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  1. I wouldn’t drop either. Bernard is a 2-3 week rental, and not that great. Unless you have word that Mixon is gonna miss more time than that, I’d hold.
  2. Sports talk gonna sports talk.
  3. Chances of his getting injured seem to be higher with more usage. And sure, next to Lindsay Freeman looks slower - he looked to have good burst in the preseason, and on the 22 yard catch & run last week he looked very quick. i don’t see “plodder” at all. You must be watching a different RB.
  4. *other WR sweeps, QB runs, etc. theres always an “ofner”.
  5. In this case though I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that a team who spent a Ish draft pick on a super talented RB with size & power is going to incorporate him more into the game plan. Thats really not hard to divine regardless but I’m glad to hear the HC say it. it’s certainly more logical than pounding an undersized dude into the pile 300 times a year. I expect a RBBC in Denver. I did not expect Freeman to be so under-used. It’s felt flukey. Full disclosute - I have Freeman in one league. I’ve alresdy eaten crow in here. But even if it didn’t have Freeman I would question the division of touches these first two games. Feels like it would ideally be more like 45-35-10% Freeman/Lindsay/Booker if they really have to use Booker (and I’m still baffled as to why they, or anyone, would have to use Booker). But situational football sometimes comes into play. We’ll see how it shakes out over the next few games. As good as Lindsay has looked, it seems foolish to not get Freeman more involved. He’s a “wear down the defense”, punishing type of runner. While a very good RB, I don’t see Lindsay as that type of player.
  6. No. I would dump someone who isnt starter-worthy for him though.
  7. First championship game I ever won was in my IDP league...I was down 1.4 points with less than 2:00 to go, but the defense had all 3 T/O left, so the offense still had to get a 1st to seal it. 3rd down. Inside run, cut back to the outside...inexplicably the running back ran out of bounds (stopping the clock) - and it was my linebacker who chased him out. I don’t think he was within a yard of him, but by rule that’s a “tackle”. I got 2 points & won the LCG by .6 with something like 8 seconds left in the Sunday night game. My opponent was less than pleased. I was delighted.
  8. League 1 I went WR-WR (Evans/Hill) then Royce Freeman 4.12 (along with Thielen 5.01) League 2 I took Alex Collins 3.11 (K.Allen 2.02) then Diggs 4.02. That said, consider Colin’s my 4.02, because team 12 went WR/WR & I knew 99.9% they were going RB/RB, which they did. So it’s as though I took Diggs at 3.11. obiously I’m less thrilled with my RB2s right now. But I am optimistic that both will pay dividends as the year goes on. When weather turns for the worse, I expect some of the RBs people are down on right now to have a much bigger role. Even without weather I believe both Freeman &’Collons will see their usage increase to plug & play RB2. They’ve been close to that already. Behind them I’ve got a bunch of guys like AP, James white, Peyton Barber. Health will be a big factor for my top starters, but my WR corps are carrying me.
  9. 1.01 Gurley - delightful 1.11 Gordon - tremendous was super pleased it went Fournettte => Beckham => me (Gordon) in that 2nd league.
  10. I had to manually adjust in a passing touchdown for a defensive back. That’s a first for my 12+ year IDP league. Moreover, it was a 66 yard TD (3.3 + 6) with a 50+ yard bonus (1) and a completion for .3 pretty tricky play.
  11. Russell Wilson is the undisputed king of garbage time stats.
  12. Sorry - last few seconds too...that hurts.
  13. Drop kick onside kick coming up.