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  1. Damn, who is the lady in white?
  2. Thorough? I wonder if its too easy and they are simply organizing the pieces like its apple pie and not some 5,000,000 piece puzzle.
  3. If those charges are proven against Trump and Pence does pardon him, I think two big things would happen... 1) Bye-bye GOP forever, and 2) Trump never lives in America again.
  4. Republicans. You e been duped. Wake up for your own good.
  5. Rush Limbaugh = 67 years old Mark Levin = 60 years old Glenn Beck = 54 years old Matt Drudge = 51 years old Bill o’Reilly = 68 years old I think, if kids are too young to have a voice, these individuals as well as anyone else over 50 years old are too old to use their voice and need to be muzzled. They had their time, pipe down and go play shuffleboard. Leave governing to the Gen X-ers like me.
  6. Me too. Insane idea to even allow this. Get rid of all the guns... who would miss them?
  7. The chess is amazing. It will be a sad day for America but also for the alt-right when Trump goes away via resignation/indictment. Trump has told us nearly everything he has done via twitter and it’s gonna catch up sooner rather than later. Can’t wait to hear the alt-fighters claim they were duped.
  8. Back in the U.S.S.R. - The Beatles
  9. It's odd how many people claim to want the Constitution adhered to in the 21st century when it comes to policy. It is also odd how people claim to love the Constitution and all it stands for, not to mention protecting "the 2nd Amendment" and how it is a person's right to have a gun. Yet, when the Constitution was written, weaponry like we have today did not exist. A person cannot, logically, stand up and yell "protect the 2nd" then claim an assault rifle is protected under the 2nd. If it was up to me, America would follow what Australia did to a tee. It's not a pipe dream either. It can be done and should be done. The people who fight for these weapons, fight for the murderers... not the innocent.
  10. Why would anyone need an assault rifle? Overcompensation
  11. You should feel the same way about the tragic gun life America is all about or would you rather be at a disco right now?
  13. I thought it was on par with what we have seen from Marvel. It is the first movie featuring Black Panther so it should be compared to the likes of the first movie of each character. I'm not up to date with Black Panther and his origins or anything like that however I did find the movie to be a refreshing movie that was not too cliche per comic book movies. The only cringe I had during the movie was the amount of CGI and how some of the CGI was too over the top, as in, not good. The movie was not spectacular but it was far from bad. The bad guy, the actor, I think, could have used someone else. He just didn't fit in with the motif of the movie, to me.