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  1. Clinton's looks like a trailer.
  2. INS having a rough day. Down just 98.55 percent. Or is that just some kind of glitch since they just started trading on Biance.
  3. Nobody is. They are saying the height of the cylinder (at least the height filled with water) is the same as the diameter of the ball because the height of the water in the cylinder just covers the ball.
  4. You did not properly account for the surface tension of water which would require the water level to be slightly higher than the ball before it would just cover the ball. Normally negligible, but relative to an object around a half inch high, it will be significant.
  5. Yeah. That should work.
  6. An actual attack. This false alarm/panic was not something you could anticipate happening.
  7. Hawaii had the means to directly contact everyone it warned with a few button clicks. It had the database of numbers and should have figured out the sequence of events fairly soon. We can only speculate what info and when it was relayed to the POTUS. Trump should have said something, but if he did it then it would be spun as Trump needlessly alarming the rest of the country or some silly thing as that. Trump is a moron, but jumping him over stuff like this is in the noise. What is worrisome is if Trump was really as caught off guard to respond to a situation as it seems. But that is speculation also. Hopefully this caused Trump to plan a little better. /Wishful thinking
  8. You really think Trump saying anything would have helped in any way? The only thing that would have helped is Hawaii correcting the SNAFU much quicker.
  9. The real question is why it took Hawaii so long to correct the mistake. It should have been a couple minutes, not over a half hour. Trump speaking about it after the fact is meaningless. At that point all the damage was done and the crisis was over.
  10. Lots of red in the cryptocurrency market the last few days.
  11. Basically, if what you're typing is about another poster, you're doing it wrong. Besides, talking about what it would actually take to survive such an attack if it were real is much more topical than trying to score cheap political points which was completely irrelevant to the situation. Keep the discussion about points not people.
  12. Aren't you the one who on the third post of this thread posted the following re-tweet: "Ex-Obama defense official on Hawaii false alarm: "Thank God the President was playing golf" This thread has been in the crapper ever since
  13. Sorry...that was meant for squistion. Fixed.
  14. As much as possible. You would probably want a radiation suit handy for when you inevitably have to come up. There are a ton of factors you would have to consider and many assumptions.