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  1. I’m not seeing anything, anywhere....
  2. End of the day it’s your entity, you own it. Why then pander or care for the opinions of those who are too incentive to read a very well articulated opinion, that takes 15 seconds out of their all so important fantasy football time. I’m glad you expressed how you felt, and trust that it meant more to a lot of us, than just a hinderance to a few. Hope to see you express the same empathy and care moving forward, as it can never be repeated or reiterated enough - obviously.
  3. Thank you @Joe 8ryant. As a man of color, I really appreciated you addressing the issue in such an eloquent and professional manner. It’s nice to know we’re on the same side of humanity. Thanks again, brother!
  4. I like this trade a lot for you. Makes sense to diversify away from Miami WR’s as you already own Parker. Brown is a stud, will solidify himself this season as a guy that should have been drafted top 5 rounds in re-draft. Like Thomas a lot as well w/ Bridgewater.
  5. Love that idea! Will put it through right now. Mattison was traded in that league a few weeks ago for a random 2021 3rd.
  6. It was Hill and Lindsay for Julio Jones and Austin Ekeler. I’ll take that deal all day competing for a championship over the next two seasons.
  7. I think a full off-season as the starter in a much more regimented system, will be beneficial for Haskins. McLaurin had to play with Keenum, McCoy and Haskins last season. He graded out as one of the best WR’s in the league his rookie season. Jeudy can hope to do that, but he has to compete with Gordon, Lindsay, Fant, Sutton and Hamler for targets. Then again, I love OSU guys. Also, think Mostert will be a major piece for a championship run over the next two seasons. Adding Williams @ LT will be huge for the Niners.
  8. 1 QB league, so figured it was time to cash in on the Murray hype before he ends up getting sacked 45+ times again. (Shocked they didn’t invest heavily or upgrade their o-line). I’d trade Jeudy straight up for McLaurin, but just preference there. One has proven it on a really bad team (that should improve QB play), and the other is just a prospect on a stacked team. McLaurin should see the lion share of targets in WAS. Trying to work a separate deal for a TE upgrade, as my current TE’s are Doyle, Herndon, Njoku and Asiasi. Can cut some backup RB’s I picked up during the rookie draft - Benny Snell and Bryce Love.
  9. FFPC $500 Dynasty League Trade Blockbuster. Really needed RB depth. Traded: QB, K. Murray WR, Jerry Jeudy (drafted @ 1.8 in rookie draft) - fell right to us perfectly. Received: WR, Terry McLaurin RB, Raheem Mostert RB, A. McFarland QB, D. Jones 2021 2nd Team construct before the trade: QB: Watson/Murray/Hurts RB: Cook/Ekeler/D. Henderson WR:Hopkins/Julio/Evans/Thielen/Jeudy/ Perriman After the trade: QB: Watson/D. Jones RB: Cook/Ekeler/Mostert/McFarland/D. Henderson WR:Hopkins/Julio/Evans/Thielen/McLaurin/ Perriman. Note: This trade was made on the heels of moving T. Hill and P. Lindsay for Julio Jones and Austin Ekeler.
  10. Some quick background on the trade. Headed into the Rookie draft with 1.8, and some big shoes to fill RB depth wise, with the only rostered RB’s being: Cook, Ekeler and D. Henderson. Had just acquired Ekeler in a deal that sent T. Hill and Lindsay for Julio and Ekeler. WR was a strong point of the roster with: Julio, Evans, Hopkins, Thielen. QB’s were Watson and Murray. Was shocked that Jeudy fell to 1.8, snap pick. Added solid RB depth to a very shallow group and recouped an incredible upside 5th WR in McLaurin.
  11. Traded; QB Kyler Murray WR Jerry Jeudy for QB Daniel Jones WR Terry McLaurin RB Raheem Mostert RB Anthony McFarland
  12. Just pulled off another blockbuster deal in FFPC $500 Dynasty League: Team strength was WR with: Hopkins, Evans, T. Hill, Thielen, D. Parker and Perrimen. RB depth was extremely light with: D. Cook, P. Lindsay, and D. Henderson. Had traded Fournette for D. Cook and D. Watson before last season. Traded: WR, Tyreek Hill RB, Philip Lindsay 2021 2nd round pick (late, 2.10 - 2.12) Received: WR, Julio Jones RB, Austin Ekeler
  13. What’s scary is to read fans takes on the 2nd and 5th being too much to give up for OBJ, considering injury history and salary cap hit.