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  1. And now a mediocre LB. the 1.02 was a no-brainer. After that Lynch really lost me.
  2. Check out the big brain on @Soulfly3!
  3. Would have been a great 5th round pick. and probably could have been, which is the problem I have with it. I'm having a hard time viewing this one with rose-colored glasses.
  4. Better be like Ray Guy & Shane Lechler had a baby, and that baby did nothing but punt footballs from the day he could walk to this morning when he was drafted.
  5. A punter? In round 4?! With this deep of a draft class?! ....still better than the Giants 1st rounder, but...
  6. And I didn’t even charge you double for being a Seahawks fan. See? We can all get along. glad you’re digging the dog!
  7. Alas, I will not. I got tired of getting hate mail for expensive international shipping that I can’t control. that said, Chilly Chiles or Hot Sauces Unlimited should be able to help you out! They’re both in Canada so better shipping rates!
  8. Chucky should be sending the Giants a fruit basket. I mean, good god.
  9. I’m convinced that no one wants to deal with Gruden. (Unless you’re taking Mack off his hands of course) - I dunno why, call it a hunch. Jag’s got a steal though.
  10. Could also be that no one wanted to trade with Chucky. Or the Raiders didn’t get the value offer they wanted. in the big scheme of things, they took the dude they wanted. And he’s a pretty solid player with high character. It’s possible they thought he’s the best fit for what they want to run. And its way better than the Giants pick, so....