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  1. Now that Tyreek isn’t getting suspended would you consider him there?
  2. 12 team .5ppr, start 1-qb,2-wr,2-rb, 1-te, 1-flex picking 12 & 13, can keep 2 (pretty set on JuJu) Barkley-1st rd Mahomes- 8th rd Aaron Jones- 11th rd JuJu-13th rd Mack-15 rd TIA
  3. full disclaimer, I've never played in a salary cap league. but it seems like pretty good value with your first option, your getting a Tier 1 WR & TE with obj/ertz, and assuming edleman and michel can stay relatively healthy, they're in the # 2/3 conversation for they're positions.
  4. 12 team .5 ppr keeper league, start 1-qb,2-rb,3-wr, 1-te,1-flex picking 12 & 13, keeping kamara in the 13th rd, and chubb in the 11th rd using the draft dominator and my best guess keepers for other teams, these are the players usually there at the turn: A. brown, M. Evans, kelce, mahomes, D. cook considering my keepers how would you rank them TIA
  5. 12 team .5 PPR, can keep 2 for a max of 2 seasons, up to a 2 round deduction from original draft round. FA cost a 15th start 1-qb, 2-rb, 3-wr, 1-flex, 1-te, 1-def,1-k Kamara (rd. 13) -1 year left chubb (rd. 11) A. Jones (rd. 8 ) Guice (rd. 14) Kerryon (rd. 5) Mahomes (rd. 9) Mayfield (rd. 15) D. Adams (rd. 1) I could go top 2 players and go Mahomes and Kamara, or wait on QB like I normally do and keep chubb/kamara and grab 2 high end WR at the turn. Picking at the 12th spot , snake draft. TIA
  6. Allen (assuming he's healthy)-target monster M. Jones -half of cincy def is injured and TJ Jones just went on IR Theilen- Vikings need to win and GB secondary is not good
  7. .5 ppr need a qb and flex Qb: Brady vs. Buff Foles vs. Oak (assuming Vikings win sat.) Goff @ Tenn Flex: Crowder vs. Den Perine vs Den Duke Johnson @ Chi Keelan Cole @ SF TIA
  8. 12 team .5 ppr need 1 wr and 1 flex: Jordy @ pitt. M. Bryant vs GB D. Westbrook @ Ariz Abdullah vs. Minn Mixon vs. Cle Booker @ oak TIA and happy thanksgiving
  9. .5 ppr need a one week rental: Crowder vs dallas Goodwin @ philly Pryor vs. Dallas Beasley @ wash T.William @ NE Thanks!
  10. 12 team .5 ppr Thinking of offering T.Williams for sterling Shepard. Thoughts?
  11. .5 ppr Tyrell Williams vs. KC Kearse vs. Miami Chris Johnson vs. Dallas Kamara @ CAR Ebron vs. ATL TIA
  12. Thanks fellas, went heavy wr(start 3) , plus a keeper league, so most of the top rbs were kept and got snaked multiple times during the draft.