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  1. Dedfin

    USA Shootings

    The only way to stop this was a good guy with a gun.
  2. Dedfin

    #metoo Movement

    I'ts not reality that creeps me out. It's you.
  3. Does anyone here think the pizzagate crowd: @David Dodds @Quez @Max Power and the rest who just made up new aliaiai will be interested in finding where this goes? Or was it false concern all along?
  4. Dedfin

    #metoo Movement

    jon, you repeatedly saying it's dead a) doesn't make it so and b) makes you look really creepy like really creepy
  5. Dedfin

    Racist rhetoric in public

    jonessed doesn't see race, that's why he sees all white people
  6. I enjoyed this podcast It's apparently going to be a series.
  7. Dedfin

    Name a band

    Spinal pap
  8. Dedfin

    name a band and their greatest song

    You could pick a song at random on AFD and it would likely be better than Welcome to the Jungle. That's just that album.
  9. Dedfin

    name a band and their greatest song

    The Beatles - Maxwell's Silver Hammer Grateful Dead - Sugaree, but be a 20+ min version from before 1979
  10. I wonder if this has anything to do with so many unarmed people of color being shot for no good reason.
  11. Dedfin

    Do you put ketchup on it?

    Isn't the original "hotdog" called the hotdog sandwich?
  12. Dedfin

    Do you put ketchup on it?

    Those are needed