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  1. One thing you have to remember is that CBS and FOX get to protect an allotment of games each week. One late afternoon marquee game, the Sunday night game, the Thursday night game, then Monday night. Some weeks, there just won't be four games that fit the bill for a prime slot.
  2. Call me crazy, but I feel like we're starting to see the pendulum start to swing the other way in regard to everything being so focused on the amazing passing QB. Look at what the Colts did at KC; the Panthers surviving with Kyle Allen via Christian McCaffrey. I think the rules changes to favor passing offense have blinded teams that there's more than one way to win (and that generally, winning on offense starts with the offensive line). Some team soon is going to be the first to draft a rookie QB, let them play for five years, and then say goodbye before the money gets absurd, and draft a rookie all over again.
  3. I've long suspected the NFL is scripted - now you've ruined the ending this Sunday! 😎 In all seriousness though, this is where I'm at. Considered dropping him for Reggie Bonnafon, aka flavor of the week, but Darrel is less of an unknown than some other lottery tickets. I'll hold while I have the roster space.
  4. I also just tried to make a waiver claim in Yahoo for a player I dropped last night. I got this message.
  5. Correct. As to what I wrote about Friday, my league has a one day waiver period. For Yahoo, a "day" starts at 12 a.m. Pacific Time. I live in the Central time zone, so that's 2 a.m. my time the next day. So if I drop a player on Friday, his waiver day doesn't start til Saturday. Thus, he clears waivers at 2 a.m. Sunday morning, and is a free agent until his games begin. When I have to try to sneak a player through, that's what I try to do.
  6. Thanks for the info. I needed to write more clearly. This happened to me two years ago - it's possible it may only apply for the weekend waivers. I dropped a player on a Saturday and while I submitted a waiver bid, my waiver was denied when waivers processed. I was able to submit it but if I recall correctly, the rejection stated I couldn't put in a bid for a player I had dropped. I hope I'm not spreading false information here...I'll try to verify this and see what I can find. Appreciate your input.
  7. Unless something has changed this year, on Yahoo, you are actually barred from placing a waiver claim on a player you dropped. You would need to drop them Friday, and then there's a short window of time on Sunday for people to make a pickup in free agency.
  8. Part of this may be that per Football Outsiders, the Chiefs' offensive line has been not very good.
  9. Could anyone with some insight weigh in on Fournette's contract situation? Asking for keeper/dynasty considerations for Armstead - not that I am trying to crown him the future of anything! If I have my facts straight, the guarantees for Fournette's contract have been voided. He's in year 3 of his rookie deal. So it's possible (presuming if he is injured) he could be cut after this season? $8.6 million cap hit for '20, and a fifth year option for '21. Am I analyzing this contract situation too much?
  10. I could be totally wrong on this, but I think he was adjusting the pad near his knee.
  11. In fairness, it's Juju's third year in the league, with his first two years playing with Antonio Brown. I don't think the issue right now is a question of coverage, or Juju's ability to shake coverage. In fairness, I did not watch last night's game, but from what I've read, his volume was a product of game script. I'm open to anyone's analysis of his route running, though.
  12. I'll add Javon Wims, CHI WR to the list for deep leagues and keeper/dynastyformats. He secured 4 catches on 5 targets for 56 yards yesterday, filling in for an injured Taylor Gabriel. He was a 7th round pick of the Bears in the 2018 draft and was a training camp star this year. Obviously a lot of factors in play here with the QB situation, but no one besides Allen Robinson has really stepped up in the passing game so far. It also looked like Daniel had a good rapport with Wims, perhaps from both of them working together with the 2nd team.
  13. Not to get off subject but I find the over-reliance on 40 times and Combine stats to be an excellent inefficiency to capitalize on in dynasty/keeper leagues. Keep it going!
  14. I think we can make some reasonable observations from last year and this year. Reid obviously has a long history of going with a lead back. Notably from last year, when Hunt was released, Ware was the undisputed lead back. Williams was waiting in the wings but was only used as a change of pace back. When Ware got hurt, Williams assumed the lead back role. The caveat here is that there wasn't much behind Williams to even consider a timeshare (Darrel as a rookie, Charcandrick signed off the street). This year, so far it's been a timeshare. There could be multiple reasons for that - McCoy and Damien both bring something to the table? Keeping McCoy fresh over the course of 16-19 games? They weren't really that sold on Damien as a lead back over a large sample size? We're left with a couple of options: does Reid want to find a lead back, or does he want a split of carries? I wouldn't be surprised if Reid is looking for a back that can maybe take on 2/3 of the workload and have a little more consistency in the backfield approach. Just my opinion. I don't have much to base it off of besides some coach speak from him about needing to address the running game. It's only my opinion, but what I've seen from Darrel suggests to me he could supplant Damien in the timeshare with McCoy. That timeshare still could be really valuable - even for the Chiefs, they aren't always going to be scoring 80 yard TDs. The rushing TDs are going to come. I'm targeting Darrel mostly because there seems to be so many non-football reasons why people don't want him.
  15. I get the sense that the owners want an 18 game schedule simply because they won't give in to the players on the issue, not because it makes logical sense.