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  1. IDP league with 12 teams, 5 rounds rookie draft, 7 rounds veteran draft.
  2. Went undrafted in my rookie draft, but I managed to get him in the veteran draft last week. I like his chances to be a decent TE2 with upside right out of the gate. The talent is easily there and there's really no one else on that team commanding a ton of targets.
  3. McVay was technically correct (which is of course the best kind of correct) - arthritis or other degenerative knee issues are a chronic condition, not an acute injury. That also means that he likely won't show up on the injury report and could still be a surprise scratch at any point or only get a small amount of touches.
  4. I agree that the positions you mentioned (add FS to that list as well) are bigger needs and should be adressed earlier, especially given how the talent shakes out this draft. But they clearly need a replacement for Montgomery and if Hill is BPA at some point, why not? Especially if they pick up another late pick or two on the first two days.
  5. He's too small for such an early pick from the Packers' perspective imo. They need bigger backs to pound the rock in December and January, Hill would only be a 3rd down/CoP back and I don't see them investing the day two pick that it would probably take to get Hill. Now if he's there in the fourth, I can see it.
  6. Whoops didn't want to post anything, please ignore/delete.
  7. This. Rodgers has used Finley and Cook when he had them. I guess a WR is also possible at #12, but the class is more deep than top heavy, so that's probably not the best value at #12. I can see O-line or defense as well, but they need a big time playmaker most of all and there's a good chance Hockenson will be the best one on the board.
  8. Was hoping the Packers would take him at #30, but that seems to be a pipe dream. Might not even make it to #12.
  9. Maybe the Jaguars traded him to NBC, to star in "The Good Place". They already make fun of the Jaguars on the show all the time, might as well go the extra mile and have Fournette there next season. Makes sense to me - wasn't a common criticism of him as a prospect that he didn't really love football, but rather wanted to be a star? Now he can.
  10. Starting him over Gurley in one league and I may not regret it. Completely unthinkable statement just three weeks ago.
  11. Don't look at the toe. Look at the turf - there are two different spots where dirt flies up, both within the end zone, so he had to have his left toe down in bounds.
  12. Started Fournette and Davis over him in my dyno. That season's long over though, would be really maddening if that was a playoff game.
  13. Yeah his situation definitely isn't great right now. But maybe the coaching change will help a bit in the receiving game, so there's still some RB1 upside ROS if they can get the offense going somehow.
  14. Hard to trust him, that's just an awfully low weekly floor with barely double digit touches and their insistance to trout out Jackson makes it just a mess right now. Hopefully Harbaugh realizes that glaring imbalance on his team during self scouting over the bye.