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  1. Stops in to topic to see how it’s going.... Puts down the internet, backs away from topic slowly. Sloooooowly...
  2. That’s the narrative people are spinning anyway. A bit hyperbolic if you ask me. In reality, veteran RBs miss blocks. Rookie RBs miss blocks. One missed block isn’t going to get him benched if Shady out there on one leg & DWill our there wearing jeans & a t-shirt on the sidelines. There'll be more rope than that for Thompson. I’m excited to see what he can do.
  3. Things I never thought I’d say, “the buy-low window on Josh Gordon has likely closed.” 😳
  4. You make an excellent point about social media & Brown’s self immolation. That said, if the NFL investigation clears Brown, I could see him playing football again. If not, he’s probably done. and all that said, I still find it a little suspicious that the Pats & Nike both dropped him *before^ the NFL finished investigating. That’s a little weird.
  5. I, for one, find it admirable that he chose to do the right thing here. Let’s all give him a hand. Oh, wait.
  6. That might be the funniest thing I’ve ever read on this board.
  7. If the Pats end up having to pay AB, the Raiders won in this fiasco. Well, except for the draft picks.
  8. But it’s relatively easy to speak to what someone in law enforcement would describe it as. If he indeed sent a group text asking 4 people she didn’t know to investigate her and included pics of her kids, that’s a pretty easy cal as intimidation. right or wrong, accurate interpretation or not, I suspect AB will will miss games over this.
  9. Yeah, in context that’s awfully damning. Maybe benefit of the doubt could be applied. Maybe AB had other intentions. We could spin this a million ways, and some may even be plausible. but at face value, this is really bad for AB.
  10. @Soulfly3 with his best, “pardon me, I speak jive.” Helen Hayes got nuthin on you, bruh.