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  1. *Looking for owners for an 8 team Dispersal in our South Park vs Family Guy 24 team Dynasty *24 team, copy player, 1 QB *Use Groupme for communication *Teams available: South Park (Chef,Jimmy) Family Guy (Carter Pewderschmidt, Joe, Peter) *Draft will be on MFL site, and the other owners will be able to trade into dispersal *Dispersal List: *League:
  2. Let’s get this filled 😁
  3. *Looking for some owners for a 7 team Dispersal *This is a 2 copy, 24 team Bestball league with Superflex, TE Premium and Devy *Use GroupMe for communication *Fee is $35 for 2020.. *Draft will be on MFL site, and the other owners may trade into the Dispersal *Dispersal List: *League Site:
  4. Looking to fill 1 spot for a 6 team dispersal. Its a 24 team, 2 copy. No Def/K. Start 8, 1 QB. No premiums. $32 per year. Full bylaws here... Dispersal list... DM me if interested. 50 percent off first year for folks to fill this dispersal
  5. *League Fee: $22, $20 for league, $2 for MFL *Dispersal List: *League:
  6. *Looking for more owners for 6 team Dispersal in the "Reservoir Dogs" division *League Fee: $22, $20 for league, $2 for MFL *72 team league with 6 divisions of 12 teams, 36 teams make playoffs *Dispersal List: League:
  7. *Looking for 7 teams for a Dispersal in Face/Off *League Fee: $35 *24 team, 2 copy, SF, TE Premium, Devy, Thievery *Dispersal List: MFL site:
  8. *Looking for 1 more for our 3 team Dispersal in the "Goodfellas" division. *League Fee: $22, $20 League, $2 MFL *League is 72 teams, 6 divisions of 12, 36 teams make playoffs *Dispersal will be on MFL site, and the other 9 teams may trade into Dispersal *Dispersal list: *MFL site: