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  1. Sorry about that - .5 PPR. Thank you!
  2. Keepers are now in for my 12-team league. 17 roster spots, QB RB RB WR WR TE RB/WR/TE. Half PPR. My keepers are Juju Smith-Schuster, Cooper Kupp, Devonta Freeman and Marlon Mack. Without going into all the details, I'm going to use my 4th overall pick on an RB, due to the dearth of RBs in the keeper league set-up. Presuming Zeke and Gordon are long-term holdouts, it's looking like the top RBs would be: Certain to be drafted above me: Saquon and McCaffrey. If anything crazy happens, I'll take one of these two. Should be available (minus one, potentially): Le'Veon Bell, Todd Gurley, Damien Williams, Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon. I would appreciate your insight as to how you might prioritize the players in the second group. First round players can't be kept, so no need to factor that in. Thank you!
  3. Thank you all for your insight. I'm looking at keeping Kupp at the 8th round as with the 48 players removed and re-organized through the draft list, Kupp becomes a 2nd round redraft pick (based on Yahoo's draft order). With Pettis, I can theoretically get him in the 6th round with how the redraft is stacking up. Henry would be a 3rd rounder.
  4. Thanks to all who have chimed in on this question for me over the years. League: 12 teams, 15 roster spots, QB RB RB WR WR TE RB/WR/TE Keeper rules: keep 0-4 players. Cost is one draft round higher than the previous year. Undrafted = 15th round. My draft position: 4th in a snake draft Note: we dropped K and D this year, so the round numbers might look funky below, as some players were kept int he 17th round previously. Keeper Options (draft round for 2019) Amari Cooper (1) Carlos Hyde (4) Marlon Mack (7) Cooper Kupp (8) Courtland Sutton (9) Devonta Freeman (11) Ben Roethlisberger (12) Juju Smith-Schuster (15) Dante Pettis (15) Kalen Ballage (15) Hunter Henry (15) Jerick McKinnon (15) Darrel Williams (15) Malcolm Brown (15) My plan: Mack (7), Kupp (8), Freeman (11), Smith-Schuster (15). Very tempted by Pettis, though. What do you think?
  5. Part of me wonders if Damien's sample size is still on the small-ish side. Five games as a starter with the Chiefs, three regular season and two playoffs. 69 carries, 28 targets. His numbers extrapolated to 16 games come out to be 1830 total yards, 76 catches, 25 TD. At face value, I'd automatically say TD regression is coming. But it's Mahomes and the Chiefs. Leaves me unsure. I feel like I'm still leaning toward regression.
  6. The key part in all this is that the NFL derives most of its revenue from broadcast contracts, not ticket revenue and concessions. In that light, keeping a 16 game season but adding in a second or a third bye for each team would allow there to be regular season 18 or 19 broadcast weeks. I think it's safe to assume for the majority of NFL fans that your team being on bye for the week doesn't ruin your football watching experience. 2 or 3 byes have obvious benefits for player health. I believe this could also drastically improve quality of play in the often-moribund Thursday night games. With a couple exceptions, the byes could be structured so that every team playing a Thursday night game does so after a bye week. This has the added benefit of giving them a long week on the flip side before their next game, drawing out the benefits of the bye (I think). No byes for Week 1, so Week 2 this wouldn't work. But you could start with byes in Week 2, especially if teams get 3 byes. Everyone wins - the owners get more money, the players get more rest (and in a just world, a share of the pie of the newfound money), fans get 1-2 more weeks of football to watch, the networks can be happy too. Assuredly, the owners will not pursue this option.
  7. I think these numbers need some context, though. Wilkins was the lead back for the first four games (he split carries with Mack, 10 each, in the second game). In game 5, Hines had 15 carries to Wilkins' 6. Mack assumed the lead role in game 6. Through the first four games, Wilkins averaged 3.5 yards per carry. Adding in game 5, where in fairness he was the COP back, but at least Mack wasn't there, the 5-game average rises to 3.98 YPC. For the remaining 11 games, Wilkins had a carry in only 5 of them, for a total of 16 carries. In those five games, he averaged 10 YPC. This COP work is pretty clearly raising his overall YPC for the season in a way that is skewing the overall context. In the context of regular lead-back work, Mack's 4.7 YPC is pretty telling compared to 3.5. Things change, coaches have opinions we don't know about. Can't dispute any of that. Rookies take a while to phase in. I certainly agree Mack has degrees of uncertainty, but I don't think the evidence we have suggests a takeover from another back at this point.
  8. His draft position should be at most high RB2, for the reasons you've outlined. Mack will have 25 point games and 5 point games, I think we can say that with some confidence. The one mitigating factor is that the Colts offense is top tier, generating a healthy amount of goal line carries for Mack to save the low weeks. That was the story last year.
  9. One thought on Howard - since he is a UFA after '19, he could help the Eagles generate a compensatory draft pick. Cheap depth plus a possible draft pick addition, makes total sense for him to be on the roster. I can't find the article I read a month ago or so, but the Eagles have been among the league leaders recently in collecting compensatory picks. The Howard signing screams it to me.
  10. Did Henderson run routes out of the slot? I have little knowledge of his college days, so any insight would be helpful. Also, apartment robbed tonight, so please distract me!!!
  11. I've been following this thread as an irrational Malcolm Brown owner. Doesn't a third round pick seem like a pretty steep price for a COP back? Yes, the Rams are win now, but still. Doesn't seem like a rational move.
  12. If the rumors are true that New England plays the Sunday night game in Week 1 (with Bears/Packers the Thursday opener), the gods will have saved us from yet another Dallas-NY Giants blah fest on Sunday night. Ye gods!
  13. There's a lot of language being tossed around about contracts to justify arguments. I thought it might be helpful to offer some clarifications in this regard, as I feel like a few of the arguments offered are a little slanted. In the interest of transparency, I have Carlos Hyde and Darrel Williams on my end-of-season roster from 2018 for keeper considerations for 2019. Williams became an RFA in '16 after 3 years of a UDFA contract with the Dolphins; he then signed a one year deal with them. As a UFA in '17 after his fourth season, he signed a one-year contract with the Chiefs. While his new contract is for up to two years, his dead cap hit for '20 is $500k - in other words, depending on situation, he could be a cut candidate after '19. So essentially it's a one-year deal with a team option for the second. Hyde signed a three-year deal with Cleveland after the expiration of his 4-year rookie contract with SF; however, the contract had no dead cap money after year 1, making it essentially a one-year contract with two years of team options. I bring this up to object to the argument against Hyde in that he's on his fourth team in two years. Both Hyde and Williams were not resigned by their inaugural teams after their first four years were up. Both were signed to essentially one-year contracts in their fifth year. The only major difference here is situation - the Browns had Chubb in the first year of a 4-year deal worth $7.3 million in total. They owed Hyde $9.7 for '19-'20, if he was not cut. The Jags needed an RB to finish up the season with Fournette hurt and could get a player with no cap responsibility for the future. There is no logic to using this trade as evidence of Hyde's lack of talent. He may actually be bad, but the trade is simple football economics. Had Williams been on the Browns with a similar contract, would the Browns and Jags not have done the exact same thing? Likewise, holding the Jags' not resigning Hyde against him (four teams in two years) doesn't make sense. They traded for him specifically because of an injury to Fournette last year, not this year. Mission accomplished. In their sixth year, both players are now on essentially one year deals; Williams with a $1.7 million cap hit, Hyde $2.7 million. In summary, I find their contract histories and status to be fairly similar, besides Williams being an undrafted rookie versus Hyde's drafted status. I don't think their previous contracts or participation in trades tells us all that much.
  14. Thought I would rev up this thread with his resigning with the Rams. With Gurley's uncertainty, I'm curious to know what people think of Malcolm (I do have him as a dart-throw keeper candidate for 2019). I've always read fantasy experts (Waldman comes to mind) who are high on his talent, but as a career back-up, it's all just talk at this point. What do you think about his chances to actually play if Gurley can't go?
  15. I think this is a good way to look at it. Full disclosure, I own Hyde and Darrel in a keeper league, hoping something works out for '19 but who knows. I'm a bit of a combine skeptic, but Darrel's 4.72 doesn't scare me - he doesn't look slow in the limited game time he's had. For the record, Kareem Hunt's combine 40 was 4.62, but he certainly plays with faster game speed. One other thing I would add - since joining the Chiefs in 2013, Andy Reid, or the Chiefs front office, have done a pretty good job of identifying RBs who weren't the "pick of the litter," so to speak. Hunt as a 3rd-round pick, Ware as a cut from the Seahawks, Charcandrick West as an undrafted FA. We know so little about Darrel, who knows what they may think. Hopefully I don't sound like a cheerleader - presume Damien's job til he loses it.