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  1. Which late round rookie draft RBs is everyone looking at?
  2. Anyone do or see any Adams trades in dynasty PPR? Wondering how much I'd have to give. I'd like to keep Evans so I can start them both lol
  3. It's between them for me & I can't decide! I'm good at WR so I can wait a year to use em. Hock is gone
  4. Guys, if all are there with you OTC in your dynasty PPR rookie draft in mid 2nd, which do you take? Isabella, JJAW , Hockenson, D. Johnson, Haskins or M. Brown? I flip flop between Isabella & JJAW
  5. We're currently in round 2 of rookie/Fa draft in PPR... 1.1 Jacobs 1.2 P. Campbell 1.3 Fant 1.4 Montgomery 1.5 Harry 1.6 Sanders 1.7 D. Henderson 1.8 Murray 1.9 AJ Brown 1.10 Samuels 1.11 Metcalf 1.12 Allison 2.1 Hardman 2.2 Singletary 2.3Haskins 2.4 Hockenson 2.5 JJAW
  6. Are there any places in the Philly area to have Signatures on a baseball authenticated? Specifically, well-known baseball players like Mickey Mantle. I don't feel comfortable shipping it somewhere.
  7. Did his value sky rocket? His owner just offered him to me for my DJ Moore. I said no. Barkley, Fournette & Cook are my starters so he would not likely start for me much. (Dynasty PPR)
  8. I have an immediate opening in my FREE DYNASTY PPR hosted on ESPN. (We are currently drafting in round 1 of our rookie/FA draft) This team is OTC with 1.11. LOOKING FOR LONG TERM VERY ACTIVE OWNER ONLY!!!!!! Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 Flex & 1 TE QB: Brees, Stafford RB: Samuels, G. Edwards, Martin, Hunt, Riddick, Bibbs, Freeman, Thompson WR: M. Thomas, Parker, Conley, Alshon,Enunwa, Foster, Kearse TE: J. Smith, Graham