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  1. One has a B.A. from Stanford plus a doctorate in Philosophy from Oxford. The other attended three colleges but never graduated. Somehow, these two individuals are equated to each other? Um...
  2. Strip their bill of rights, NOW!
  3. Wow, I hope you can make it out of the rabbit hole before it’s too late.
  4. Dontcha just love all these people who have never studied climate science, or possibly any science, of any kind during the entirety of their lives, are "experts" on the topic and know exactly who should and who should not be listened to when policy is being debated.
  5. 10k bet? I'd even bet that Trump doesn't get the nomination however the Republicans are to chicken #### to do anything about Trump. November of 2018 will give Republicans a slap in the face back to reality and not reality stardom. It's a shame the Republicans need Russian support to win elections. Anti-American and the biggest open border ever created.
  6. Hopefully it simply does not become precedent. If anything happens as far as Trump and Russia go, even after 2020 when Trump is out of office... all of his actions will be looked at, written about, and scorned by historians (and hopefully Americans). Meaning, that if a President does similar things down the road, Congress will be more compelled to act rather than sit on their hands. Trump's actions are dumb, ignorant, and a hurtful to the country that he swore to protect, so, hopefully moving past Trump will give future Congress' more reason to move. Also, Trump's actions will be scorned and hopefully future President's won't even think about doing some of this stuff. November of 2020 can't come soon enough as far as our country is concerned.
  7. Fake news. King Trump cannot be compromised. King Trump does the compromising.
  8. JM Bullion. Have made all but one purchase from there. No issues. I can use electronic check so it goes a little quicker too.
  9. Silver is under $15 and you can buy it for under $15 at internet sites. If you’re a first time buyer, you can buy 10 ounces at some sites for spot price. Getting 10oz at spot is a pretty good deal with it this low. I have not taken advantage of that deal yet so this will help my per/oz average if I buy today.
  10. Silver is hovering around $15. I don't have much money and while I'd like to put money in my IRA, buying silver now will lower my per/oz average. Not sure if there is much more movement downward but it's at a low since January of 2016.
  11. Might want to look in the mirror and blame or fire the person who hired the Attorney General. Also, might want to learn about the law and the procedures within.
  12. Ocasio-Cortez is at least an 8. I’ve never met her so I don’t know how compatible she is but if she was, she’s be a 9. She is definitely a hottie.
  13. Normally, when someone is let go in Washington with their tail between their legs, the easiest place to get a job is FOX News. So, maybe Opie was confused because getting a job at a fake news channel is the fall back for the people that he aligns with. Trump supporters live in the land of "monkey-see-monkey-do" but the rest of the world does not.
  14. That is a very simple answer however many Republicans, at least in Wisconsin, definitely do not see this solution in the same way I do, unfortunately. Where should the additional funding go? Hire more teachers so classroom size can be lowered. There are studies that demonstrate smaller class sizes equate to better learning. It is so simple and would assist city schools so much more than cutting their funding. It's crazy to cut funding and expect results similar to a suburb. F'ing crazy way of thinking that makes zero sense.