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  1. I offered, Capella declined and called me a hurtful name. Reminds me of the time you gave my spot in the league away after I said I was in again, spawning the PieLeeg revolution. Translation: You only have yourself to blame, SaboLvr.
  2. Who gives a handshake agreement to a 35-year-old on a 4-year deal with Javier Baez waiting in the wings? Still the Cubs.
  3. 32.05 - Andre Ethier, OF, LAD Mother####ers act like they forgot about Dre
  4. just kiddin' ... i hope he's terrific. just the best.
  5. 8 minutes to spare.
  6. 31.20 - Juan Lagares, OF, NYM
  7. And I intent to take every minute of it.
  8. I've gone from chasing coeds and dominating this league to chasing children and getting dominated in this league. The circle of life or something...
  9. I went to make a sick Vine as a rebuttal to this garbage, and then...
  10. You know he's entering age 33 season, yes? I know that may seem young to you, but...
  11. I know HellToupee. Great guy. Tremendous asset to the league. I'm sure there were some terrific trade discussions. Would have loved to discuss FAIR deals with HellToupee. Because we're getting killed in trade deals with Crooked PIK. It's awful. We NEVER win anymore with him. Did you see what he did in the thread with the trade offers? And his pathetic prospects? SAD!
  12. 11 years was a good run. Not my fault all the league members got old and moved to retirement homes.