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  1. Born 1971. I remember lots of bicentennial stuff in 1976. As far as news goes, the 1979-1980 iran hostages, olympic boycott stuff is probably it. Sports: Reggie Jackson’s 3HR in the world series
  2. The two seasons with Fring, ending with “I won” were my favorites
  3. The story gets far less exposure if the actual last name is used
  4. with Wags as the common denominator
  5. This. Better off Dead is the better movie but Say Anything may be the better role. I love the Cosell guys in Better off Dead
  6. Agreed. This is a situation where the store brand doesn’t measure up.
  7. i used to be that way, but in the last few years it has changed for me. i sleep in whenever possible.
  8. i'm 48. i took a nap yesterday. it was great.
  9. I’m with you on Shiv. Belongs in the oddly attractive thread