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  1. I know the areas where they are. I have found the pay in FL, at least for my jobs, is too low so far.
  2. Lazard, Greg Ward, Boone (I own D. Cook), Gesicki, Duke Williams, Duke Johnson and/or Josh Reynolds. Depends on what happens with all those guys in the off-season as well, of course.
  3. Well, account management, operations, marketing, project management, etc all are part of sales...
  4. I don't have my address on my resume or apps. I get calls, then I get to hear #### pay and/or call when you are here.
  5. I'd take the pick. During last season, I sold Juju for M. Evans + more (Dynasty PPR)
  6. What do you think I have been doing? Most of these idiots either pay zippo or won't talk to you unless you live there
  7. Edited OP States are big places, please narrow it down to areas/cities lol. South FL is on my list as I have friends there.
  8. Depends who they bring in. Let's not panic yet, but I am worried...
  9. Might have to give up on JJAW for roster cuts if I can't trade him. Anyone else cutting bait in dynasty?
  10. Nothing really keeping me in PA. I've been job hunting here, FL, TX, SC, NC & AZ so far. I want to go somewhere that does not have cold & snow for several months. Not interested in going to CA. I am not a city life guy, I prefer the suburbs. Living in the middle of a place like Philly = hell no for me. I am in sales, but would much prefer to get out of it & into something where my skills still translate. So where are the jobs & where is the money? Not trying to move to a place where I will make peanuts & struggle. Not that I am a baller here. So what cities/states should I look at? Also, anyone ever move out of state with no job? Dumb question, I know. No one will rent to a guy with no job. 🤣 But I would love to get fired, collect UE & just move. I'll find a job. However, not interested in depleting my savings & UE will, obviously, not cover the COL. I'm in inside sales, but would prefer to get out of it & do something like operations, account management, etc where my skills translate.