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  1. strength of schedule, I'd go Martin
  2. So I got Julio for Forte and DeAndre Hopkins. Pretty happy about that trade overall. Here is my team now: Wilson/Winston/Bortles David Johnson/Ware/Gore/Ingram T.Y. Hilton/Julio/Jordy/E. Sanders/Coates Delanie Walker/Brate Crosby NE & Houston
  3. Leaning Booker, but if the Seahawks come out flat, Ingram will benefit
  4. Who wins? A) gives Hopkins, Forte B) for Julio Non ppr A ) d. Johnson, forte, ware, ingram, gore Hopkins , jordy , t.y , Emmanuel Sanders , Coates B) Jordan howard, j. stewart, l. murray, r Matthews , booker Julio, cooks, snead, diggs, edelman, d parker
  5. The leverage I feel I have on selling Forte is that his BEST RB's are Jordan Howard and J. Stewart. He will likely reject it, but hoping for a counter offer. Definitely not dealing David Johnson or T.Y.. Thx
  6. Appreciate talking me off the cliff. I put out Forte and Hopkins for Julio. This is a sell high on Forte.. I see his value declining soon. DeAndre might get going with a better schedule coming up but Osweiler is AWFUL!
  7. Yep, this was a good trade for you. If you get weak at RB for whatever reason, plenty of trade bait with that group of WR's.
  8. I have D. Johnson, Ware, Gore, Ingram, Forte & T.Y., Jordy, Emmanuel S, Coates, DeAndre Hopkins. I want to offer Forte & Hopkins for Cooks and J. Stewart. His team has tier 2/3 RB's(best being Jordan Howard) and he has Julio.. but is it a fair trade? who wins?