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  1. Yeah. It sets in reverse order of the draft, so if you drafted first, your waiver position is 8 to start season. As people use their claim, it moves them to the back. It keeps rotating as people use it. It is the method I use for all my leagues. No mercy for the weak. I don't do special preference for the teams with bad records. Lol. FAAB is of course the most fair, this is 2nd to FAAB. I don't believe in giving preference or special treatment to the weak teams. Not how I roll.
  2. Half full. 4 more to go.
  3. If anyone is interested in an 8 Team Superflex, for $20, hit me up. Just created it this morning. Wanting to do at least one 8 team league for fun, have not done one in years. Lol. I use leaguesafe majority vote approval. Draft date would be Wed. Sept. 5 at 7pm PST / 10pm EST. PAYMENT WOULD BE DUE UPON JOINING OR AS SOON AS LEAGUE IS FULL. IF YOU CANNOT DO THAT, PLEASE DON'T ASK FOR INVITE. Thanks. Shoot me email if you want an invite.
  4. League is filled an paid for. Thanks.
  5. Just created. Should be fun, with loaded waiver wire. Don't ask for an invite if you cannot join and pay Leaguesage asap. Let me know know if interested and I will send an invite. $15 League - DRAFT DATE/TIME WILL BE SET AFTER ALL MANAGERS JOIN AND PAY. **SEE LEAGUESAFE INSTRUCTIONS UNDER "LEAGUE MESSAGES" SECTION ON RIGHT. ALL MANAGERS NOT PAID IMMEDIATELY WILL BE REMOVED. ONCE FULL, I WILL MAKE SURE THE DATE/TIME OF DRAFT IS ONE EVERYONE CAN MAKE. I HOPE TO DRAFT ANYTIME FROM A COUPLE DAYS FROM NOW, TO EARLY IN THE NEXT WEEK OR SO. To Be Determined. POT = $150 2018 Payouts: 1st = $100 2nd = $50 If interested, send your email to:
  6. Brutal1

    16 Team - $55 SUPERFLEX

    League is now FILLED AND PAID FOR. No more openings. Thanks to all for the interest. Best of luck this fantasy season.
  7. Brutal1

    16 Team - $55 SUPERFLEX

    2 spots left.
  8. $55 League - SAT. SEPT. 1st, 2018 @ 8am PST / 11am EST = Planned Draft Date 2018 Payouts ($880 Pot): 1st = $320, 2nd = $290 3rd = $150 4th = $120 Hello All, I have 4 openings. It is a $55 Superflex League. MAKE SURE YOU CAN MAKE THE DRAFT DATE AND TIME if asking for an invite. This is a redraft league, on its second season. All my leagues are: ESPN, PPR, LeagueSafe w majority vote approval, 6 pt QB TDs. Any questions let me know. This league is a SUPERFLEX, i.e. has an "OP" spot. This morning was the payment deadline. I recently removed 4 unpaid managers and am looking to replace them. All other managers have already paid. Therefore please, DO NOT ASK FOR AN ESPN INVITE IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO JOIN AND PAY LEAGUESAFE IMMEDIATELY. Payment will be due upon joining. If interested, send me an email at: