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  1. Does it have to be a series or does Band of Brothers qualify?
  2. NKU is right over the hill from us. Love to see them pull the first big upset, but I ain't bettin' it.
  3. Do we need a separate thread where we complain about the commercials? Already need to go: "Charles Bark-ley" Taco Bell fries Trying to make a star out of "####### color guy".
  4. "Color man" on UK's broadcast spent the whole 2nd half saying "Cal needs to clear his bench" and went nuts after Richards took that hard fall. Dude, we only have one guy that didn't play in the first half - our 6'-nothing 'victory cigar'. We have no 'bench'. Really wish I could have seen Wofford. They sound like the real deal.
  5. PJ Washington in a hard cast for Kentucky. Definitely out tonight.
  6. How does Gonzaga beat SM by 48 in the regular season and then lose to them by 13 in the conf. tourney? And yes, I'm a bit salty that my team just spit the bit against UT. I'll go back to my bourbon/hang up and listen.
  7. Keep me in mind on the NWN experience. I've still got it lying around somewhere. Never tried multiplayer.
  8. Just started playing in a campaign that uses the Castles and Crusades rule set and the AD&D Al-Qadim setting. Tough to deal with, but as long as THAC0 is outta there, I'm not complaining.
  9. Bland/blend (Blander/Blender) Land/lend Sand/send Tanned/Tend Panned/Pend or Penned Am I playing this right?