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  1. NFL games kinda suck when the weather is the best player on the field.
  2. Of course it does but you would have to peel back that 2000 years to understand the perspective of someone who would be amazed by those things. Context doesnt matter if a crying statue is a sign that you better believe in God and you better do it right now.
  3. Because somehow (I dont know how) we have not shed all of the superstition and hocus pocus even after 2000 years of education and enlightenment.
  4. Held held or no? I would think it depends on level of panic involved.
  5. If God were actually proven then faith wouldn’t be necessary and life would be completely pointless. My soul lives forever but I had to take a 75 year detour believe in something we already then know exists. Faith and the need for something to cling too created religion. Money and power corrupted it within minutes I’m sure. Religion = cult is what happens when the money and power is unchecked. Quite a brilliant scam really.
  6. Not gonna lie........this cut pretty deep......DEEP.
  7. GB Mellyholes. Haven’t been that hung over and sore from laughing since. good times.....make all the fun you want but there are quality dudes in that pic.
  8. Link to anyone being a 'better' defensive coordinator than Mike Zimmer.
  9. People suck, glad the dog is ok. I cant imagine the rage I'd feel if someone hurt one of my dogs.
  10. Had a really tough time between Dog Day Afternoon and Serpico and I went with Serpico.
  11. My stroke 2.5 years ago has affected our sex life. I'm fine and rarely feel affects of it anymore but i still get nervous about having my blood pressure spike. And i think she is worried she will break me. Still working through it. Very healthy prior.