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  2. There is something here.....
  3. These are hitting me pretty good. They make me want to write a song for her.
  4. I’ve always loved DM . This song kicked my ###. I could hardly get through a minute of it. ill find the strength to get through it soon
  5. I’m not sure I can ever face them again.
  6. America- Sister Golden Hair has gotten me through the rough times. My sister is blonde. I also think it expressed some of what I was feeling. arg. This family stuff is hard.
  7. Thank you to all that made a real effort at helping. Many of these songs helped me deal with the emotions I was feeling. I also shared some of them with my sister and she enjoyed them. She sent me pictures and videos of my nearly 2 year old niece. She’s as beautiful as I imagined and they were difficult to look/ watch because it is very painful I never got a chance to spend much one with her before I moved for my promotion. I think I may see her soon. It makes me feel like a failure to see her now in a state of state of despair and also knowing I can’t give her any cousins. I’m still feeling strongly that I should spare my sister and her children from knowing me.
  8. You’ve a 50/50 chance this will either stop them or turn them on further.
  9. With the concession prices what they are these days I hope they throw in a shot of penicillin.
  10. Too much sexual contact. BRJ is a gentleman. A gentleman doesn’t make a move in the first 50 dates. 60 if she’s special.
  11. How many was she banging before that?