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  1. Played fantasy football with IDP since 2004. Played dynasty football with IDP since 2016 on fleaflicker. Played in an IDP Only league on Yahoo! in 2016. Looking to leverage (fancy word) IDP knowledge or lack thereof. Thanks, Glenn
  2. Fantasy Football League Listing - Fleaflicker Fantasy Football League Listing - Fleaflicker
  3. Looking for such a league
  4. Congratulations, your custom league IDP Only League has been created. Your Live Draft is scheduled for Wed Aug 31 7:15pm PDT. Follow these steps to get started: Invite your friends to join the league with this link (copy/paste): New to Fantasy Football or want to learn more? Check out ourvideo tutorials and soak up the knowledge. Download the award winning app and start mock drafting now.
  5. defensive players only free
  6. I am looking to play. I have been playing in leagues containing offensive players and IDP's since 2004.
  7. Looking for above-referenced league(s). Previous commissioner. Have option of joining last year’s leagues, but they have scoring systems that preference certain outlier plays.