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  1. Ah, the favorites adjustment game. Thanks for the easy $100, Vegas. -5 was a bargain. sorry Colts. Ran into a buzzsaw
  2. I stole the line from The League. Credit where due.
  3. Just saw a video - the FG was tipped. Y’all bears fans can stop sending Parkey’s family death threats now.
  4. Ps - this is the title of my sex tape. Got the message! Congrats again & happy holidays!
  5. Awe crap - no time to clear. Email me at!
  6. OK, at long last here are the results of the last officially unofficial Official K contest of the year! First, my sincere apologies. As many of you know, I am a farmers market vendor, and also do online. I am a tiny company & do all of my own fulfillment which has been pretty crazy this time of year. On Tuesday I caught a bad chest cold, and managed to kick it enough to work my markets this weekend - thankfully, as they're the 2 biggest of the year coming just before XMas. As you can imagine, getting up at 04:30 AM isn't awesome with a cold, and by the time I get back at ~3:00 PM I'm pretty exhausted. Ordinarily I try to get these results published & winner notified the very next day - unfortunately due to these circumstances, this update is tardy, and for that my sincere apologies. First off, the Cowboys can suck it - my most hated team got shut out in Indy, giving me (and Dan) a big fat goose egg in the playoffs. Badgley with his 3 killed me in my other league. I lost in both playoffs as the 1 & 2 seed, respectively by less than 8 points in each I was also the 1-2 total scoring team in the leagues. So it is with ultimately painful irony that KICKERS were the reason I lost. (they weren't, really - Luck throwing 0 TDs in one league & Thielen/Hill combining for trash in the other were the real culprits, but naturally I'm blaming the f-ing kickers) And so without further ado, here's the deal: @Arodin crushed it. It was Fairbairn, and it was not remotely close. Duede scored 23. Didn't miss. The next kicker was 7 points+ down. Fairbair 16 pts long 46 Nicely done my friend - stragedy paid off. Drop me a PM with a shipping address & I'll get your 3-pack of sauce out on the 26th. Thanks for playing this season folks, and happy holidays to everyone!
  7. I’m getting my butt kicked by this cold something fierce. If anyone wants to help a brother out and figure out who won this week’s kicker contest, please be my guest. Otherwise I’ll try to get to it after tomorrow or Sunday’s market (assuming I can drag my ### there with enough DayQuil & cough drops) again, my apologies for the delay - timing sucked on this one. I never want to delay results - someone *will* get 3 bottles of sauce, I’m just not sure who. now where’s my damn tea?
  8. Sorry for the delay folks - I caught a bad chest cold and it’s been kicking my butt. i will figure out who won the kicker contest as soon as my head stops pounding & I can look at a computer screen.
  9. I got knocked out of the 1st round because the Cowboys got shut out at Indy & my kicker got a 0. Indy. I mean, Indy? fackin Indy.
  10. Hill had a long TD bounce off his face. That was out of character.