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  1. As opposed to a conventional way were you have maybe a little bit more control and wouldn't send a pop fly 30 yards down the field.
  2. Per Pete King's MMQB: “I’ve never seen the Eagles play as much man,” Payton said after the game. With significant doubling of Alvin Kamara and Thomas, Brees had to go to his four least-experienced pass-catchers more than he’s planned. Four receivers—Carr, Tre’quan Smith, Dan Arnold and Keith Kirkwood, who entered the game with 25 NFL catches combined—caught 16 passes for 218 yards and two touchdowns. Obviously usage was dictated by Eagle's D, but have to think Bree's confidence in Smith had to be bolstered.
  3. I'm an old fart, so the call of nature usually has me up, so as degenerate as it is to sit on the throne and manage your FF team, that is my M.O.
  4. Thanks Deamon. Pretty useful for streaming DST's. Very few owners want to use up a WW on streamers, so it's a mad dash to see who gets up early in the morning to stake their claim. I knew if I asked the owner how he did it he would say that if he told me, he would have to kill me.
  5. Not sure how this is done, but there must be some loophole or I'm just missing something. Last night, WW's ran at 1:36 am. But at 1:10 and 1:11 (25 minutes before waivers) Player A dropped the Bronco defense and added Chargers (who played Sunday at Seattle. And dropped Carr (who played Sunday) and picked up Heuerman. How is this possible when Bronco DST and Carr were active on his roster Sunday and Heuerman and Charger DST were not on byes?
  6. Here's what Silva says about slot receivers vs LAC: Slot receivers to face the Bolts included Jordy Nelson (4/43/1) - Seth Roberts (4/41/0) - Cooper Kupp (4/71/1) in the last three weeks, while PFF has charged Chargers slot CB Desmond King with 17-of-19 targets allowed (90%) for 145 yards and a touchdown. Slot man Landry is entrenched as Mayfield’s go-to guy. . … I go with Ellie on this and say Heyward probably plays a side with no particular attention paid to Callaway.
  7. Starting him at flex over Dalvin Cook(too iffy), Dion Lewis and Callaway. BTW...PPR.
  8. Completely understood. No matter the future, thanks so much for your past Film Room contributions.
  9. 12 team PPR last night. I passed on Bell at 2 and took DJ. Bell went 4th after Gurley...DJ...Kamara.
  11. Add Bloom's updated PPR ratings from today to the list.
  12. The gold star designates Draft Dominator's top pick for your team in this round of the draft; the red stars designate viable alternatives for your team at this pick. There may also be a silver star next to a player in the list - this designates your second-best pick according to the program.
  13. Up 42 with Ben left vs. Bell, Nuk and Elliott. Tantalizingly close to a back-to-back in main league, but not a cinch.