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  1. Obviously, the bigger issue is that there was a Covid outbreak anywhere. That said, that sounds like none of the players involved were fantasy relevant.
  2. I straight up told people that the new temporary IR spots were *only* for COVID-19, and further, If I randomly perused rosters and saw any injured player on their IR who did not have Covid, I would drop that player to the waiver wire. Naturally the CMC owner put him on his IR & i sent them a PM asking them to fix it. I wasn’t really gonna drop them, but sometimes ya gotta make a point, right?
  3. That’s what they had on the ESPN crawler all day, but I searched and searched and searched and found nothing to substantiate it in the news. The last three updates for Carson were very optimistic and positive. They called it in “mild grade one strain“ of his Kneee, and Pete Carroll said there was some optimism that he wouldn’t miss a week. so I’m not sure where ESPN got there 1 to 2 week estimation. certainly wasn’t from the Seahawks. luckily, I have hired if it price to be correct, but that’s certainly a downgrade from Carson.
  4. We’ve been doing it successfully for a couple pages right here as proof!
  5. Omg I remember using USA Today box scores in my earliest FBB roto leagues. Now league members are texting me if CBS misses an assisted tackle they swear they saw. but I digress. Back to COVID.
  6. This sounds like a respect issue. My league is largely a democracy. For rules changes, scheduling questions or suggestions, or any other game to game-relevant issues, I will bring everything up to a vote. If the vote is tied I make the call. If I’m involved in a given situation, the co-commish makes the call. But foe something unexpected like a global pandemic, I am perfectly content making executive decisions like “adding X number of covid spots“ to our rosters. not everything requires a democratic process. Sometimes a commish needs to step up & make the call. And if the league members can’t respect that call, they should probably find a new league. In your situation what happens if a trade is approved they don’t like, or a late week score change turns a W to an L? If they don’t respect you as a commish for something like this, they won’t be cool in those situations either, IMO.
  7. Just saw Adam Schefter reporting the Steelers game could be moved to Monday night. as a guy who works on Sunday mornings, I would very much be in favor of that. One more time I get to watch!
  8. this is actually a very interesting suggestion, and one that I may offer up in my IDP league. so many injuries already, and the fact that we have seven active defense of players, it could make it extremely challenging for an unanticipated by week to hit, a.k.a. game postponement. I could conceivably allow league members as many pick ups as they want for free just for the week, and waive transaction fees for the adds. Then they can drop all of those players after the week with no ramifications. Great suggestion. Thanks for making it in here. Yeah, that would be nuts. There’s no way I’m gonna deal with that garbage.
  9. Personally, I’m in favor of having the defensive backs for any team that faces the Steelers take the entire week off. -JJSS owner
  10. Wow none of this is good news, I will agree with others that it’s fantastic we’ve managed to get through three weeks with only this small outbreak. hopefully the rest of the year has similar success.
  11. We took a pretty similar approach… My league mates were very understanding and cooperative. We added two “Covid only“ IR spots… naturally, there’s one guy in the league who keeps asking me if he can put players with ACL or broken leg injuries there, but otherwise it’s been 11/12th smooth. just another day in the life of a fantasy football commissioner. Back to this weekend’s games, 1 league member kept asking if the games are delayed, will the stats be retroactively applied to week 4. If postponed, my understanding is that this would be the BYE for any effected teams, right? So 0s for week 4, and stats for games foe whatever week they’re postponed to? I can’t imagine it would go any other way, but please do help me understand if there’s another possible outcome here.
  12. I hope so… It will make my life is commissioner a lot easier, plus, selfishly, I would love to start Juju Smith Schuster.
  13. I’m not sure which tests the NFL is currently using… But the latest and greatest testing is a lot more accurate than the early stuff we had heard about with a high percentage of false positives.
  14. As of now, all of the games are scheduled as planned. That’s kind of a wait and see approach though. Nothing is definitive.