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  1. I was worried about NE D and benched him for josh Allen and it cost me the week.
  2. There’s something fishy about all this. First he gets hurt on the first play and plays the rest of the game and plays well. Then he’s out and he’s not even on the sideline. Now he’s already ruled out on a Wednesday? But maybe not?
  3. I sold him right after the 28 point game three weeks ago for Kupp. Perfect timing. Unfortunately I'm the unluckiest fantasy owner on the planet and haven't won a game since.
  4. Ya, gonna cost me again....Unless Lockett, Dwelley, and Bosa can get me 32 points, the following team is gonna go 4-6: Lamar, Dalvin, Saquon, Cooper, K Chris G, Tyler, George. Best year I've ever had trading to assemble a dominant lineup and worst year I've ever had for matchups. Have lost 3 times as the 2nd highest weekly points. Fantasy sucks a lot sometimes.
  5. Someone just dropped jonnu. I was gonna add him and drop dwelley but now I think I’ll hold dwelley for the possibility that Kittle plays.
  6. Would you start Kirk vs TB over him? I’m tempted.
  7. I just picked up Eifert yesterday to be a backup....Now wish I had gone with Hollister so I could wait till game time decision and pivot if necessary. Unfortunately, Hollister got added one hour before I went to pick him up as a result of today's news on Kittle. Sent an offer of Eifert for Hollister, but no response yet. I don't see myself starting Eifert on Sunday morning unless Kittle is already ruled out which he won't be. If he's ruled out on game day I guess I go with Dwelley? Luke Willson is hurt too right?
  8. Weird things happened over the course of the season that led me and another owner to question whether all the teams were owned by different owners. The moment we raised that question, the league was deleted and our $100 fee gone. I think this guy invites guys to join his league, owns multiple teams himself, arranges things between his multiple teams to win the money and if anyone starts to smell something fishy, he folds up his snake oil stand and disappears with everyone's money. I posted something yesterday and immediately got a PM from a guy who says he has friends who had this happen with JGABLE00 before. WEAK SAUCE.
  9. This guy Just deleted our league and didn’t refund our money. Theft.
  10. Looks to be the passing of the torch today. No sign of Gore in two possessions.
  11. And if he isn’t playing do you add Conley and play him over Corey Davis or Curtis Samuel? Asking for a friend.
  12. They must be in the camp that still thinks DJ is destined for IR.