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  1. You bring up a good point. I'm basically a lurker, but I've been around for a few years and I pretty much have a feel of who to trust, who gets all "fanboy" on certain players and who enjoys being the devil's advocate.
  2. Then you should add " I don't have a link and I'm not starting unless completely desperate." It's pretty easy to make a call on that rumor and disclaimer.
  3. Maybe this belongs in AC, but I'm new at FAAB and took advantage of the FFPC discounted buy-in promoted by FBG. I need to pick up a kicker and still have all $1000 of phony money, but have no idea what I should bid. For those experienced in this, what is the normal range of bids for a K this early in the season?
  4. The Yahoo default IR is easily abused. Last year is first time we had it and you could even put guys that were "out" on it, and stash a lotto pick.
  5. Anyone know when the reserve spots on Yahoo will be accessible? Our league has 2, but they aren't showing up yet. Thanks in advance!
  6. $3 million might buy more apples than oranges.
  7. Welp...I am the commish. And I set the waiver priority to "continual rolling list". The only other options shown are "reverse order of standings" and "weekly rolling based on standing". In the past, Yahoo has automatically had it as the reverse order of draft. What am I missing?
  8. We just finished our 12 team redraft and they have waiver order in reverse order of how everyone signed up. We do continual rolling, so shouldn't it start out as reverse order of draft. 12th pick gets #1 priority? Maybe it takes a day or two for them to assign?
  9. What's the deal with Ajayi? Seems like the type of guy they would want to look at if he's healthy enough to pass a physical.
  10. Miller being carted off. If you're drafting tonight, might wanna bump Duke.
  11. Whoever I pick in the first round. Whether it be Ray Rice, Jamaal Charles, David Johnson or Le'Veon Bell, I have a knack of getting an underachiever, a first week injury, or just plain not showing up at all.
  12. I've been mocking from the 11th spot and so many times best available is a Beckham/Chubb or Hill/Kelce combo which makes me a little uneasy having top two from same team.
  13. Might add that I find it useful to go to your draft site and have your pre-draft rankings match up with the way players are ranked on DD. Even if you disagree a bit with DD, you will still have your guys in approximate tiers. That saves having to scroll down to find them on your draft site. But I add the extra precaution of bumping up high-upside late round sleepers and occasionally handcuffs that I like above some of the ho-hum players.