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  1. I’m on vacation and reading Stephen Hawking right now. This just about perfect timing for me
  2. I can’t wait for the upcoming Reasonable Doubt podcast with Adam Corrolla
  3. Live in MI. We bought a house in 2011 with an existing pool where the original owner spent a pile of money on pool & landscaping. I don’t believe the pool impacted the sale price positively or negatively. We love the pool. Maintaining the water isn’t that difficult. Heating the water to 87F isn’t cheap. We enjoy hosting parties and having guests - both of those increased in frequency by orders of magnitude. I echo the sentiment of “don’t build a pool, buy an existing one” if you’re considering one.
  4. He was pretty good on Preet’s podcast
  5. I don’t think that free roads/lanes can be converted once they’re open to everyone
  6. I misspoke. (Mistyped) I meant to say the sales tax on gas isn’t going towards transportation funding. It’s just like any other sales tax
  7. What always gets lost in the “Michigan has very high gas taxes “ argument is the fact that the sales tax & gas tax that are baked in the price of gas don’t go toward road funding. It goes to the general fund. The relatively small gas tax + registration fre increases that were implemented a couple years ago do go directly to roads; the rest does not. Edit: i see this was brought up a few posts ago. I work in the industry & this is constantly discussed with regard to “why can’t we get more funding?” In Michigan , Act 51 dictates how the road funding is distributed throughout the state; it disproportionately rewards the rural areas. That also contributes to the lousy road conditions.
  8. That could have been used by The Onion without any changes
  9. slayer - angel of death iron maiden - 2 minutes to midnight megadeth - holy wars metallica - creeping death anthrax - i am the law testament - over the wall slipknot - duality Ice-T - 6 in the morning overkill - rotten to the core
  10. $1065 February 2019 costco cash back. Most recent August exec cash back was about equal to the exec member price. I echo the front desk method to get the $$ back