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  1. The japanese monster movies routinely disregard prior movies, reimagine the monster origins, change monster names, etc. (example: multiple king ghidorah variants)
  2. I assume that this has already been echoed multiple times in this thread. No kids, but happy to live in an area with desirable public schools. The positive impacts are multiple, and extend beyond the positive impact on my home value. I hate paying taxes, but also don’t think that I pay enough taxes. Maybe President bernie/liz/AOC will fix that
  3. It was The Force Awakens for Terminator
  4. emilia clarke was in genesis
  5. 1984 tigers 1989, 1990, 2004 Pistons 1989 UM basketball 1997 UM football, kinda
  6. It once was Howard Stern, but like many in here I’ve been done with him for a few years. Tony Kornheiser has had the most staying power for me. Starting listening to him on ESPN radio middays in the mid 1990s and followed him through his various shows/podcasts ever since.
  7. We ended up going for an early dinner to McClures. Unfortunate luck: no tipsy present when we were there but they said he was earlier. Food was excellent. My group thanked me for the recommendation.
  8. The main rhythm riff on Metallica’s Creeping Death