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  1. strength of schedule, I'd go Martin
  2. So I got Julio for Forte and DeAndre Hopkins. Pretty happy about that trade overall. Here is my team now: Wilson/Winston/Bortles David Johnson/Ware/Gore/Ingram T.Y. Hilton/Julio/Jordy/E. Sanders/Coates Delanie Walker/Brate Crosby NE & Houston
  3. Leaning Booker, but if the Seahawks come out flat, Ingram will benefit
  4. Who wins? A) gives Hopkins, Forte B) for Julio Non ppr A ) d. Johnson, forte, ware, ingram, gore Hopkins , jordy , t.y , Emmanuel Sanders , Coates B) Jordan howard, j. stewart, l. murray, r Matthews , booker Julio, cooks, snead, diggs, edelman, d parker
  5. The leverage I feel I have on selling Forte is that his BEST RB's are Jordan Howard and J. Stewart. He will likely reject it, but hoping for a counter offer. Definitely not dealing David Johnson or T.Y.. Thx
  6. Appreciate talking me off the cliff. I put out Forte and Hopkins for Julio. This is a sell high on Forte.. I see his value declining soon. DeAndre might get going with a better schedule coming up but Osweiler is AWFUL!
  7. Yep, this was a good trade for you. If you get weak at RB for whatever reason, plenty of trade bait with that group of WR's.
  8. I have D. Johnson, Ware, Gore, Ingram, Forte & T.Y., Jordy, Emmanuel S, Coates, DeAndre Hopkins. I want to offer Forte & Hopkins for Cooks and J. Stewart. His team has tier 2/3 RB's(best being Jordan Howard) and he has Julio.. but is it a fair trade? who wins?
  9. This is a tough one. I feel like you are exchanging comparable WR talent.. leaving decent qb for upcoming rb. Id rather dump hilton for a notch up at RB... however, I'd take the trade if you get Coleman in the deal. I like Evans more than Hilton by year end.
  10. The biggest problem I have is that Wilson and Bortles have the same bye week. I was leaning toward dumping Duke for Ware. I'm curious about Sharpe because I think he is the #1 guy in TEN and will see a lot of targets.
  11. I have a love/hate with Vjax... I'm also really concerned with Austin after seeing the Rams last night. However, Austin has more upside. I'd drop Boldin though if it were me
  12. I'd stay put. Sounds like a worried JC owner with Ware exploding and injury concerns. David Johnson is the clear #1 in Arizona. You'd have too many RBBC on your team.
  13. I'm high on Shepard and Tyrell Williams. Another guy that I think is worth a look if around is Tajae Sharpe, I think he will see a lot of targets this season. Someone has to pickup m. Gordon before the 7 spot, but if not, I'd look hard at him even though you are solid at RB.
  14. I'm early on the ww. I'm eyeing Tajae Sharpe and Spencer Ware. 8 team, non-ppr My current team Wilson, Bortles, Winston David Johnson, ingram, forte, gore, Duke Johnson Deandre Hopkins, jordy, t.y hilton, decker, Michael floyd, Josh gordon Julius Thomas, Delanie Walker Who do I drop? WHIR