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  1. One of the poorest decisions made about the game, in retrospect. The should have called them 'referees' and left the name of the game 'Chainmail'. But to stay on point, I just "passionately" ignore any damn thing Stephen Smith says. The man's a waste of good oxygen.
  2. As far as governors go, Magnus is always my first choice. The promotions are very strong. The rising oceans are nothing but an annoyance. Fortunately, there's a mod to nerf them down.
  3. If my wife sees that video I'm going to starve to death.
  4. Same here. I was 6. Either that or one of the Russian satellite launches. I remember my parents being afraid.
  5. Was a few years behind my stepson at Ft. Thomas Highlands. The whole town is in mourning. Such a talent and so, so funny with his football stories. Going to miss him.
  6. And, same page, came this horrifying news: Jim Beam warehouse housing 40,000 bourbon barrels in on fire
  7. Genderqueer lesbian denied Metro bus ride after Pride Cincinnati Enquirer (again), today.
  8. 1967. 5th grade. Start of the Little League football season. My dad (who never played football in his life) was the coach. Asked us what we wanted to name the team. Rather than "Lions" or "Bears", one guy suggested "Wampus Cats". None of us, even him, knew what it meant, but little burr-haircut rebels that we were, we went with it and ended undefeated. Still got the team picture, and have named all my FF teams "Wampus Cats" ever since. The 43 was simply my age when I had to create a username with a number in it, and I'm too old now to remember anything else. We changed the team name to "Turkeys" in '68 and won it again.
  9. I had a grandmother born in 1899 and died in 2002. Lived in three centuries. That's my goal; I only have to live to be 144.
  10. This one would seem to be appropriate.
  11. Yeah, the list is depressingly short at our age. Hal Holbrook is not exactly an action figure either. Dick Van Dyke could probably still fall down and make me laugh, though.
  12. This encounter caused the only death in the campaign (mainly because I skipped most of the dungeon). The PCs were only 7th level, and the little gnome wizard got disintegrated, along with 95% of the coin they had accumulated during the adventure. So, even though they survived and eventually "won" the campaign, they're poor as church mice. Muhahahah.
  13. Yep. That giggle was so unexpected it had me rolling right along with her.
  14. I alternate running the game with another old-schooler who uses the 2e setting with Castles and Crusades rules added in (sheesh!). I bit the bullet and play an MU. Two Magic Missiles a day, and then run around slinging stones at people. Good times. Only 2,600 xp to go, and whoopee, one more spell.
  15. I basically eliminated the whole friggin' tomb. They slogged their way to Omu, then the yuan-ti temple. They found a door there straight to the final battle. Bob's your uncle.