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  1. I'm a packer fan and I think Montgomery is the guy to drop Starks took his rb spot and Adams is getting his wr looks
  2. I'd lean towards Rawls but Starks as a close second. They have no real rb and he is solid when he plays
  3. No booker will be a rb1/2 Pryor is a wr2/3/4
  4. I'd look elsewhere tbh ware is the guy in Kc now barring his injury. And Lewis is behind white but w them you just never know who is the featured back
  5. Yeah his fault if he can't check his lineup or email you pre game saying if lacy doesn't play can you take him out or something then there's nothing you should do now for him
  6. Whoever is getting Howard and enunwa is running away with the trade
  7. 12 team redraft ppr league where we can keep up to 4 players for one spot before they were drafted. I am 2-3 and with my lineup I figure I don't have a real chance what are some moves I could do to help for next year? Qb stafford rb Gordon, d Washington, b Rainey, c Thompson, hill, j Richard, d. Booker, and artis Payne wr beasely, Pryor, Michael Thomas, c Meredith te hunter Henry
  8. i don't like it in this deal. You have no depth at rb and gronk and arod are not having great years. Gronk may not be healthy all year
  9. Yeah his yards are awful that's what scares me if he doesn't score a td then he's useless almost
  10. I'm in a 10 team ppr league and I have Melvin Gordon. I feel like he is bound to cool down so I was thinking about trading him. What are some guys I could trade for him. I would need a rb back since he's my only starting rb
  11. I was also just offered hill and stafford for cam and McKinnon my rb situation is bad bad I have deangelo Williams ware and Melvin Gordon so I do need the rb that I can at least start.
  12. Redraft ppr league 4 pt passing 6 all others
  13. Newton and ware for Lamar Miller and Carson palmer