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  1. If Friday Night Lights taught us anything, it's that a player will tend to turn to the race card to get himself out of trouble. Considering you can see Rudolph call the lineman who shoved him from behind a tame "bastard," I would tend to think this is a lie. And when would Rudolph have called him this? Mid-sack?
  2. Watching the game, he limped and the trainers began rubbing his calf as if a cramp. Surprised to hear about hamstring talk.
  3. 70% of the snaps during Week 1. Everything's coming up Milhouse.
  4. I saw only one drop on a pass that he should've actually caught.
  5. Every report is saying "Breida returned to practice Friday as a limited participant after sitting out Wednesday and Thursday."
  6. Then they would lose their 3rd round comp pick next year.
  7. How Oakland managed to shoplift a 1st rounder for a guy averaging 3.5 rec/48 yards per game the past 2 seasons on a terrible team that's thrown a bunch is beyond me.
  8. Yeldon has been gimpy for weeks and Jax (rightly) refuses to use him in lead running form, with most of his runs coming out of shotgun.
  9. Holding for another week due to my belief that Amari is quite mediocre as well as a basket case and Cook always seems to have that one big game and disappears afterwards. Someone needs to get the targets for Oak.
  10. Spent 10% of FAAB on Stills to start him at FLEX for the foreseeable future.