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  1. This is how small our intelligence has become. People will read a tweet, agree with it, then demand it to happen. No background info. No research into it. No critical thinking done. All in 140 characters or less. What a Brave New World we’re living in.
  2. Was Cohen a professional or “professional” lawyer?
  3. Sad or... funny or "funny"? Shameful, really.
  4. Quoted for the embarrassing posterity that this sentiment of this mindset is.
  5. Not saying we are either but the Germans might have been saying the same thing back in the 1920s. So, there is that I guess. We’ll see once the elections are pushed back with applause from the Right. And, see how much those Russians meddle this time.
  6. Don't forget, the ones in power are complaining about others preventing them from getting anything done. The oxymoronic form of government by these "leaders" is staggering.
  7. Suggest to your friend to put out an American flag along with other nations such as Mexico and/or other South American countries. Might send more of a message to those around him than not displaying anything at all. In fact, I should do this as well. Find some small flags so you can place them on the lawn or something like that.
  8. I did the Google thing to look it up. Um, I didn't know that was a thing, nor have I tried it, can't see it working, yet am intrigued. Not sure what kind of satisfaction would come from it though.
  9. I believe our Constitution applies to everyone that America interacts with. We need to live by the words we ourselves live by. However, I have seen/heard (from many people) that our Constitution ONLY applies to US citizens. I think that is shameful however, the policy appears to follow that stance.
  11. Fox News and the Republican party have, themselves, become a reality game show. Not sure which one they are copying; Jersey Shore or The Osbournes.
  13. Is mintsim easier to deal with than Sprint? How easy is the setup and such? If I did the $20 a month plan, probably $25 a month after taxes, I’d cut my cell phone bill in half over a year.
  14. How far back has Russia been helping the GOP? You know, the Greater Oppression Party.
  15. Trump has the pardon card. He’s proven he knows how to use it. Pardons for all.