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  1. I can still get it....Just waiting to see if he plays this week. If he does, I need him. If he doesn't, I still don't know if I do it because of Godwin's injury. Not that high on the other guys either. Tannehill has been added too now. MT and Bridgewater for Godwin, Dobbins, Lindsay, PWill, Tannehill. I drop Minshew, Rashad Higgins, and Ebron.
  2. These rankings are out there! This is ROS? Nelson Agholor????
  3. I would have if Godwin wasn't now out for a couple weeks. May as well hang on with MT.
  4. LOL, well....that's not a lot of help! Basically you're echoing my exact on the fence feelings. I think if Godwin wasn't out this week I could have made myself do it. I've told him that if he can wait until MT is declared active this week or not, it will help make my decision. I don't think i can stomach another week.
  5. See that's my thing. I have Lockett, McLaurin, and DJM to start while MT sits so I don't feel rushed to deal him in a dynasty league at his rock bottom value. The argument is will his value fall more?
  6. I give Michael Thomas and Teddy Bridgewater. I get Godwin, Dobbins, Lindsay, PWill, Tannehill. I drop Minshew, Ebron, D'Ernest. I've tried to get Malcolm Brown over Tannehill but he demands AB back which I'm not going to do. Roster: Lamar, Bridgewater, Minshew. Miles, Dalvin, Austin, and all their handcuffs. Latavius. Lockett, McLaurin, DJM, MT, AB. Kittle, Jonnu, Ebron.
  7. That, and MT has been great with Bridgewater too.
  8. What do you think of the deal I'm weighing? Godwin, Dobbins, Lindsay, Tannehill, PWill?
  9. No it's a fair trade I was just thinking he was on the MT side and it was good to see someone else that wants Michael Thomas on their dynasty roster.
  10. LOL, good comparison. I have AB stashed....feeling like waiting a minute on all this to see how it plays out.
  11. I get that. The Godwin news throws a monkey wrench in.
  12. I think Godwin will be very inconsistent once AB is on the field. There will be Evans weeks, AB weeks, Godwin weeks.
  13. You acquired MT, right? I don't get the level of hate on this board. I mean I do feel the emotions mentioned above, but what did the guy have to do last year to get some respect? Just surprised so many are advising to sell him at his career low.
  14. I think you could. Joey has lost a step.