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  1. I think you fully explained your viewpoint with this point.
  2. I think this is a positive feedback loop. Trump/whatever leader finds out people are a bit racist so he says and enacts some racist policies. The racists see the leader being racist and feel emboldened so they express their racism to a greater degree. The leader sees them get more racist and he wants to keep that momentum going so the line is moved even moreso, and on and on. When does it stop? I hope it stops soon.
  3. His manifesto stated he agreed with his white nationalist ideas.
  4. I don't want that to be true, but if there are really millions of people that merely think this way, I am reminded of this injury pyramid that I see in nuke plants when I think of close calls like the MAGA Bomber and MAGA shooter and wonder how close our system is to letting the worst happen.
  5. Yeah, it's a real rabbit hole. 4chan, for instance was full of non-poon getting but otherwise normal people 5 years years ago, but gamergate pushed them further and further right, so that a normal person is now in alt-right bizarro world celebrating killing brown people. It happens fast and I hope you dads out there are aware of how impressionable people change to such a degree.
  6. NZ if I recall is part of the Five Eyes, which from my naive point of view means they have a developed intelligence system. I suppose I'm wrong about my assumption, but it could also be a case of just someone slipping through the cracks which need of course whatever system they do have needs to be revised.
  7. I read the first few pages and thought it was boilerplate alt right stuff. I dont know how many people think this in the USA, but my guess is more than 20,000.
  8. Yep. Not only is she likely the worst Senator but probably the worst person as Senator.
  9. Probably not. All the lefties I know that aren't scientists are extremely anti-nuclear power.