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  1. Makes sense; and not blaming you at all. Also sorry for my broken English, was using voice to text, which never works out. Lol but yeah - I’ve had those “f it!” panic picks. They usually work out as well as voice to text.
  2. IDP lessons applied this year that worked for me: 1. DBs are the kicker of the IDP world. If you only start 2, it’s insane to draft a DB early. I drafted 3 in the last 3 rounds. Replaced 2 of them, and have 3 top 10 DBs. 2. Defensive players, in general, get hurt a lot more frequently than offensive players. That doesn’t mean don’t invest - I always take 1-2 elite LB early, but don’t go nuts. I’ve found that year after year teams go offense for 5-6 rounds then lean way too hard into IDP. While they stack up on IDP I’m taking guys like Carson in the 4th & Lockett in the 6th, with LVE between em. Then I kept going with offense until about the 10th 11th. Then I felt good about scooping up LB & DL players that slipped. There are always sleepers & impact rookies with IDP - wait for them. Don’t get caught in the IDP run. By the time you’re out of the run the offensive depth has significantly thinned out. 3. It’s ok to punt on DL if you miss the top 7-8. DL’s fall off a cliff after the elite tier, and I’d rather take a RB4-5 than a 3rd tier DL. The difference between that guy & the dude you pluck off the wire is going to be marginal, but it might cost you a guy like Singletary, which is a huge hit to take. 4. know your scoring system. If you’re in a tackle-heavy format, sack specialists are almost worthless. If tackles are light, my advice in #3 kinda goes out the window - sack heavy scoring, is grab my bookends rounds 5-6, and then start scouting LBs. 5. if your league isn’t IDP, lobby you’re commish & leaguemates to change it. Team D/ST sucks and you’ll never want to draft a defense again. Plus just watching the games becomes more fun. As exciting as a 70 yard TD is for a WR, it’s got nothing on a “holy grail” play of a strip-sack DFR/DTD by your IDP player. And to any league curmudgeon complaining about high scoring, what’s wrong with scoring?! More scoring is more fun. That’s just science. Don’t @ me.
  3. This is merely hindsight being 20-20 though. You took Adams because he was potentially the #1 PPR WR, and very likely too 3. kelce is argue was a bad pick, just because I never spend a top 7 round pick on an elite TE. Some years that’s been a mistake (passed on Gronk/Gates/TGonz many times and regretted it) but most years you’ll do just fine with a Goedart or Dissley (before he got hurt) off the FA list.
  4. Public rosterbation is never cool, and is most certainly an ettiquite issue. Plus, you can go blind. 😳 that said; there’s nothing wrong with a little roster evaluation at the mid-way point of the draft to strategize your next few rounds.
  5. This topic feels more like a support group. I’m not starting Hoyer, but I just wanted you guys to know I’m here for you.
  6. I went Davante ~> Tyreek ~> ACooper i’m 7-2 so I guess there’s an “unless” statement here. “Unless the rest of your draft can carry you while they’re all hurt at various times”. honestly pre-season I was psyched with these guys as my first 3 picks. and Cooper’s foot “issue” was why he fell to 3.08, so about that “don’t draft guys why are already hurt”, well, that can work out too sometimes, though he’s had like eleventy gillion injuries since. I’ll go with “grab up as many lottery tickets RBs as your bench allows”. I did this more this year than ever & have hit on almost all of them (Singletary, LMurray, Samuels, Edmonds, Ronald Jones) The ones I didn’t hit on and even a few I did became valuable depth & trade bait. It’s always easier to sweeten up a deal to another owner if you can toss in the handcuff to their RB1. So not only did those guys all contribute to my starting lineup at one point or another, but I was able to turn 3 of them in bigger packages. This was my lesson learned from 2018, and it’s helped a ton this year. also, I’d like to second “don’t take players from teams you don’t want to watch”, and add “don’t draft players from crappy teams”. Bell may the perfect example - he’s RB15 PPR, which isn’t terrible, but likely not what owners were expecting on draft day. I’m thrilled to not have any Jets, Dolphins or Redskins on my redraft team, and I’m only happy I have Sutton & Boyd because that’s a dynasty league. good topic - this is a post LCG postmortem exercise I do every year. I go back to the photo I took of the draft board, look at my notes from the draft & consider what I could have done differently. Mid-season is just as good a point to do it.
  7. I’ll add to that the benefit that since Dissley went down, Lockett has been targeted in short & goal to go. 5 yard & 1 yard TDs count just the same. and some of the amazing plays Wilson has made to Lockett were in great coverage. And outside of Sherman, the Niners don’t cover great. I'm eager to see how this defense holds up against 1. A mobile QB like Wilson who can extend plays, and 2. Without their starting MLB, who was well above average in coverage. Without Alexander across the middle, Lockett’s job gets a lot easier. That’s assuming Gordon plays and Lockett spends more time in the slot. Fearless forecast: 10 targets, 7 receptions, 110 yards, 1 TD.
  8. That’s the word. By all accounts he was misdiagnosed repeatedly by the Redskins. He knew it was more, went outside the organization & has faced retaliation from the team ever since. of course he doesn’t trust or want to be involved with that organization. its indefensible. It doesn’t have to be quackery to be incompetent. They likely didn’t prescribe snake oil or leeches for it. But they certainly misdiagnosed a potentially life-threatening issue. i don’t blame Williams one bit for wanting out.
  9. Seriously. Imagine defending the Washington redskins for anything. I mean, with that track record. I Just can’t.
  10. Nope. i would dance with the girl that brought me. Lockett has been MONEY every game this year. I will bench him when the season is over. And maybe not even then. lockett is my ride or die.
  11. Based on his inability to stay on the field is say that’s been answered. and if there’s a chance that rehabbing for longer could help Guice long-term, then I agree it’s foolish to run him out there. if it works out & he dominates, it only hurts their draft selection. if, god forbid, he gets hurt again / has a setback, then they’ve further ruined what could have been a promising long-term asset. seems like lose/lose to me. But then, this is the franchise that destroyed RGIII, so...
  12. They still like Ginn. It’s hard to trust options beyond Thomas & Kamara Smith's time is coming. Just not sure it’s this year. He was healthy the first two weeks and only had a combined 5 targets. One went for a TD, but yeah. i believe he has a bright future. Might be a coin flip as to his weekly value in redraft.
  13. SF is a good defense compared to most of the league. it’ll be interesting to see how the Niners front four does against Wilson & an OL that’s sometimes shaky. SF secondary is good, but can be burned (ala Sherman allowing that 88 yard TD) - but the secondary is a hell of a lot better when the opposing QB is looking out his earhole. If Wilson can evade the pass rush & not run into sacks, this will be a shoot out. without pressure, the Niners secondary looks pretty pedestrian at times. i’m gonna be torn up watching this game - opponent (raiders fan) has Emmanuel Sanders & Coleman, and I’ve (Niners fan) got Lockett, Carson, K.J & Wright. Imma have to bite my tongue if my dudes do well & cheer through gritted teeth if his dudes do well. Have to hope I’m far enough ahead that it won’t matter, but that’s rarely the case. should be an epic game though - really looking forward to it. who woulda thought the Niners would be undefeated headed into this week? Incredible.
  14. Oops - missed the link. Ah well, go us anyway!
  15. Good to go. I figured they’d make a much bigger deal of it if it was anything serious. go us!