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  1. Not only Donald Trump. A large portion of the country were against taking a knee as well. Granted, this was back in 2017 but it shows that only ~30% of white Americans supported Kaepernick taking a knee. So yes, peaceful protests were attempted and it got plenty of backlash. I don't think looting is the right answer to all of this, but what is?
  2. The point of focus was on the looters, not the murder itself. And as I mentioned before this wasn’t just any other murder, it was an absolutely gruesome one committed by the people who are supposed to protect us, but are seen abusing their power time and time again. I’m not going to waste my time arguing on this anymore but it appears people took it the same way I did.
  3. White people for sure can be the victim of police brutality but the numbers (including what you just shared) and evidence shows that blacks and minorities in general are effected by it at higher rates. It also goes beyond just murders too as it’s well documented minorities are arrested at much higher rates than whites for committing the same exact crimes.
  4. Of course not and I think the vast majority of people would agree that looting is totally unacceptable and not the correct way to go about protesting.
  5. Sure, he doesn’t have to comment on the murder if he doesn’t want to. It just speaks volume not mentioning a word about the murder and going straight into complaining about the looting, which I agree is a problem and that some people are doing so just to take advantage of the situation.
  6. You hopped into a thread talking about a horrific murder that was captured on video and your first post was being upset about people stealing stuff, while making no remark about the murder. A type of murder that we’ve seen happen countless times in this country. A type of murder that shows yet another abuse of power by the people who are supposed to protect us. A type of murder that these thugs would have gotten away with if it weren’t caught on camera by pedestrians. The fact that you felt the need to comment about the looters but not mention a word about the murder is well... very weird and revealing to say the least.
  7. Unfortunately Republicans are rolling out someone who fits your description of Biden as well. We should all be embarrassed and demand better options for leadership in this country.
  8. I don’t think that’s necessarily true. Sure there’s some massive hypocrites on the left, but I don’t know many people who enthusiastically are supporting Biden. The vast majority of people I know who are supporting Biden, including me, were not thrilled he was the nominee and have no problem admitting that he has flaws. I personally think it’s a disgrace that him and Trump are our only 2 options and almost any other year would be voting 3rd party. Then again, I still think Trump is a significantly worse person than Biden and is an awful leader who has zero intentions in uniting the country. While Biden is for sure declining mentally, I can at least respect that he’s willing to work with Republicans and wouldn’t spend hours a day on Twitter whining and trashing half of the country. On the other hand, there seems to plenty of Trump supporters who absolutely love the guy and think he’s one of the best Presidents ever. They completely ignore his flaws, don’t care about the scumbag person he is and seem to take it as a personal insult when anyone says anything negative about Trump. While I disagree with it, I can at least respect people who vote for Trump but can admit he is a very flawed candidate and awful person, but just feel he is better on a policy level than the Democrats. I would consider you as a part of that group as you’ve given valid points on what Trump has done to improve the country and you don’t seem to defend every little thing he does. What I have a very hard time respecting are the people who enthusiastically support Trump and act like his behavior isn’t a problem.
  9. In theory, worrying about the economy improving is absurd but we all know politics are ugly and I’m sure some Democrats are rooting for just that. I hate Trump but am of course rooting for the economy to improve ASAP. I personally don’t see it getting that much better though (nothing close to where it was pre-COVID) until there is vaccine or cases/deaths just about disappear as people are still hesitant to go out and live their normal, daily lives.
  10. I still can’t believe Trump already managed to completely ruin the gift Biden gave him last Friday. The guy just can’t help saying stupid #### every day. The Trump ship is sinking. His favorite pollster even has him down 42-57 in terms of approval, his lowest net approval rating since December 2017
  11. He’s a horrible person and doesn’t care about anyone but himself.
  12. Cancel culture can go too far at times but I don’t feel too bad for this lady. She knew exactly what she was doing by calling the cops and saying ‘an African American man is threatening me’. Granted, the guy was poking at her and being a little picky, but she attempted to put his life in danger over a very silly problem.
  13. I think some on this board do fall into this group of Trump supporters and there are obviously plenty of them on social media as well. Most of the Trump supporters I know in real life though are more of the ‘I wish he wouldn’t tweet and say awful things but I like his policies more than the Democrats’ type.
  14. Some of them do for sure, but I think those are more just the extreme MAGA types who truly believe every word Trump says and thinks anyone who attacks him is the enemy of the people. I’d like to think the majority of Trump supporters are against this type of behavior and are not happy when he partakes in it. Then again, I don’t expect them to acknowledge it or admit to how insane it is that a sitting President behaves like this.