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  1. Dedfin

    TRADE WAR discussion thread

    Wasn't the TPP supposed to forge trade alliances with others in Asia so that China had more pressure on them? But now since TPP was killed, that pressure on China was relieved.
  2. Dedfin

    Toe Tapping Music

    Legend Has It - RTJ
  3. Dedfin

    The migrant caravan

    You say this like you have uncovered something, but that something is just you showing people that you think math is hard.
  4. Dedfin

    I’m with Pelosi

    I'd much prefer an apprenticeship for speaker since it's an impossibly hard job. I'm happy to let Pelosi run stuff for another congress but no flipping way does this get handed down to hoyer or the other old dude.
  5. Dedfin

    TRADE WAR discussion thread

    I think it always has been pro union. Who knows?
  6. Dedfin

    2018 Elections Thread

    There are beautiful parts of the northern Mariana islands, but we are going to bomb them anyway.
  7. So kneeling is exercise now? Seems lazy.
  8. Dedfin

    TRADE WAR discussion thread

    Don't they issue yearly reports explaining what their plans are?
  9. Dedfin

    TRADE WAR discussion thread

    Oh yeah sorry. Red = Republicans. Just my experience when I was doing a small amount of consulting work for nuclear plants, IBEW workers there were ALL republicans, IBEW workers on other sites were republicans too and truckers that were in unions were as well. Just my anecdotal experience, which counts according to a rule MT made. edit - an adult answer is that I don't know of any surveys that state one way or another
  10. Dedfin

    USA Shootings

    I think his point all along is that a Benelli 12g is basically a bottle of peach schnapps.
  11. Dedfin

    TRADE WAR discussion thread

    I said before that I could be wrong, but let's keep in mind that many union workers are Red now.
  12. Dedfin

    TRADE WAR discussion thread

    Yeah. I could be wrong.
  13. Dedfin

    TRADE WAR discussion thread

    Ohh. Well crap