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  1. Standard 12 team QB: Luck, Rivers RB: Howard, Freeman, L. Murray, Forte, Dixson WR: Brown, Cooks, Jones, Lockett TE: Olson, Green K: Adam Vinny DEF: Vikings Was highest scoring team and 8-5 yup...missed by one game. I just had the #### luck of always playing against the highest scoring player of the week.
  2. His problem, not yours. This guy is just trying to fix his probably 1-5 start. Tell him to screw off, in a nice way of course.
  3. I'd rather get Sharpe in a Dynasty trade then Thomas if I'm going to lose Coleman. You are for sure stacked at RB, but yeah Carr would be a great player to get, he I think has better value over the next few years then Dalton. If you can try and trade Forte or Fitz, since they are older, but have lesser value in dynasty. Sorry haven't played in a dynasty league yet, but planning on starting one next year! Good luck !
  4. you can get much better for C Mike, I personal don't see Rawls cutting too much in to his production, but I could be wrong. Mike has been running crazy and Carrol would be a ####### to try and stop the train C Mike is pushing. I personal just sent a trade to my leagues C Mike owner. ARob and L. Murray for him, I like his talent and run style in that offence, it would be crazy to trade for something lower then a top 15 WR
  5. if it was shorter league I'd say yes, but with 16 I personal wouldn't take this gamble. I could be 100 percent wrong, but at least this year the packers offence hasn't been getting to Nelson as much as I want, but hey you have to spread the ball to others right? I almost feel like he has become a matchup depended player with boom or bust. ( I have him on two of my three rosters... sigh)
  6. dido
  7. I have Luck on my team an if I got a trade like this with having Brady and Manning as my other QB's I'd take either. Stafford has been having a better year then Manning, but I feel like its about to catch up to him. I'd rather get Evans, even though you have a good WR roster.
  8. Just got offered L.Murray for Gore and Yeldon. My other RBs are Lacy and Forte. Is this trade worth it?
  9. Got out wired for the Raven's Def, had to stick with the Vikings.
  10. Picked up Forte for $9 in an stranded $140 total bid auction league. Everyone looked past him, fracking steal of the draft!
  11. I don't see Abdullah or Riddick coming close to what they did last week. Freeman and Coleman is a hard sell as well, but seeing what Coleman did last week, I'd say put him in. Unless you really don't feel like playing AP, who could have a monster game, or not which is such a hard choice. All in all, I'd either pick Coleman or AP, mainly AP cause damn if he doesn't come out running its going to be a long game.
  12. I'm feeling like rolling the dice on playing Yeldon over Lacy. Ivroy is out again and I see the Jax @ SD game going into a more passing running attack which helps Yeldon out. Then Lacy is going up against the Vikings at their home. Lacy in past seasons has been great against MIN, besides his last meeting. I know I'm over thinking this, but any thing helps. The main reason I want to roll the dice on Yeldon, is I have Forte who just put me up 29 points. When his two WR's only scored 20 (Decker/Watkins) I also am thinking of playing Bortles rather then Luck. Luck should still put up some numbers, but I feel like Bortles is going to torch the Chargers. Plus I'm a Broncos fan, so its always hard for me to play an opposing player, and having my other QB playing divs rivals is just sweet.
  13. If you are looking for a one week shop and drop. Drop Austin and pick up either NO/NYG WR. Long term Thomas would be a better bet, with Cruz's recent track record of getting injured, and the Shepard taking some cut, Thomas would for me be the better Flex play this week and down the line at times.