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  1. Very true, but but he has value when healthy. Doubt they would need to pay him a lot
  2. Haven't followed Berry much the last few years. How is he regarded now days?
  3. Very possible. It's also possible that Hunt gets on video hitting a woman and never sees the field again. Lots of different things could happen. I think most likely is Chubb being Chubb and staying in control of the backfield.
  4. I can envision a lot of different situations, but Hunt on a 1 year, Cleveland most likely wont pay him what other teams are willing to knowing they will need to pay Chubb.
  5. Chubb is already established in Cleveland. Have a hard time believing Cleveland is thinking of replacing him.
  6. Not really concerned with Hunt. Honestly believe the Browns signed him for insurance in case of an injury and that he is a FA after the season. Browns can put in a qualifying offer and get a compensation pick if he signs elsewhere. Smart move by the Browns.
  7. Heard about it. I think is it's common for players to do that. If the doctor finds excessive damage when performing the surgery it would hurt the players negotiations.
  8. Agreed. Saw that he is telling people he feels disrespected. Going south quick
  9. Very disappointing, going to keep he wondering what cold have been if those two could have gotten their heads on straight.
  10. Im good for a LB in the 2nd, although Lee has said that he plans on playing next year. Good with DT or S as well. Holding out hope for Earl Thomas.