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  1. I remember the end of last season when Taylor was planning to be a “double agent” in the chuck/axe war. Why did the whole TMC operation relocate to the Axe Capital headquarters? That detail didn’t resonate with me
  2. TMZ cites multiple sources FWIW
  3. i didn't make it to the midpoint, but i'm not a Pearl Jam fan.
  4. i have round 1 tickets. does anybody have an idea when the rescheduled dates might be?
  5. My wife bought a package of toilet paper at Costco just because of the stories of TP hoarding elsewhere
  6. I need the nom' but that thought was thought before i contemplated my plan on the convention floor it wouldn't take too long to put that together
  7. i have one of those 22kw generacs. in the 15 months since it was installed, we haven't lost power since.
  8. When hank and steve visit the cook site where krazy-8’s car was abandoned. One of them comments that someone may have killed their snitch.
  9. i loved Tracey Gold when she was eating. love parvati shallow too.
  10. voted 1 - contaminate the jelly but that was just based on my typical order of operations. i neglected to remember the "lick the knife" step until i read the comments.
  11. I was ignorant about packing cubes & just ordered some. Going to belize for 10 days in march and then to masters round 1. Looking forward to trying them out.
  12. Maiden has been 3-axe for at least 20 years. Quick wiki check says since 1999
  13. I’m not particularly brilliant; it seems like the rest of society is becoming increasingly lazy & stupid