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  1. I might put Hines and Wilkins 1 and 2? Tremendous opportunity for Hill, but he's such a blank slate. I own both Wilkins and Hill and have to choose one (.5 PPR). I like Wilkins as TEN has been awful against the run, he figures to see goal line looks and I can't see one back taking all the work. With Hill, if ATL is behind right away, will he be involved in the pass game? I have no idea. I would have Hill as 3 if Julio is playing, but behind Snell if Julio is out.
  2. The NFL should follow its established rules for a situation like this. The NFL never bothered to actually establish protocols for this season besides making it up as they go along. So I do not think it Ravens should be assigned arbitrary punishment. Rhetorical question: should the Patriots have been punished for flying two planes to KC, including one plane with all people exposed to the virus, clearly exposing the non-infected to the infected? What sort of rational infection control protocol is this? The NFL's protocols are clearly focused on making money.