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  1. Rodgers is really playing below average this season. Easily winnable game for Philadelphia.
  2. These penalties have to stop. First time ever, the NFL succeeded in having me shut off a game. Every year I look forward to the season so much, end up doing like 30 FBG drafts, 50+ fantasy teams, read up on every offense/defense/schemes/fits, do tons of draft research. This, by far, has been the most disappointing season from a competitive game perspective.
  3. The NFL product has been barely watchable through 2 weeks. Last Monday night was fun. That’s about it.
  4. Crazy. I thought they upgraded that position significantly w/ Howard and Sanders. Also thought our secondary would be much better. But seems it was better with guys off the street like last post-season.
  5. Makes no sense. They have the best o-line in football.
  6. Why is wentzy so red? Has anyone seen anything like this?
  7. Eagles will need to force some turnovers to win this game. Thought Freeman would’ve fumbled with that clean hit by Graham.
  8. I just don’t get how teams don’t make protecting their franchise QB the number one priority. Football is so easy and simple if your QB has time to throw.
  9. I think Norv Turner should be fired immediately, and potentially fined for his lack of care that Shaq Barrett was absolutely annihilating Cam, and completely disrupting their offense all night. Curtis Samuel would have had an easy game-winning TD on a wide open out, but guess what...Barrett hit Cam again, because moronic coaches don’t help with chipping a TE or FB on that side, or even roll Cam out opposite side. Turner is pathetic as is Rivera for not adjusting, and allowing Cam to take that type of punishment. At some point Cam has to call the LT, Turner and Rivera out. No more Mr. Nice Guy act, show some passion Cam.