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  1. I could have sworn that I included this in my original post, but the keepers reset each year. I know that changes everything drastically and I wish I would have included that in the beginning. Also, I will make sure to include more detail in the title for future posts. I ended up selecting Big Ben, Hopkins, Miller, Romo, and Anderson as my keepers. I was torn on the QB position but I am happy with my choice as there were a total of 19 QB's kept, with another 17 picks that could likely result in a run on QB's.
  2. Here is the last 3 years of history as to the number of QB's kept in the first five rounds as well as those drafted in the 6th round. I have a late seventh round pick at 7.08, would you still recommend keeping both QB's or just keeping Ben? I have decided on Ben, Hopkins, Miller, and Decker, the last spot is a toss up between Romo, KB, and Anderson. 2013 - 15 2014 - 16 2015 - 13
  3. I have an opportunity to trade Hopkins for the 6.01 pick, the first pick of the draft. Thoughts? I know this dramatically drops my WR talent but it would allow me to keep Big Ben, Romo, Miller, KB, and Decker as well as add Elliott.
  4. I am in a 10-man PPR league with otherwise standard ESPN scoring. We start 2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE and 1 FLEX and have to keep exactly 5 players with no positional limits. These 5 keepers take the place of our first 5 draft picks. It is worth noting, I am without a 6th round (1st round of drafting) pick due to a previous trade. Here are my options: Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Cassel, Lamar Miller, Theo Riddick, Eric Decker, DeAndre Hopkins, Delanie Walker, Brandon LaFell, Tony Romo, Dion Lewis, Willie Snead, Zach Ertz, Duke Johnson Jr, Kyle Rudolph, CJ Anderson, Kelvin Benjamin I have my keepers in mind, but I wanted to see what other input is thrown my way before making a final decision. Thanks!