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  1. 2nd amendment - buy some guns, be prepared to protect yourself, when things get bad the police wont be able to help you
  2. ❤️ bye bye domestic terrorist.
  3. actually, the truck driver looks like the victim in that, he stopped to avoid hitting anyone, and they pull him out and beat him
  4. imagine being so sick in the head you'd burn a homeless guys possessions Its time for Trump to get tough, this sickness needs to end.
  6. Be safe tonight folks, doesn't look like this violence isnt ending anytime soon If you havent bought a weapon yet for you and your family's safety what are you waiting for?
  7. amen.
  8. when you think of defending a cop just remember they have no problem taking away your freedom. Covid 19 proved that.
  9. but you guys just keep assuming only racist cops use excessive force is where you're wrong. There are cops out there that will use excessive force whether you're white or black, but I agree racist cops that only use excessive force on minorities are absolutely disgusting.
  10. Plenty of bad cops, definitely higher than .1 percent lol. We need real change that weeds out the bad cops, and stops them from being hired in the first place. Although, definitely a tough job, and definitely a lot of good cops as well that deserve our respect.
  11. Media told me antifa doesn't exist,, but why is this trending? "IamAntifa" on social media? also, a lot of dumb people identifying themselves as terrorists.
  12. but biden said if they dont vote for him they aint black.
  13. trending on twitter "IAmAntifa"