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  1. This helps, injury not as serious as first thought, week to week though
  2. Jerry referring to Smith's injury as the dreaded high ankle sprain. Hopefully this is just Dr. Jerry running his mouth.
  3. Biggest positive for me is how effective Quinn was, looking like a great pick up.
  4. I love it that now i dont know what a fumble is, added to not knowing what a catch is or pass interference.
  5. Flex spot, Non PPR Darrell Williams or Mecole Hardman
  6. He looked real good on that screen pass that got 30 yards. He's making plays in the passing game with limited work load, hopefully that work will increase.
  7. he had at least 25 yards called back for holding call in the 1st half, a couple of the calls were terrible. That and a negative game script killed his night. Titans need a new QB.
  8. I dont know what would be the highest historically, but NE is 22.5 favorites this week vs the Jets (thought I saw it at 23.5 earlier).
  9. Figured they couldn't get anything for him. Keep thinking back to them passing on TJ Watt. Watt might not be a good fit for the scheme, but he is very dynamic as a pass rusher.
  10. Chubb ran a nice route there in the first half, need some more of that.
  11. No questions it could have been worse, just stinks as he was really coming into his own. Hate to see a setback. Good that we have other weapons to fill the gap.
  12. 2-4 weeks for Gallup, trimming his meniscus...😫