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  1. If a manager is trading a future pick, doesn't that imply they are committing to being there when those picks are chosen? I think it does. You don't think so? Life can get in the way of things but the few people that have left the league just got too busy. If there were a lifechanging event causing someone to exit...e.g. sickness or death in the family, then I'd suggest as commish the money be returned as an exception (without advertising an exception is possible). Thoughts?
  2. I agree with this. The less commish judgement goes in, the better. A manager trading draft picks pays the next year buyin in advance, for that team. Simple. And no judgement needed.
  3. I try to run it as a democracy so am gonna come up with a proposal and have a league vote. I don't like the prospect of trying to collect an extra $100 or $200 from every manager to keep as a reserve. I think it's easier to have players put up $100 if they want to make a draft pick trade, but I've seen delays in LeagueSafe money showing up after the money has been paid in from the manager side. Would likely have to allow the trades even if the money hadn't worked all the way through leaguesafe. If I can track who's got which draft picks, I can track who's paid in a trade deposit. 😎
  4. Hey there, Background: I am commish of a 12 team PPR keeper league with 2 keepers, $100 buyin, on Yahoo. I had several owners suggest allowing trading of draft picks and I didn't see what could be a problem with that. So a league vote was put up and it passed two years ago. The problems: 1) "Hail Mary" - Two teams 'on the bubble' of making playoffs last year traded off many of their early round draft picks for the next year in exchange for marquee players to try to make a miracle run...but they didn't make playoffs so now their team this year has several missing early round draft picks. If those managers don't return this year, I as commish have to sell a $100 seat missing a few early round picks and that is a very hard seat to sell. 2) "Fire sale" - Another less serious problem is teams that go 0-4 or 1-5 etc start trading off their marquee players to stack for the following year so have an incredible draft the next year. Some ideas to control the situation: a) make all owners trading draft picks have to put in an extra $25 per draft pick trade to the pot, to be used to pay part of the buyin for vacant teams. If it costs you $50 to make two trades involving draft picks, you are less likely to try a miracle run and lose your best draft picks the next year and if you do, it's easier for me as commish to sell a $50 buyin seat to a $100 league even with missing early picks. b) Since it's a keeper league, allow the vacant team new manager to choose their 2 keepers after all other keepers are declared, from all available players (pre-draft, post keeper declaration). Our waiver wire or FA kept players cost a round 8 pick to keep, so they could grab the best players league wide for the cost of their 7th and 8th rd picks. Thoughts on the control measures above? Others to suggest that you have seen work? Your input is greatly appreciated! I am starting as commish a second league so want to get this hammered out pre-season start. Mike Some additional details: we instituted a rule that players on the Yahoo Can't Cut List, the top 20-30 players (per Yahoo), can't be involved in trades with draft picks. This helps some. We also instituted that all trades with draft picks have to have the same number of draft picks being traded for both teams so that every team has the same number of picks the next year. Keepers are declared Aug 1 to allow managers to prepare. Trades are approved or not by the commish and I have rejected a couple lopsided trades but let vast majority go through...I have to watch collusion as there are a couple groups of friends in the league.