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  1. If you don’t stop live-tweeting my corrupt actions, I’m going to quit. Trump reportedly gives indirect directions like a mobster but can’t read between the lines of why Barr wants him to stop Tweeting about criminal cases. And the answer is no, he’s not serious. He knows he’s not going to stop. If he was serious he would have quit already. Trump better hope he doesn’t lose Barr because he’s so much better at corruption than his normal crew.
  2. This and I also think that he’s focusing on crimes that he’s committed or plans on committing. It was unfair when they were put in prison for it, so it’d be unfair to do the same to him.
  3. If Bloomberg’s goal is to beat Trump and prevent Bernie from getting the nomination, he needs to drop out and put his support behind the moderates. He’s too toxic to win and will only divide the moderate vote and push Bernie to the win. He should have just stayed out and used his money on Trump attack ads.
  4. A few years down the line when all the stories come out we’ll find that all the seemingly random decisions Trump made were all for personal benefit. Erdogan either has dirt on Trump or he’s getting something from him. Seems to be a common theme with many world leaders when dealing with Trump.
  5. I think it’s simply that nobody was that invested in Biden winning. He was the front runner for so long because he was a known commodity that seemed to be a sure bet to beat Trump. I think post people who supported Biden was doing so until they found someone better. With Pete and Amy emerging and showing that the can compete for the nomination, a lot of people moved away from Biden. I really don’t think the Ukraine scandal has anything to do with his downfall. He’s a poor candidate who hasn’t done anything solidify the support he had going into the primaries.
  6. Nah he likes criminal lawyers that don’t get caught.
  7. I’d like to believe you’re correct but how do you explain Mitch’s refusals to bring forward the bills to protect the election? Or not using the money allotted to fight Russian interference? The NYT just put out an article about the Barr-Durham investigation and how it’s focusing on undermining the intelligence conclusion that Russia was responsible for the 2016 interference. If in 2016 someone claimed any of these things would happen, you’d be written off fear-mongering liberal. I sure hope that it won’t happen but if you were making a plan to rig an election (or allow someone else to) how many steps of that plan are already happening?
  8. Are we to the point where they could outright cheat in the election (change votes, etc) with no consequences?
  9. This just seems like it would be a slippery slope that results in only people with the private supplement being able to get proper care. It might work well in other countries but here the insurance companies will find a way to exploit it.
  10. Because ‘I can’t recall’ doesn’t look good when answering an important question. Lying when you think you can get away with it looks much better. Especially when you’re performing for an audience of one who you think will protect you.
  11. Not only is he helping out a friend, he could be preventing that friend from pointing the finger at him. The whole thing is completely unnecessary. He’s going to pardon him soon anyway, why does it matter how long the sentence is? For that matter, why does it matter what the recommendation is? Just another unforced error by Trump to add to the pile.
  12. If she were to endorse Klobuchar and not Bernie, we better hope Bernie doesn’t win the nomination. Imagine Trump being able to rip Bernie as being so extreme that even another progressive was unwilling to endorse him. It would fall right in line with a campaign attack of fearing the socialist and probably would work.
  13. The biggest question would be support from black voters. South Carolina will give us a bit of a clue how much their early success will help them but I don’t think we’ll get a full picture until Biden is gone. I really think that combo would be tough for Trump to beat.
  14. The thing Bernie should be concerned about is that Warren’s bad night isn’t resulting in a bigger lead for him. Them only combining for 40% in a neighboring state isn’t great.