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  1. Yeah, I played the first two all the way through. Loved them both. Holding up a bit on this one - don't think it was all the way baked yet. My biggest complaint was the constant stream of random encounters that were hard to avoid and got very repetitious. The humor and variety, though, were top-notch.
  2. Haven't played Bolivar yet but kicked ### with Lady, including Bolivar (Immortal level). Loved the new ocean wonder (no spoiler), although it cost me dearly the first time.
  3. Didn't see much but the drama at the end. Good for them, the PGA, and sports in general.
  4. Got (way) behind in the tech race. Got to build those campuses/libraries/universities.
  5. Potato McWhiskey - huge selection of help videos Saxy Gamer - another good one I've got (supposedly) 3,500 hours in this game. 🤡
  6. Look up Youtube videos by a guy name Potato McWhiskey. I've got (supposedly) 3,000 hours in this game and continue to learn something every time he puts out a new vid.
  7. Same here. Just stunning cinematography.
  8. I thought I was lucky to find both Guice and Penny on my waiver wire last week. That worked about as well as me starting Mahomes over Winston.
  9. I thought I was lucky to find him and Penny on my waiver wire last week...
  10. Paquin was wasted - 6 words in the whole movie. Her part should have been left on the cutting room floor. CGI was OK - only stood out in a few scenes. I assumed it was makeup tricks for the most part. I didn't realize Sheeran was an actual person until I Googled it halfway through. There was a lot of time for Googling. Liked it, all in all, but yeah, can't imagine sitting through the whole thing again.
  11. You still live in NKY? I'm in Ft. Thomas. New Riff is a two-minute drive. I was impressed by the bourbon, given how young the place is.
  12. Stand still, then use the time dilation to shoot all your enemies in the legs (Cripple), particularly the melee ones. Then begin blowing away the leaders while the companions (hopefully) hold off the other schlubs.
  13. I'm about halfway through and struggling to keep interested (and these are my favorite types of games). I'm tired of scavenging through every little box to find a half-dozen bullets. So many of the layouts are just Fallout with a new coat of paint and there's virtually no variety in the enemies you face. The highlights are the humor and the background colors - exceptional.
  14. FWIW, not seeing any loading screen issues on PC. Lip syncing is off, but who cares. Just FUBAR'ed my first quest. Sorry, Adelaide, this is going to sting.
  15. Cincinnati has some floor seats (standing, probably) for $125 and upper level for $55. Sadly, UK vs. MSU basketball prevents me from attending.