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  1. I get that he isn't getting that preferred 10+ WR1 targets, but 5-7 is misleading. He has been in the 7-9 range each game this year. I wouldn't expect that to change, and would hope it would only go up.
  2. This team is a disaster. ESPN has Dallas favored for the 8th pick. Should be able to get a good OL there.
  3. Looking for getting a value check on Zeke in a devy league. With his current salary, I wont be able to keep him and same for the team that I might trade him to. With that thought Zeke for Deboo, Paris C and Bateman seem appropriate? With Zeke going back into the pool next season, obtaining him again is possible.
  4. Just getting involved in Devy league play. Any care to share any sources to find analyse prospects that are not expected to be in the next draft? Any help will be appreciated.
  5. I understand feeling you're getting jerked around, but from another perspective. If I was rebuilding, Im not looking to get Evans/ARob/Boyd and not trying to give up Campbell. The picks are what I'm looking for, but its not enough "rebuild" pieces. And frankly, I Zeke isn't old enough to dump in a rebuild. You're probably right, he never really intended to get rid of Zeke.
  6. Jarwin - ACL Surgery LVE - Collarbone surgery 6-8 weeks Erving - Sprained medial collateral ligament - few weeks not good
  7. Disappointing to say the least. LVE, Jarwin and Erving injuries are big. Erving may be the biggest as Dak wont have much time with RT being a weak spot. Hopefully Collins is back after week 3 and healthy. Big guys and hip injuries are troubling. Gallup penalty was huge, maybe Ramsey flopped a bit, but Gallup had his arm extended into him, so no surprise it was called. Still baffled on not going for the tie on 4th and 4ish. D wasn't playing great, surprised the got the ball back at all. Hoping someone has some positive takeaways to share, as I'm searching from some.
  8. yes, I don't see the point of trading a nice rebuilding piece for the possibility of getting a nice rebuilding piece. Just kicking the can
  9. I know what you're saying, but I am a sucker for it. I remember last year getting excited for Hill and he rarely even suited
  10. Thats what I keep hearing also. I guess if they wait and its not a guaranteed contract, might be worth the shot. Excited to see Diggs in action, reports out of camp are that he is legit.