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  1. Couple of my friends at my firm use it. The suits look pretty nice. Probably going to use it for a new brown suit. Mind linking the discount?
  2. Doesn't even need too. You guys are doing a wonderful job embarrassing your party.
  3. I would be pretty embarrassed if I was in their shoes so I get it. I'll mark this down as John Bender lashing out due to that. I'm not going to hold it against him.
  4. It's funny because if we are reversing the roles you would be claiming Hilary is cleared. It's to bad you didn't show down and try to think a bit, chief.
  5. You don't seem to think at all. Just regurgitate CNN. I won't hold it against you though. Enjoy the rest of your day.
  6. Thankfully we don't have it imagine the posts people like you, sho, and others would make. It's right here for all of us and the spinning and goal post moving is actually hilarious.
  7. I love how the talking point is now that the report doesn’t prove obstruction didn’t happen. That’s not the job of a prosecutor. His job is to prove something did happen. The lack of that proof is sufficient enough.
  8. Even with overwhelming evidence against your Witch Hunt you guys just can't give up your conspiracy theories. 😂
  9. They way you guys are deflecting sure makes it seem like a gotcha moment.