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  1. Are they going to cross reference each "negative" news story with the quoted tweet from Dear Leader? Trump, unlike any President in the past, brings bad coverage unto himself. I think most of us realize this aspect of Trump... most, I guess do.
  2. Lindsay Graham said "we should accept the pain," of Trump's trade war. Is he willing to accept any pain by leaving his job so the American people don't have to pay him anymore? C'mon, South Carolina.
  3. And, when the Boomers were old enough, and/or possibly, retired, why did those Boomers vote to take away pensions from the younger citizenry? Boomers voted in the anti-union people later in their lives and we are at where we are at. So, what is wrong with unions and pensions?
  4. Again, it's ironic how the two are similar. Except, one generation was given my list and the other generation had the list taken away from them.
  5. On Conservative media, when you DON'T see/hear any "Buy Gold" commercials... the economy is on shaky grounds. On Conservative media, when you DO see/hear any "The Economy is doing great" commercials... the economy is on shaky grounds. On Conservative media, when you DO see/hear any "My Pillow" commercials... well, don't buy those.
  6. It is reasonable. However, Congress tends to move slow and not always in favor of the populace in question. The courts are there to interpret the laws and also interpret the intent as well as the intention their ruling will have. The court is our last hope where congress and the executive fail to do their job. While asking Congress to pass, abolish, or amend a law is reasonable, unfortunately, history has proven to not agree. But, you’re a smart man, IK. I believe you know that Congress doesn’t or rarely lives up to the citizens standards.
  7. It is not a compelling point of view. This line of logic, if used throughout our laws, is to simply rewind our laws to a time before much of what we know today existed. Times change, laws change, interpretations change based on each of those. To claim to have to go back to change every law to keep up with the times is impossible nor should this line of thinking be given any prominent place in our thought process. Also, if using this line of logic consistently, "traditional conservatives," will find themselves on the short end of the stick much of the time.
  8. Trump's new theme song when he enters an arena.
  9. Such nasty comments from, SID. What a nasty poster he is. Just nasty. Sad.
  10. If true, the first words out of Macron's mouth should be, "On to climate change and where we go from here." (wait a moment for the chair to move back and watch Trump do the walk of shame). Trump's actions won't help him get reelected and Independent's will take note of his behavior on the world stage. Europe isn't dumb.
  11. Down about $2,800 since August 1st. Yesterday was much of that money.
  12. Free Health Care Low cost higher education Spending money, not saving it, individual government bail outs Misinformation
  13. Relive Infinity War and Endgame. This may have been the best five-and-a-half hour movie ever.
  14. Interesting coversation. I think, for most people, this is a "duh" conversation, but maybe this will help some.
  15. King Trump is simply consolidating power to save the tax payer money. You have to think outside of the box to really, truly, understand King Trump.
  17. The season 3 finale from last week. June is the second coming. Pousey has a new meaning to her life.
  18. Probably at midnight tonight the new album will drop but one more day. She'll be on GMA this morning.
  19. Military spending needs to be scaled way back. I'm talking 40-50%. The world has been at peace since WWII and we keep spending on military. Last I checked, diplomacy doesn't cost much of anything. I'd bet much of the 40-50% of the cost in military spending is on private contractors. Get rid of them... all of them... money saved.