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  1. I think Imma wait until the season - someone thin at QB might pick up an injury & Brady might look a lot better.
  2. that’s been the trend the last 7 seasons. Hot Ones is clearly party of the blitz. They do Fallon with a cross-over, as well. On season 9, when I had a sauce on there, I was able to guess Jonas Brothers would be the 1st guest based on their album release/tour. some celebs go on there for fun, most do it to promote something. it is what it is. I think it could be fun. People burning themselves with stupid hot things is always entertaining.
  3. I have no idea. lol. maybe? I sure hope so - would love to see it.
  4. Can’t pull the trigger. Looked closer & the 4th is actually 4.10 from another team. Brady ain’t great, but in a superflex he’s more valuable than that offer. Countered for 2020 3.05 & 2021 2.xx we’ll see what they say.
  5. Stacked at QB, TE (EEngram/Ertz) & WR (Hopkins/Evans headline the group). Thin at RB with Ingram, RoJo, Michele & everyone in the Falcons backfield except Freeman.
  6. It’s all good. It’s also a no-cap dynasty league with 28 man rosters. Brady is fading fast. I asked if they’d consider a 2nd instead of the 3/4 & I’ll see what they say. Bad timing as MFL app is down for upgrades, so I can’t accept or counter. honestly I’d probably prefer a RB2 type to the draft picks. I’m a little light at RB & don’t know if I’d land a RB2 with a 2nd, 3rd or 4th this year.
  7. Also worth mentioning that it’s a TD-heavy league. TDs are 6. Yardage is .1 per 5 PaYd with no no bonuses. Brady had plenty of mediocre games in this format. @Dr. Dan kinda nailed it - I’d like a 2nd for him, but I’ve had Brady on the block for 6 weeks and this is the 1st offer. i may casually ask for a 2nd instead, but not like “reject & counter” for it.
  8. Was offered a 2020 3rd & 4th (3.06, 4.07) for Brady in a superflex. I’ve got DJones, Mahomes, Brady & Carr. no brainer, right? gonna sleep on it. 🤔
  9. IMO the game turned on 2 plays on defense. 1. 3rd & 15 - force a punt there, it’s still a 10 point game with 5 mins to play. 2. 3rd & 10, same drive. Again, stop that & it’s a FG, SF gets the ball with ~4 mins & change and a 7 point lead. they failed to stop either play, and it was all downhill from there. criticism of the offense is fair, but the 49ers got the ball back with 7:22 left and a 10 point lead. 95.7% chance of winning. Woulda been nice if the offense could have driven the ball since they’d been doing so effectively all game, but between play calling & KC D stepping up late, it was a team collapse on both sides of the ball.
  10. One day you’ll be able to root for your seahawks again, and this forum will be spared your constant Niner bashing. I look forward to that day.
  11. Congrats to the Chiefs and their fans. Been a classy Super Bowl run-up & game. No cheap shots, no trash talk - two entertaining teams played an entertaining game. Proud of my team even though it wasn’t the storybook ending I would have liked to have seen. Happy for the Chiefs though because it’s been a long time coming. Andy Reid is one of my favorite coaches, and I’m happy he’s got a ring.
  12. Except they had it - the receiver was open. It would have been a touchdown with a slightly better throw. not sure how you can say it was a bad decision. JimmyG throws just a little softer & they take the lead on that play. Game of inches. the call was great though - it should have worked.