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  1. For those who believe the playoffs rent space in his head, that line almost seems too good to be true.
  2. Great baseball going on all over the TV for 12 hours yesterday and we're complaining about four games being on two different channels? Yeesh.
  3. RnR

    BTTF 2018: Draft Complete

    i think we're doing this
  4. RnR

    FFA Fantasy Hockey 2018-2019

    No one booted you. The draft started on time and you're on autodraft.
  5. Any way to preserve the league history? That's all we'd really be missing from CBS after 11 years. Always fun to reference old moves.
  6. We're updated. Mac is our first two-time winner. Looking forward to Year 5. See all your nerds in February to get things assembled again.
  7. Got ya. And the other three. Payouts done.
  8. 2018 payouts being sent out.... 1st - Mac ($800) 2nd - eephus ($400) 3rd - jamny ($200) 4th - shadyinc ($100)
  9. Nice job, Mac! Everyone wanting PayPal to the accounts they sent from?
  10. RnR

    BTTF 2018: Draft Complete

    Let me think on that. Appreciate it
  11. RnR

    FFA Fantasy Hockey 2018-2019

    1d1000, rolled once. Roll set 1 Die rolls: 138 Roll subtotal: 138 Roll total: 138