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  1. Dedfin

    The Trump Years

    I bet they'd hate it if we stopped regulating our agricultural system. It's the selfishness like this that's really annoying.
  2. I dig that. As with so many things, the loudest of a group often are the worst examples of that group. The ones that don't make a racket can be the best examples.
  3. Whatever the bottom is, I hope Mueller gets to it. If that's Trump or someone else or nothing at all I don't care but I do want the truth. What has annoyed me is that most of the charges and pleas are tangential. Now maybe this is by Mueller's plan, I don't know. I would at some point like some resolution. Lawfare's podcast had a guy that thinks the Russia/Trump connection all a giant rabbit hole and Wittes and this dude had a great and civilized debate on it.
  4. I appreciate this post, except aren't you pulling a no true scotsman here?
  5. I think Manchin hurts the image of the D party and I don't know if that damage is worth the few anti-R votes he delivers. I think he should have voted against Kavanaugh even if it was a tactically poor decision.
  6. I don't see how determining our foreign policy based on our President's business dealings is not impeachable. This is very straight forward.
  7. Dedfin

    2018 Elections Thread

    WOW what a move. Hopefully we can pull this one out.
  8. The least they could have done was give some speeches. I mean if we are the good guys, it should be easy to explain that. They at least need to tell their constituents that they want to fight. I saw nothing from Schumer about this, probably because he didn't want it news. I think the Ds would attract enough people to make a difference if they'd just act like they are fighting. I think there are lots of progressives that want a reason to vote, but don't merely because the Ds don't inspire confidence. Thanks for your thoughts TF.
  9. But you fight anyway. The reason the Ds have the most well earned reputation of a party that always loses, that rolls over and plays dead, that never fights is because it's true. You fight every inch of political territory. It's true I don't know what they have done, but disappearing like a fart in the wind isn't the best they could have done.
  10. Wait... someone said the current healthcare system is the product of the Democratic party? As if it was completely built up in 2010? Like that system wasn't created over the course of a century? It's bad faith statements like that they make me wonder why anyone replies at all. He may not be a troll but where do you even start with a grotesquely wrong statement like that?
  11. Dedfin

    2018 Elections Thread

    Ohh they are hardcore Trumpfans. MAGA hats and everything.
  12. Dedfin

    2018 Elections Thread

    It means nothing (except to MT) but my sister said she and her husband aren't going to vote this time around because they are "annoyed at everything" and "the Democrats are going to steal the election anyway". So that's 2, in Arkansas, in a safe district
  13. Total speculation ony part but being abused, developing bad interpersonal habits of his bad crowd ans cte may have been a perfect storm for him. What's more interesting to me and maybe it deserves a separate thread is how does a coach and team recognize an antisocial person such as Hernandez yet still opt for empowering him as they did? The NEP aren't guilty of anything, but their approach to Hernandez (and other antisocial players) is gross. They aren’t the only ones to be sure. So why do we as a society allow this?
  14. Someone here really wanted Mo Brooks to be Senator, who was that?