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  1. Really appreciated the cores for the kid at Xmas. He had another one a month ago that I didn’t want to bother you with but this weeks’ needs to win the poll! Here are the clips (He’s the final play):http:// and here is the poll: Thanks in advance for the votes!
  2. Cool, she’s from same school and one of my sons good friends. Vote your heart!
  3. North Pole is a “suburb” of Fairbanks, the second largest city. There is a tourist trap called The Santa Claus House where all letters to Santa get delivered and answered. Ex Packer and super bowl champion OL Darin Colledge’s hometown as well as Brad Oleson, a euroleague legend. (I coached both on the same hs basketball team). and thanks again everyone this is cool.
  4. Thanks guys, new readers keep it up as they take votes until the Friday night newscast. TIA
  5. Yep Tua is her cousin. I coached her older brother and when Tua came in for the second half of the title game and made his giant debut, I texted mom and said “are you guys related to the backup QB at Alabama?” “Ya, he’s puka’s cousin, why?” Because he’s winning the national championship and is about to be world famous. The rest is history.
  6. Thanks, good tip. Apparently the friends and family of the layup girl must be pulling out all the stops haha.
  7. Yep me too and I used to be the coach of North Pole. The current coach is my former player and I know he was fine with what our team did to try to avoid that. They’re just historically down.
  8. Thanks! The score was 13-5 at the time of the press which lasted 2 minutes. Starters played less than half the game.
  9. Merry Christmas all! Long time member here needing a quick favor. Click the link below and vote for my son’s thunder dunk so the simple layup that is currently winning doesn’t! He’s the second clip and second choice on the poll. TIA Clips Poll
  10. Anybody ever seen a total points money race come down to 0.34 points??!!! I just won 2442.92-2442.58 after 16 week. Never seen anything like that in 20 years of ff. In fact I thought I lost by .6 but had done my math wrong.
  11. 450 replies for this backup backup? Lol, as a cook Mattison owner In two leagues who couldn’t get Boone and won in both title games anyway I say yay.
  13. I won the title with him and that’s with no Dalvin.
  14. You need to hear a story. One MNF, years and years ago, a few of us met for the game at our commish’s house. He was up by 1 with Eddie George, the #1 fantasy weapon, yet to play and his opponent was done. I believe this game was to get into playoffs. Eddie fumbled in the backfield and was knocked out of the game with injury on his first carry. Commish lost by 1. Worst beat I’ve ever seen. May happen for you.