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  1. Bolton and probably the other officials who were forced out. Bill Taylor who was their of the first one to identify what was going on seems to be missing (unless I’m mistaken) from the list of witnesses in the impeachment inquiry. He could be one of the whistleblowers.
  2. To be fair it was before they figured out that being a criminal lawyer caused you to lose that privilege.
  3. I believe that’s the first mention of Mulvaney being tied in. If Trump survives this, he’s gonna have to throw all his most trusted henchmen under the bus.
  4. Fake news? What’s your opinion on someone who frequently claims to have read the Mueller Report yet claims that it says ‘no collusion, no obstruction’? I bet you would scold that poster that did it repeatedly for spreading fake news.
  5. I think it’s just well known playbook for someone who might want to extort him. Take a photo with Trump to establish a connection for him. If you ever get in trouble and need his help, threaten to put out the pictures and go to the media.
  6. Yup, figured that was coming. Ukraine, Syria - Putin is calling in his favors. Next will be backing off the sanctions by saying that the Ukraine conflict is over and using his conspiracy theories to say Russia didn’t interfere with the election.
  7. All the defenses will be destroyed. That’s why many of the GOP are choosing to stay quiet rather than offer up an excuse. They know that there’s a pretty good chance that it will be destroyed the next day. It’s exactly what it is and likely will only get worse as more people testify.
  8. I can’t wait til we get to hear the details of what he said to the Ukrainian President.
  9. My money is on someone testifying that Trump directly told him to ‘do a quid pro quo to get dirt on Biden’.
  10. I was openly cheering for Ted Cruz to beat Trump in 2016. Ted ####ing Cruz
  11. One thing Rudy has going for him is that he’s got a great head start on an insanity defense.
  12. He didn’t seem too happy that his name was included in the call to Ukraine.
  13. Only way that happens is if negotiates a non-prosecution agreement. He knows the only thing keeping him out of jail is the presidency. He’s not giving it up without a fight.