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  1. Trump praises someone that commits atrocities against his own family and people. Trump, with his words, is trying to do terrible things to people in America. Quit falling for his attempts at fooling you by looking at his left hand while he bops you upside your head, repeatedly, with his right hand.
  2. Trump is behaving more like Kim Jong Un than an American. Trump praises Un and his power, correct? No wonder he is trying to emulate him.
  3. That was good stuff. Always think about Tecmo Bowl when I see that Walter Payton scene.
  4. I'm getting more confused by what I read in these threads. My grandpa (retired 20yrs Army), my dad (4yrs Navy), my uncle (Vietnam Marines), have/had never said the anthem was about the military. My grandma, mom, aunt, other family, never proclaimed the anthem to be about honoring the military. Yet, there are people that think the anthem honors the military? When did this way of thinking begin? National Anthem = honoring American and what it stands for and so forth Taps = honoring military vets
  5. That is three people. Republicans need one. You don't think people are talking to them as I type this? One person changes their mind and BAM! People will wonder what they themselves were doing and they would have been worried about some guy kneeling on a field. "Where is my health care?" vs. "He has the right to kneel." Which thought do you think Republicans want you to be thinking about for the next couple days? I don't have as much faith in those three above that you might but hopefully I am wrong.
  6. You may be able to but there are many Americans that cannot. People will focus on this NFL stuff and before you know it... "Where is my health care?"
  7. Smoke and mirrors here people. Trump makes waves with something trivial but what is also happening this week? Health Care! The more people focus on this national anthem stuff means they are not focused on health care. Stay focused on what matters and let the Orange Man worry about trivial stuff for now. National Anthem right now is trivial until health care is settled. He's trying to be an evil magician... don't allow it to happen.
  8. Here is some wild speculation: a person from the time they are ~10 years old playing Pop Warner football to the time they are 30 years old are getting hit in the head over and over and over and over. Wild speculation tells me that something in their head ain’t gonna be right by the time they are 30. Their brain is going to be damaged in more ways than one from the confined abuse from football. The NFL should not take on the full burden though as kids played football with their parents permission and then on their own volition. But, trying to tell people that getting hit in the head won’t have an effect is ludicrous. I also believe that smoking helps people get cancer. Crazy, I know.
  9. TV should not show the players who are or aren’t kneeling. Don’t give them the screen time, plain and simple. Trump, the President of the United States, has been picking childish fights with ordinary citizens for a long time now and continues to do so as President. Curry is right, these actions are beneath what, just about, every President has upheld for that office. The fact people love what he is doing is weakening our country dramatically.
  10. 13 years ago today, the greatest network tv show ride premiered. What an event each week.
  11. But, I’m sure a couple hundred Republicans know, understand, and care more than the individuals that belong to these groups. These groups should be ashamed of themselves for not bowing down to their Supreme Leader(s) and falling in line. For shame. Sad.
  12. Do you find facts to be false? You surround yourself with too much fake news that you cannot even decipher what the facts are anymore. Sad!
  13. You're caught up on what amounts to nothing. How can anyone be in favor of legislation that could impact 20+ million people immediately, impact health care for the country, with about a weeks worth of discussion of the bill? That is insane. Obamacare was debated and unlike what most Conservatives preach, Obamacare was debated, had Republican input, and was not rammed through Congress. You, I'd assume, are in favor of a bill that won't be a week old or so to overturn something that impacts all age groups, all Americans, and leaves Congress smelling like roses as they keep their healthcare. That is insane. Focus your anger on Big Pharma and the reasons they keep raising prices. If Americans banded together to knock down Big Pharma a couple of pegs... health care premiums would drop quick. But, no, lets overturn what President Obama did. Makes no sense.
  14. I'm not so confident that they don't have the votes. Until there is a vote, I'm holding my breath. It's a shame that Republicans are not using anywhere near the same diligence, debate, discussion, that the Dems used. Conservatives have always told their supporters that Obamacare was rushed through and pushed through so swiftly but those are not the facts. Their followers eat it up though... that is the true problem behind our political landscape. And, if either party wanted to get health care under financial control... start by checking Big Pharma. No where but America is that monopoly so influential. Big Pharma should rank right up there with the cable companies as being the most hated business in America.
  15. Definition of insanity? Read the original post.