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  1. Much appreciated!
  2. Thank you!
  3. I have no aliases. Heck, I’m one of the few people on here who isn’t anonymous, so seems unlikely I’d be dishonest with a sock puppet acct, eh? The topic was started by one of the winners of the Kickers contest - an unofficial contest I randomly did a few times last year. Winner guessed kicker stats & won sauce(s). At least I think it was. Or maybe they came in 2nd or lost altogether & expressed interest & got some? I forget - it’s been a while. But I’m pretty sure it started related to the K contests. There are far better ways to promote my products - I work farmers markets every Saturday & Sundah and do tastings for 100s of people a day. But im a FFB geek & everyone hates kickers so I thought it would be fun. Check the K topic periodically next year & you’ll likely stumble onto a contest. So yeah - I had nothing to do with that topic until someone tagged me in it.
  4. Hey thanks very much! And yeah, weird. When I saw I was tagged in here & replied I’d assumed it was the original one. I wrote up a really good chile con carne recipaes on there, too.
  5. Depending on heat level, my most versatile are Green Label (fire-roasted green sauce), Red Label (sweet-heat medium), Orange Label is a carrot-habanero sauce, el Perro Afortunado is a traditional salsa picante (like a Cholula, but hotter. Some of the fruit-based sauces are a little more exotic. Thanks for the interest!
  6. Ouch.
  7. Not just the number of attempts - it's the type of attempts. How many passes beyond 30 yards did he make? I seem to recall a gunslinger approach.
  8. That was my assessment as well. His situation was far different than JimmyG's - the Texans have never been a "shoot out" kind of team as they were with Watson behind center. Seemed more flukey since 1/2 the HOU D was hurt.
  9. That was more of an aside, and I meant savage but typed Yates. Sorry, brain fart. There’s only so many scrubby QBs I can remember at a time. But tracking with this, he still didn’t win the starting gig in camp from Savage, and Heinike was also above him on the depth chart (though only briefly since Heinike lasted only a few plays before also getting hurt) Are you suggesting Watson showed more talent than both but was placed 3rd on the depth chart because coaching was conservative and didn’t want to start a rookie even though he was so much better? That’s possible, I concede - not how I’d coach a team as I think talent should win out in the end, but yeah, you can make the case for it. That aside, my main point was about trajectory. When evaluating a dynasty prospect (or even projecting for redraft) you can’t just take what these QBs did in 2017 & project it forward. And looking ahead I believe Garapolo has a somewhat more predictable trajectory of progress. OL help, getting Garcon back, change at RB likely, and more comfort in the system should open the playbook a bit as well. Watson is on a team that’s always preferred to pound the rock and play defense. HOU should get healthy on D this off-season which obviously limits Watson’s upside a bit compared to 2017 when he was slinging the ball all over the stadium. I don’t expect them to not take their shots - they will, and Hopkins is a perfect weapon for that. But just as they may have been conservative about starting a rookie QB, the Texans also seem likely to be more conservative in the passing game if they’re in lower scoring, closer games and can dominiate with D.
  10. Agreed - "if healthy" his fantasy assets are tremendous. The rushing ability and the weapons he should have will make him a valuable fantasy asset. That said, JimmyG arguably did more with less talent around him, and while I think the Niners will be improving on offense, the Texans should stay about the same? Maybe they bring in an impact TE, but more likely they draft one - and rookie TE's don't always have the most success offensively. I have other concerns about the Texans QB besides his slight of build/injury risk - the Texans bread & butter is defense. One might argue that much of Watson's value was because 1/2 the Texans D was hurt this year. They had very little pass rush, they couldn't stop the run, their top defensive players were hurt or out much of the season - and all of the time Watson played. So one might also argue that with Houston returning to health, the Texans may want to run the ball more, and have Watson manage the game more than carry the offense on his arm/legs. I'm not saying he'll turn into a pumpkin, but I have a very difficult time envisioning a scenario where Watson has to throw 50 yard bombs just to keep HOU in the game while constantly playing from behind. Unless HOU's defense tanks again, which seems unlikely. By comparison, Garapolo's Niners played better on defense with him in as starter. He put up multiple 300+ yard passing games, and multiple multi-TD games. And with the Niners likely to spend some cap space & draft picks on offensive talent, it seems more likely that Garapolo's ceiling will be higher next season, while Watson's ceiling (and maybe even his floor) could be lower than it was this year. Just an observation - I could be wrong here, but they played in two dramatically different sets of circumstances. And since we're discussing sample size, I have a hard time shaking the fact that Watson was beaten out as starting QB in camp by a pretty untalented QB, and only got his chance after both Yates & Heinike got hurt. So what did the Texans see in camp that resulted in Watson being behind those two scrubs on the depth chart? Obviously Watson went out and balled - but I think it's a legitimate question, and one that could be answered with more time on the field. I didn't see enough to guess at this so maybe some Texans fans here can enlighten me: was it just inept coaching that kept him down, or will more play expose flaws in Watson's game?
  11. I’d put him above Watson. I know most wont, but mobile QBs are more injury prone & IMO that makes JimmyG a more valuable commodity. And hey, if samlple size is such an issue for JimmyG, why isn’t it for Watson? And arguably Watson had the best WR in the NFL bolstering his #s.
  12. Yeah - the biggest screw job isn't to the Colts. (I mean, yes, the Colts got hosed for sure...but) The biggest hosing is the assistant coaches, and whoever the new HC is who now can't hand-pick his coaching staff because he's stuck with the guys JCM picked. Which all screws the colts in a roundabout manner, but the lack of professionalism here is off the charts. My gut keeps telling me that JMD orchestrated this as a hit job to the Colts intentionally hamstringing them as revenge for deflate-gate. It cannot be a coincidence that it was the Colts. It just can't be.
  13. I think that's being a bit generous using hindsight as a barometer. For one I don't think the Niners would have committed to that much money for a still unknown commodity, and as others have pointed out, I don't see JimmyG signing a contract knowing how hot he would be on the open market. The only difference between what Garapolo got, and what he would have gotten had he waited to become a free agent is that he likely would have waited to sign after ARod, Matt Ryan, Foles, Keenum signed. They would have set the bar instead of JimmyG. But since he wasn't a UFA, the only other event that could have possibly happened is that the Niners franchise tag him for 24-25 million for 1 year, and use next season as a trial balloon to see if they want to sign him to a long-term contract. There's risk there as well though in that it could potentially create disharmony with Garapolo by forcing him into a 1-year deal (see: Cousins, Kirk), and it seems like the team preferred knowing their QB is locked in to a 5 year deal (as they did). I don't see any way the Niners could have saved a significant amount of money on this deal. They were always either going to lock him up long term or franchise tag him. Beathard's injury forced the issue, as it forced the Niners to play JimmyG and begin the eval earlier than later. That all said, no one seems to be mentioning the benefit the Niners got from that. By evaluating him this year they gained the confidence to get the long-term contract done & will be building their team around him. They can now compete immediately in 2018 season. Had they waited, franchised him, and used 2018 to evaluate him, they may well have wasted a season. Not saying they wouldn't have competed in 2018 with Jimmy playing under the franchise tag, but IMO they're far better off having him locked up headed into FA and the draft with the confidence that they got their guy. One man's opinion.
  14. Front loaded - Niners are 105M under the cap, so it makes sense to front-load the contract so that down the road they have much more cap-friendly numbers. It's also insurance for JimmyG, since there's an out clause for the Niners that on April 1st 2019 they can cut him with zero further financial implication. Chances are good that's not going to happen, but the sticker shock over $42.6M is pretty easily explained by the amount of cap room the Niners have right now. They were expected to front-load it. Not shocking. /shock emoji