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  1. id by lying if I said it didnt cross my mind 😁
  2. Those picks are going to hurt even more with no Hill suspension. Brutal
  3. Listening to Cowboys podcasts and reports, hearing a lot of how Dak is looking much better throwing the ball this off-season. Most of the comments are about 15-25 yards passes that he struggled with in the past. Of course this is just OTAs and such, but it has always been reported that Dak hasn't really looked good in practices, but plays better at game time. It doesn't amount to much, but it has me a little hopeful.
  4. And another one... Zeke really didnt do anything, but the NFL doesnt need to see much.
  5. Id be happy with a older stud WR, hoping it trends back that way.
  6. Anyone seeing Bell transactions out there? Getting very low offers for him and wondering where his value is.
  7. I grab the official Cowboys podcasts (the Break, Talkin Cowboys and Hanging with the Boys). They give great updates and have some access to the players. Doomsday podcast is good also if you can stomach Ed Warner.
  8. Agreed about waiting to judge the DT pick. It is a need, maybe as much as S. I dont see them signing Collins to a long term deal, so possible CW moved to RT and McGovern takes the LG spot. Not sure any S picked on day 3 is going to be much, if any, upgrade on the position. RB/LB picks are very possible.
  9. Was hoping for Rapp, but I do like Hill. Plus I've come to trust McClay with player evaluation. Happy with both picks today.
  10. A bit surprised that Savage was first S off the board, but he was a rising player lately. Hoping Rapp falls into our laps.
  11. most the chatter I hear about the draft is Dallas taking a S in the 2nd. Thonrhill/Rapp/Savage
  12. Hope they can make that happen. He seems like a great guy and teammate, but he's not Wilson by any means.