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  1. They went after children of low income families as well as runaways. Chances are that many of the victims were not well behaved at the time and that’s why they targeted. Not to mention that being sexually assaulted is the sort of thing that can destroy your life. Skepticism is warranted if they have a lot of red flags but that doesn’t mean they weren’t victims.
  2. Do you think it was expected that any of these recent developments would happen? He made it through the confirmation with barely a word about it. Was he the mastermind of the deal? Absolutely not but he appears to be a more than willing participant. His role could be anywhere from someone they want keep quiet to a bad actor who blackmailed his way into the position. But i have a hard time believing that it’s a coincidence that he ended up with a cabinet position in the administration of an Epstein associate. I would not be surprised if he was also promised a position if Hillary would have won.
  3. We’re talking about the guy who frequently would call into newspapers and tabloids under a fake name to spread gossip about him dating beautiful women. Him inviting the media to cover his party with dozens of beautiful women is absolutely in his wheelhouse even if a shady person like Epstein was there with him. The other thing is that Epstein was a complete unknown to the public up until his original arrest. I doubt that these powerful people would have been associated with him if they thought there was any chance he would be caught.
  4. I usually like Cuomo but that’s a stupid thing to say. Even if he’s talking just about the sweetheart deal he received, it absolutely matters who his friends are because that’s likely the reason why he got the sweetheart deal.
  5. When did CNN say not to look at who his friends are? I don’t remember seeing that.
  6. How long until Trump drops the ‘n’ word? Have to imagine his supports will point to rap music to make it acceptable.
  7. And for a significant chunk of the country, him reading from the report will be new information, much of it damning against Trump and the people he surrounded himself with.
  8. She might be but her part of the story is that Assange told her it was Rich. Assange is against giving up his sources but he would tell someone who is frequently on Fox News? Sounds more like information that he was trying to put out there.
  9. Same in Arizona but at least a good chunk of the racists will be dying off soon. I saw some people arguing that it wasn’t racist because he just said ‘go back’ instead of ‘go back to your own country’ even though it was clearly stated in the tweet before that. It’s embarrassing how far some will go.
  10. Not that CNN is great but I think that this conversation is happening is exactly what’s wrong with cable news. News should be about the news, not ratings. Fox and to a lesser extent MSNBC trot out entertainment disguised as news. They do it because it’s effective, plays to partisanship and fits well with ADHD of the viewers. CNN does it too but just not as good as them.
  11. Right but that’s not my point. My point is that people decades away from retirement aren’t likely to care much about gains today when they know that the market will cycle up and down dozens of times before they retire. Obviously it is a very good selling point for most people with 401ks but for many young professionals who fall in the 25-40 age group who invest in 401ks, I don’t think it’s going to be the deciding factor of who they vote for.
  12. Listening to the Acosta/Trump press conference it’s clear that Acosta is very effective with spin especially when compared to Trump. The fact that he went from that press conference to resigning today without pressure from Trump is likely a sign that it’s gonna get worse for him. Trump on the other hand is telling them to keep digging into Epstein. His denials reminded me of ‘we had no contact with the Russians’. Slowly that denial will change to who cares if I went to his island numerous times, Bill was worse. Let’s see how quickly they start trotting our Rudy to spin this.
  13. Just because they have a 401k doesn’t mean they are highly invested now. How much of that 45% is decades away from retirement?
  14. You said that we should take the Trump posts to the Trump thread. I was explaining why he should be discussed in here.