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  1. I have a new pair in the package that you can have for $200+ shipping. Silver in color.
  2. The internet will be cheaper for people, on average, but you won’t get as much for your money anymore unless you pay up. It’s amazing that people fall for this crap. Not only do they fall for it, but beg for it. There is a reason the libraries of Alexandria were open to all. Information should be open to all. So disappointed.
  3. They will embrace real Socialism and denounce Capitalism. They’ll tell their customers that it s the best thing to do for them and they’ll buy it up.
  4. He really wrote this? What a maroon. This helps America look/become weaker.
  5. Looking for a new cell phone carrier cause I’m getting rid of Verizon. Don’t necessarily want a new phone but any decent deals hovering around?
  6. This Pai is the main lobbyist being a former lawyer for Verizon. I think I might be switching cell phone providers soon. I’m sure this will be challenged but briefs by Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and other key players need to be written. Our government was set up to protect freedoms we have in life. Our government created the internet, it shouldn’t sell it to its highest bidder at the cost of us. An economic recession could hit hard if this ever goes into effect.
  7. What a piece of #### these people are. Take away all forms of “free” communication and put a price on it. Or, watch/see what we tell you to watch/see and you’ll be fine. Hell doesn’t have enough room for these people and these kinds of people. #### ‘em It’s amazing to me that other countries allow many freedoms we do not even have. We’re America and we have a standard taught to us early on that we are free in America. Then I see this #### happen and it amazes me that many people sit idly by and allow it. Sad!
  8. RIP @ 43 years old
  9. Being shortsighted does not excuse anyone's lack of vision for the future. My life may not have changed much over the course of one year but the pebble was dropped into the pond in January. The ripples will be felt for a long time.
  10. I need Ertz, Wentz, and Ajayi to have a great game as long as no one else has them.
  11. The Trump admin hired a new spokesperson to spread the good info about the tax plan and how it raises taxes on higher educarion in our country. Here is a short video of her speaking.
  12. Not sure why, but the live scoring must not have been 100% correct and I'm still in the contest. Not sure if I'll make it much further but I'm still in.
  13. Make the tickets unaffordable for the common person so the corporations can buy them and donate them as door prizes for the common person. Then, the corporations can write it off as a donation while the common person has to claim the tickets as income so they get taxed on them. It all makes sense from a GOP point of view.
  14. What is income though? It seems the law is trying to redefine what is income. If the grad school stipends are going to be considered income, why not reimbursement of business expenses? Sure, I see a distinction however if the law is going to tax "income" and not necessarily "cash income" then business expenses could be included.