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  1. Ppr, and yes..3 wr, 2rb, one flex.
  2. I think Rivers may be your safest bet. Keenum is going to be in GB (single digit weather?), and there's the concern of whether PHI benches Foles if MIN loses (I personally don't think they will lose). Rivers has the clearest path to a good game. Best of luck!
  3. It's possible they lose and Foles is benched...I just don't think they'll lose this week. It's all a gamble right? Whatever you decide i hope it works out!
  4. My championship hopes are riding on Tyreek Hill so i've got to hope that Smith has a good game...that being said... I think Bortles has the best week of the three. Best of luck!
  5. 1st team: would roll with what you've got...but i'd play DET in a heartbeat. CIN has packed it in and i'd pick any defense going up against them. 2nd team: Stafford, Benjamin, Cupp Best of luck!
  6. I agree, Foles. Best of luck!
  7. Diggs & Crowder & Flacco. Best of luck!
  8. That's a tough one, but i think you've got it down to the correct two. Personally i'd lean towards McKinnon...he's got a lower floor, but higher ceiling. Best of luck!
  9. Wondering specifically about A.J. and Howard.. Here's my lineup: QB - Russel Wilson WR - A.J. WR - Tyreek WR - JuJu RB - Devonta Freeman RB - Kenyan Drake TE - Evan Engram FLEX - Jordan Howard K - Butker DST - CHI Bench players worth consideration: Alex Collins, Josh Gordon The way A.J. has been playing lately i'm seriously wondering if I should be playing Gordon instead. Also, not sure if i can trust Howard this week... is Collins the better play? Who do i live and die with for the league championship game? I always hear "play your studs" during the playoffs...but i'm not sure A.J. or Howard qualify as studs right now. Thanks for looking, and happy holidays!
  10. I'd go with Goodwin...highest floor. Good Luck!
  11. I'd try and get Hogan in this week. I think he's due for a big game. I'd put him in over Jordy...not sure i go back to Jordy just yet. Good luck!
  12. I'm planning on starting 3 of the 4 following RBs (2 RB, 1 FLEX) and am struggling with who to bench. All have the potential to be top 10 this week. Jordan Howard, Devonta Freeman, Alex Collins, Kenyan Drake Likewise, am looking for advice on which 3 (of the following) WRs to go with this week: A.J. Green, Tyreek Hill, Josh Gordon, JuJu, Marqise Lee Only reason i even ask about the WRs is because everyone is down on A.J. and Tyreek this week. Is a down week for these guys better than a typical week by JuJu or Lee? Worth the risk? Thanks for looking!
  13. Watkins....think this is the week he breaks out.