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  1. I think this is a positive feedback loop. Trump/whatever leader finds out people are a bit racist so he says and enacts some racist policies. The racists see the leader being racist and feel emboldened so they express their racism to a greater degree. The leader sees them get more racist and he wants to keep that momentum going so the line is moved even moreso, and on and on. When does it stop? I hope it stops soon.
  2. He's been there forever. I really don't think they'll care.
  3. The thing is that no one cares if he's gay. NO ONE CARES LINDSAY.
  4. Yep. Not only is she likely the worst Senator but probably the worst person as Senator.
  5. Probably not. All the lefties I know that aren't scientists are extremely anti-nuclear power.
  6. Just want to say thanks. It feels good reading you and jon talk about this.
  7. Spoke with a person recently that said a hard brexit would be great for the UK because it has already set up great trade deals with Trump and the EU would end up getting really bad ones in turn. I didn't press for details because I know he doesn't have them. On a scale of 1 to 10 how ridiculous is this?
  8. Only if we can all agree that #Metoo ***Officially*** dead.
  9. You don't think the Rs will play this like other tax cut failures? Blame it on the Ds? Their marketing on this over the past 40 years has been brilliant.
  10. We've seen stuff like this a lot. I wonder with the R party doing their best to pit R vs D as capitalism vs socialism (it's not, but they want it to be that way), they love to cite fantastical dystopian situations when it comes to D ideas, but when these get published they go "well that's not really what I had in mind when it comes to capitalism" or some other clumsy no true scotsman argument. Face it, Rs and conservatives - THIS is a feature of your system. Not a bug.