a top 3 pick in 2018, as we've already discussed a deal. Is it worth doing this, or do I just stand pat for now?
  3. I understand the concern about top-heaviness, but it's not like anything was unfair. I gave up a lot of depth/capital for those deal. Parted with Fournette, Crabtree, Hunter Henry, Hilton, Zay Jones, and 3 2018 1sts. Gave up a ton of my depth for studs. A couple injuries, and the top-heaviness is gonna tumble hard.
  4. Yeah. It's PPR. Full disclosure: I made this deal. Gave Gio, got Perine. I'm the guy who posted on here last week, made three trades in a day that brought me AB, Cooper, and David Johnson. Got three top 10 dynasty assets, no one batted an eye. Swapped RB3s, everyone lost their sh**. It was funny to watch.
  5. Saw this trade go down today in one of my leagues. I like the Perine side, but can see both sides. Others in the league are up in arms calling it trade rape or a hose job (in favor of Perine). Thoughts? How close are these two in value?
  6. @Gally @slicedbred21 @msudaisy26 @fightingillini To update everyone...I made three big trades today. 1) Gave: 3 2018 1sts. Received: David Johnson. 2) Gave: TY Hilton + Zay Jones. Received: Amari Cooper. 3) Gave: Leonard Fournette + Hunter Henry + Michael Crabtree. Received: Antonio Brown + Gerald Everett. Post-trade roster: QB - Aaron Rodgers, Dalton, Watson. RB - DJ, Dalvin Cook, McCaffrey, Bernard. WR - Antonio Brown, Cooper, Baldwin, DeSean, Enunwa, Stills, Godwin. TE - Martellus, Engram, Everett. Thoughts??
  7. Agreed. I'm working hard right now to add a stud WR. Might have a shot at either Cooper or A Brown. Waiting to get confirmation. Small chance I'm able to land both.
  8. If you are constantly planning 6 years in the future, sure. But for a 2-3 year window, which is still difficult to project, I don't see a huge dropoff coming for any of these guys. They should each stay in the top 30, and Indy still hasn't added any great WR help. I don't believe in Moncrief as more than a TD vulture. I don't see a single reason he can't be top 8 again. I didn't realize that anyone lacking AB, OBJ, Julio, Evans, or AJG was at such a great disadvantage that they are immediately a below average core. Baldwin is one of 5 WRs to finish top 10 each of the last 2 years: AB, Julio, OBJ, Fitzgerald, and Baldwin. That's pretty dang good company, especially when AB, Julio, and Fitz are all older than him. (AB and Julio are also 28, but earlier in the year - I know, technicality). Full disclosure: I'm still looking to move Hilton + a rookie RB for one of the elite WRs. I just think that the fantasy community at large undervalues the consistency of some WRs (like Baldwin and Crabtree). I also think Hilton is closer to the elite range than people tend to give him credit for.
  9. I'm planning on it. Waiting to accept as I am working out another big deal to add another elite piece. Don't want the other owner to see me get Johnson and not want to negotiate. The other owners already see me as a potential threat. Trying to negotiate separately so as not to interfere with myself.
  10. Touche haha. But to be fair, nearly everyone in this thread has commented on my "below average WR core" when I didn't ask about it. People seem to think that I need more help at WR than I do at RB, but I would very much disagree. I'll take 3 guys who just finished top 12 at their position over 3 rookies yet to play a snap at their position.
  11. I'm confused as to why everything thinks this. In 2015, in PPR leagues, Doug Baldwin finished #10 among WRs, Crabtree #17, and Hilton #23. In 2016, in PPR leagues, TY Hilton finished #5 among WRs, Baldwin #8, Crabtree #12. Yes, all of them are around age 28, so they aren't super young. But in each of the last 2 years, they have had top 25 finishes, last year all three in the top 12. In a 12 team league, that's 3 WR1s by my count. Do I expect them to repeat that? Not at all. But each has a strong track record, and each has a top QB throwing them the ball. I see no reason why they each can't finish in the top 30 again. I'd say that's a pretty strong WR core, not a below average one.
  12. 12 team PPR dynasty. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (RB/WR). IDP. Current relevant roster: QB: Rodgers, Dalton, Hoyer, Watson RB: Fournette, McCaffery, Cook, Bernard WR: Hilton, Baldwin, Crabtree, Enunwa, Godwin, Stills, DeSean Jackson TE: Henry, Engram, Bennett. This is our first year of a startup. An owner in my league just offered me David Johnson for my 3 2018 1sts. My gut says to take it, as this could set me up to dominate for the foreseeable future. But I'm also a Penn State fan who wants to do all I can to land Barkley. Do I take this deal? I could always deal Johnson later for draft capital or Barkley+ at a later time. With my current roster, is it worth taking this deal and pushing for the championship this year and worrying about next year as it comes? Or do I stay put in anticipation of adding more high draft capital through next year's draft?
  13. 12 team PPR. QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, FLEX. IDP. Current relevant roster: RB: Bernard, Sproles, Thompson, Michael. WR: Hilton, Landry, Crabtree, DeSean, Stills, Enunwa, Woods. Picks: 1.01, 1.02, 1.05, 1.11, three 3rds, three 4ths. I have been offered OBJ and Ameer Abdullah for my Landry, 1.01, and 1.05. Part of my gut says to take it. I like the overall value. But at the same time, I'm giving up a lot of draft capital to primarily upgrade a strength. The reason I accumulated these picks was to get some much needed RB help from this class. I need RB help, a lot, and I don't know that this helps that. But ugh I want OBJ. So... Do I take the deal as is? Do I try to see if he will drop the 1.05 from the deal? Do I offer 1.11 in exchange for dropping 1.05? Do I just sit still until after the NFL draft and the real value of these picks is more apparent?
  14. I ended up making this deal for Gio/1.02 in exchange for my Gurley and 2.05. Here was my thinking... I'm not entirely sold on Gurley. The big reason I wanted 1.02 was much less about the individual player I would get there, but rather the fact that I now have picks 1, 2, and 5. Statistically, my odds of at least one of these guys being a significant long-term contributor is pretty high. My hope was to increase the odds of at least one of these guys panning out.