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  1. MJD really going out there on a limb. Haven't seen any rankings with Henry in the top 5.
  2. reports that they offered him 33 mil a year, turned down. Not sure what he is after, but it will be significant. Frankly, he has the leverage at this point with nothing Dallas could do to replace him with quality.
  3. If it does happen, it makes me think that Jerry aint giving McCarthy full control. Which I never believed to begin with.
  4. Hoping that McCarthy will be good for Dak, get him in his "QB Camp" this offseason and work on that footwork. Also hoping that McCarthy is being real with his adaption of analytics. Happy for change!
  5. I am a week early on the end. But this team just can't put it to other. Rams game will remain a mystery and a dream of what they could be.
  6. I always take the best available. Of you hit at a position your solid at, you can trade for a know commodity where you are week.
  7. Well, here's to Kupp matching up Reed. 🙏
  8. Need a RB, WR and a flex, non-ppr AJ Brown, Kupp, Freeman, Drake, Hunt, Deebo, thank Sig
  9. your probably right, but it is playoff time...high stakes!! lol
  10. I think a lot of the concern, at least for me, is how his targets have dropped since the bye week. Only over 6 once in those 6 weeks. And most of his targets last week didn't come until the game was over.
  11. every time I see this thread pop up, I get a little smile on my face. AB is pure entertainment (just not for the guy that has him in my dynasty league).