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  1. In before liberals start making it personal. Oh damn, too late again.
  2. In before insufferable liberals start posting stupid comments in this thread. Oh damn, way too late.
  3. Bush signed it into law a month prior to the election.
  4. Except for when they are trying to sell the taxpayers on the pile of crap, then they are amazingly affordable and profitable.
  5. Some days the low hanging fruit is just too tempting.
  6. Why do you always lie. I never said anything was gospel. You think Senton Hall is in the tank for the NFL? Three independent unbiased polls, three results which place the primary blame on the protests. All polls are flawed, but they are still a very good indication of the truth.
  7. It was three polls. You keep ignoring facts. Taken together that is substantial proof by any measure.
  8. I did not claim any of the pollsters were gospel. What I said was all three pollsters are reliable and unbiased. Your claim there is no evidence is total bunk. There is plenty of evidence, you just choose to dismiss it because it does not fit your worldview and instead you resort to your childish tactics. That is on you and not me. I proved you wrong.
  9. calling it dubious does not make it so. JD Power, UBS, and Seton Hall are all reliable and unbiased organizations and each one concluded based upon surveys of thousands of people that these protests is the number 1 cause of people turning off the NFL. Personal attacks and baseless assertions don't change the facts of what the research conclusively shows.
  10. Last I checked, the NFL is a business. Keap is really bad for business. Really don't need another reason.
  11. A lot of those people, or at least the few I know who say they stopped watching, had buddies who died fighting for that flag that is being disrespected. Not a snowflake in my book.
  12. Can you read? I did not say anything. I cut and pasted portions of three articles to disprove your absurd statement.. You are such a little weasel who can't handle facts and throws out attacks and then run to the mods when things don't go your way. So pathetic.
  13. I was cutting and pasting. You said there was no proof. I posted three studies from three reliable polling groups which prove otherwise. Your denial is epic.