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  1. Takes more than just not having kids. Life involves a lot of luck whether some people want to admit it or not.
  2. Yes & also some have it, but never have any symptoms & they too can spread it...
  3. Unlikely. Too many selfish idiots here in the US not wearing masks & having giant gatherings.
  4. All 4 of them have all 4 of their rookie/FA draft picks. We'll vote, as a league, on where to slot them in that draft since their rosters will then be completely different.
  5. The dispersal draft is only for these 4 openings. Rest of the league owners & rosters remain as they are. After the dispersal draft, we will have our league rookie/FA draft.
  6. Hard pass for eating out for myself or my gf for a while. We have done delivery & curbside pickup, though. Cooking & baking are hobbies of mine anyway so I was never the guy that ate out all the time. Plus, cooking is healthier & cheaper.
  7. Maui Jim Makaha, but I scratched lenses on both pairs, of course. Any recommendations for much cheaper polarized sunglasses? LOve the MJ, but too expensive to keep buying a new pair.
  8. They already had a WR1 last year. AR15 finished at WR10 in my PPR