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  1. After all the work they put in to the Buy Now button they deserve a break.
  2. And she’s a cosplayer. I’ve been dates a few times with women that were in to that and they are very unstable.
  3. Would you tell your wife about it if she asked?
  4. Don’t kiss the Blarney Stone. The locals pee on it at night.
  5. A guy may be a nutbag and an abusive, controlling ####### but that doesn’t make them a sexual predator.
  6. That’s worth a big hug
  7. Is he going to live in a separate home where he won’t hear/see any of this?
  8. There is someone, somewhere, that looks at you with the same disdain as someone that got fired from Walmart.
  9. I’m more obsessed with thinking about myself as a young boy banging his teachers. This is what comes from living in a fascinating modern age.