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  1. As an expert in this matter. Weeber is pronounced like weebles and weber is pronounced like web
  2. That wasn't much better then the edited lol.
  3. All these posters who are for violent protesting and looting would be crying out for help if it was happening to them 😆
  4. Succession on HBO is actually pretty solid. Just started season 2.
  5. For all the people feeling depressed/stressed about the situation. Make sure to take long breaks from the news/this thread. Also, get some exercise. I'm a huge gym guy so this has been a bit rough for me. Been getting by with a pull up station, a few free weights, and a band. Been doing p90x and some yoga with the finance as well.
  6. I'm currently working from home. That part doesn't sound so great.
  7. I rent a house with my brother and my fiance. He lives upstairs I hear him coughing up there and he says he has a little chest pain. I should avoid him as much as possible eh? My gaming computer is upstairs, I should probably move it to my office downstairs? Or is my fiance and I screwed anyway if he has it.
  8. If he's not responding to EVERY single comment like they @ him then no it's not.
  9. You've been pretty helpful to me over the last few weeks so if you give me more details I can see what I can find. Like what specifically are you trying to do? Hard reset on it?
  10. I have failed my father when it comes to being a handy man lol.
  11. Update: I did some googling and did a hard reset by pressing two buttons alternatively 5 times each. My original problem was it would not start at all. I tried turning off the main power source to restart it. Using the hard restart I got it to run. It sounds slightly different but it could be just because I never actually listen to it closely lol. Crossing my fingers the dishes are clean and it finishes the cycle.
  12. My brother and my fiance live here. We are all working from home. We rent a two story house.
  13. Great timing. My dish washer broke. How safe is it to let a technician into the house?
  14. Taking long breaks from this thread really helps the stress levels.