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  1. Even though your side of the fence would make me delete my account I'll let you off easy.
  2. What? This is a horrible take. Why would you give someone a rb1 for free for the playoffs?
  3. 100% worth a grab and hold. Obviously wouldn't feel confident starting him this week but he's a great bench lotto ticket atm.
  4. Grab gio for now. Slightly concerning they "protected" a practice squad rb. Which essentially means no other team can sign him this week.
  5. Went 1-1 between my money leagues. Was looking good in both until one league I got garbage timed harder then I have in my fantasy lifetime I think. Thielen and Ridley lol.
  6. I'm excited about Sunday. At the price of 0 though I'm all over this bet.
  7. Targeted him as my flex in all my leagues (rb-rb-wr-rb order) couldn't be happier. He looks good and is going to be heavily involved with some monster games.
  8. As an expert in this matter. Weeber is pronounced like weebles and weber is pronounced like web
  9. That wasn't much better then the edited lol.
  10. All these posters who are for violent protesting and looting would be crying out for help if it was happening to them 😆
  11. Succession on HBO is actually pretty solid. Just started season 2.
  12. For all the people feeling depressed/stressed about the situation. Make sure to take long breaks from the news/this thread. Also, get some exercise. I'm a huge gym guy so this has been a bit rough for me. Been getting by with a pull up station, a few free weights, and a band. Been doing p90x and some yoga with the finance as well.