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  1. Which bond funds, if you don't mind me asking? I've had SHY for awhile, but need to pull the rest into a safety net. I've been in SDOW since the high 20's. Regret selling PEATF still
  2. If so, I'd like to know. Can't imagine that a certain part of this country could have elected a bigger complete waste of flesh than Cadet Bone Spur. But hey, anyone but Hillary, AmIright?
  3. Seriously. I feel like I just got cropdusted.
  4. Ha! I have a small amount of that, I believe I picked up when you mentioned it over the last couple of years. It's been a dog over the last six months, but that should average back out soon.
  5. Any short term Total US Bond Fund's that anyone here would recommend? US treasuries are obviously the safest, but looking at the yields...yeesh.
  6. Amazing. I'm sure the NRA will be left standing, but nice seeing them take it from rationality for a change. Gun nuts have been ruling the roost for too long.
  7. Radiohead are a shoe in. But what about Nick Cave? PJ Harvey? Ween should be in there, but probably will never make it.
  8. I like the freedom that provides. Basically, stay 10 nights at any hotel you choose, and get a credit for a free night. To really get maximum benefit, use a travel card that gives you 2-3% cash back on travel.
  9. Thousands of comics (mostly silver and bronze age) Hundreds of sports cards (mostly RC from the 80's and 90's) that are worth 10% of what they were in the 90's. Hundreds of records (mostly from 90's to present, rock, alt, metal, everything in between) Rock Art Posters (Emek, Neal Williams, Sperry, Slater, etc) Dozens of Books Dozens of Trade Paper Backs (Preacher, Invisibles, Poison Elves, etc)