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  1. I love the dirt infield in Oakland. More stadiums need uniquely jacked up obstacles on the field to make it interesting. Thats the one way baseball > football. Every MLB stadium has different dimensions. Makes it unique. also, I’m mostly joking here, but i did think the infield dirt made Raiders games more interesting at times - especially with FGs.
  2. Maybe so, but players have long complained about the field & elevation being issues.
  3. ~30% contained, air quality expected to steadily improve through the weekend.
  4. So glad they moved this game. Less travel, no elevation concerns, should be a much better setting for what's looking like a phenomenal game.
  5. As bad as he is, he sounds like a genius next to Witten.
  6. Dear god listening to Witten defend Eli’s HOF-worthy resume is pathetic. He repeated himself about “going on the road” and who he beat. Yeah - that was one year. And dammit, now I agree with Booger.
  7. The sad part is he really reared back for that one - gave it everything he had. And he underthrew it by 8 yards.
  8. He sucks. They should cut him.
  9. Gee whiz, you’d think theyd cover Odell onnthe exact same play immediately after he almost made the crazy catch.
  10. I’m not sure he stepped out. 🤔
  11. That’s a hell of a catch by Breida.
  12. Breaking news: Collins still can’t cover Kittle.