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  1. Simple - it’s anti-Trump money. There is strong enthusiasm there but it doesn’t translate into the metrics that Trump supporters use like rally attendance and yard signs. There’s pro-Biden enthusiasm and anti-Trump enthusiasm. Both will show up to vote for Biden this year.
  2. So they’ve got this wildly popular show and you spend the days leading up to election on this mess? You’re not going to make Biden as unpopular as Hillary, it’s not happening. The only people that care about Hunter Biden already are voting for Trump. Do they think there’s people out there who are undecided and waiting to see what Tucker’s got? Maybe they just decided to give up and lean into 4 years of bashing Democrats rather than continuing to defend Trump.
  3. I get it, I’m in a red area too, not 80% but probably 60%. I sat outside where they had the parking for the rally yesterday. It was a surreal scene, no doubt. I just feel that the polling, Senate races and shift in elderly vote have me thinking Biden has a good chance here.
  4. There’s not a single yard sign for either candidate in my subdivision. Guess we’re all sitting this year out. No doubt Trump has the enthusiasm advantage of you’re looking just at Biden signs or comparing rally sizes. But reality is that only a small percentage of the voting public put out signs, wear candidate clothing, go to rallies or otherwise advertise who they are voting for. With that being said, your confidence means the same as mine.
  5. Me too but if he wins Ohio, he wouldn’t need to win FL, AZ or PA. It would a huge get but highly unlikely. I only see it happening in a landslide situation.
  6. Me too. Maybe it’s just being a ‘homer’ but I feel more confident about Arizona than any of the other battleground states.
  7. PA, FL and AZ are key for Trump. He needs to win them all and not lose Georgia or Texas. If he doesn’t win both FL and AZ, PA may not matter.
  8. He can but I don’t think anyone wants to focus on it as a must-win after recent heartbreaks there. I think everyone wants to focus on pathways that don’t include winning Florida. Winning Florida is likely the one way that we have a declared winner on Tuesday.
  9. Yes I argued this was a distinct possibility that not only would it decrease enthusiasm but get them to vote against because they already got what they wanted. I think Mitch pushed this through knowing that it likely will cause them to use the Executive and the Senate because there’s a good chance that will happen either way.
  10. So they tried to get Joe into the deal, he said no and then the Chinese firm turned them down.
  11. Susquehanna also had a poll from the end of August that had the race even. Every other poll at that time had Kelly up 10-15 points. To say it was outlier is an understatement.
  12. This is how I take it. He lost his train of thought and tried to recover by addressing George Lopez with his next point. He’s struggled with a stutter his entire life. This is probably the most stressful time of his life and add that to his age, gaffes are bound to happen.
  13. On the Trump rallies - he draws huge crowds but do they improve his chances to win? The people attending the rallies are no doubt already voting for him and motivated to do so. The rallies are for the base, not to attract new voters. Does anyone think that undecided voters go to his rallies? His base is strong, loud and come out in large numbers when he comes to town. But I doubt that the rallies get him any closer to a victory.
  14. Texas seems like a weird state to be leading the way in early voting. The only thing that makes sense is that there’s a huge minority turnout which clearly benefits Biden. I still think Texas only goes blue in a total landslide but it’s certain an interesting development.
  15. I signed up to help at the polls and they said they needed help with opening, sorting and confirming ballots, so I might be helping to get these results in earlier in AZ. Though it took him about a month to contact me. Hopefully they’re more on top of counting the ballots than recruiting workers.