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  1. I'm not convinced he ever had any. The only difference between his offense & Hostler's offense when he was with the Niners were the insanely complex attempts at misdirection he'd come out with on 1st down. IIRC the 1st offensive play from scrimmage in game 1 last season was such a play & it was a complete disaster. He did that way too many times, as I'm sure a Bears guy like @yoman can attest (I believe Yo has season tix & went to a number of games) i saw the same. And I'll add that when something did seem to work on the ground, Nagy would out-clever himself and never run it again. I'm more of an old school guy - "when something works, keep running it until they stop it". For Nagy it's "ok, that worked, let's never call that play again".
  2. Some of that has to do with the OL though. It's a chicken & the egg. He'll make a quick lateral cut & then run into a wall. But as I'd mentioned, other times he'd turn a 4-5 yard loss into a 2-3 yard gain. On the stat sheet his YPC looks bad. In the play-by-play the play looks bad. In terms of sustaining the drive, that 2 yards gained didn't necessarily help his team. But it helped them more than a 4-5 yard loss. And Montgomery was responsible for helping his team in that regard. Some RBs can make their own yards - Montgomery isn't really that type of back. He needs an OL to help him out. In that Denver 1-cut system he'd probably be a lot more effective. But whatever the blocking scheme, he needs OL to open holes for him. In such a scheme I believe his ability to make defenders miss would prove significantly more effective. Watching his college film seems to back that up. He'd make a guy miss & rip off 20 yards. And he'd consistently get chased down by defenders. The biggest concern with him coming out of college was he didn't have breakaway speed, but he never struggled to get through the line in college. So yeah - I have a hard time blaming Montgomery for what I see as the struggles of that Bears OL. That's something that needs to improve for Montgomery to have success.
  3. I understand where you're coming from, but I'm giving him that benefit based on what I'd seen of him in college, in that he was literally the best in the game at making defenders miss over 2 full seasons. That's not an accident or a fluke. He has a little power, and while not a burner, he's not a slug either. He's an elite talent with his vision & shiftiness - unfortunately those 2 skills reqiuire an OL that can open holes for him & an offense that can maintain drives. The Trubisky interceptions & inability of the OL to open holes was a major problem for his production. Then the defense tiring out & allowing games to get away hindered his volume, the kiss of death for a 2-down back. I'd love to see Montgomery as a 3-down back. He has decent hands, and is dangerous in space. Plus with the vanilla way they used him, it might actually keep defenses on their toes a little. Like I said, I got burned by him as a 5th round RB, so it's weird to be defending the guy. But looking at the big picture of the Bears dumpster fire of an offense last year, I have a hard time making DMont the scapegoat. I think 5th round lottery ticket is again fair value for him in redraft. The sustained drives alone should provide him with more volume/value. A little more usage at the strip would be nice too - one would think his skill set is especially useful there, but the Bears insisted on trying to make Mitch Trubisky into Tom Brady passing on 1st and goal at the 1.
  4. Didn't see your post before posting mine but I agree completely with the bolded. The 2nd bolded part especially - I remember seeing 3-4 yard gains that should have been 2-3 yard losses & that was 100% DM faking out defenders to take those yards. I stood up a couple times and went "woot!", only to sit back down when they'd then 1st run him up the gut into a pile, 2nd pass incomplete, 3rd DM off the field, pass incomplete. It was frustrating to be a DM owner for sure, but this was the classic coaching, "hey, did you see that great play?" (asst coach) yeah! (coach) "NEVER RUN THAT AGAIN!" - and a lot of that was on Trubisky, but mostly it was the play-calling that led to it. I think it's way premature to close the book on Montgomery, or judge him by the offense around him. Put him on the Chargers & he's likely a stud.
  5. I don't understand the sweeping judgments of Montgomery. The kid looked like a beast coming out of college - I was one of those burned by his mediocre season, but that doesn't make him a mediocre talent, IMO. He doesn't have elite speed, but his ability to make defenders miss is impressive. He was considered an elite prospect for that, and his shiftiness in the open field. I don't think it was a matter of not seeing holes, but that there weren't any holes to be seen. Plus the way they used him as a 1-2 down back was pretty predictable. Seemed like whenever DM was on the field, the defense stacked 8 in the box & the Bears just kept running him right into the pile. Outside of DM's control, the Bears OL was largely subpar, they had a QB who struggled to sustain drives, and a defense that got worn down way too fast to keep games close as a result. If any of those factors changes, (preferably 2 or 3 of them) then Montgomery can be a successful RB in the NFL. Improved QB play could help the defense stay fresh with longer drives, but the OL still needs help. I get that they may not improve in those 3 aspects (though they did upgrade at QB) but that's still not an indictment of Montgomery as a talent, but rather the Bears as a team. If I could buy low on Monty I would - it may not be 2020, but 2021 could be a different story if things come together around him.
  6. For dynasty I don’t like snake drafts at all. If I had to have a snake draft I would want 1.01 yes, there are challenges to drafting that high, but there’s also value that falls to you every round. It’s your job to capitalize on those value picks & not get hung up on position or specific player. Rank your players & stick to your rankings. Things will usually work out. but see if your league will consider switching to an auction format. I feel like it’s essential for dynasty start-up to give every manager a shot at every player.
  7. All fair points. in redraft I take the “luck favors the bold” approach, so I’ll boldly project for relatively unknown based on the eye test. if he comes within 80% of my projections as a late round value pick, I’ll be psyched.
  8. We all have our takes. I am a believer. Dude’s a baller & was severely under-utilized in Baltimore. He runs good routes, has good hands, and is already working out with Ryan, who loves him some TEs. Hand in hand with this is that I think Ridley is a bit overrated. He has upside, but he hasn’t really shown me consistency. He faded badly after a hot start, he’s not big in the red zone, & he seemed to get bullied by DBs & thrown off his routes in the games I watched. again, just my opinion. Others may watch Ridley and see a better player. I don’t think he’s lived up to the hype yet. Maybe 2020 is his year & I’m dead wrong. A lot will depend on what kind of chemistry Ryan & Hurst develop. We’ll see what happens. And yeah, I say all this with no skin in the game as I sold my only share.
  9. Unless they run 2 TE sets, and employ one chiefly as a blocker, but for offenses that run 1-TE sets, yeah - a purely “move” TE wouldn’t be very useful. but we’re assuming LeBron couldn’t learn to block. based on his success in the NBA, and his success as a HS football player, I’m not sure that’s a fair assumption. they set screens in basketball too. It’s not as brutal, but they’re also not wearing pads, so...
  10. James high school football stats might set him apart in that comp though.
  11. This is pretty convincing stuff. Sounds like James could have done anything he wanted.
  12. Interesting - I would think Carr would be worth more.
  13. Unless it’s by enterprising out of state ticket brokers gambling on buying season tickets to resell at profit for a hot new stadium in a hot vacation destination. i’d have more confidence it’ll be filled with Oakland fans if those PSL sales were mostly coming from CA. I don’t think we’ll really know until they play games there post COVID19.