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  1. Is that good news for us?
  2. Was WIS sold to Sports Hub?
  3. Your face is pretty awful.
  4. Someone is going to have to trade me a catcher... or I'll Lucas Duda your asses again.
  5. Says a lot about your acumen
  6. That's where we're at now. Thanks, Eephus.
  7. Paraphrase... "Let's play a hypothetical. If Corey Knebel is down for an extended period of time, Craig Counsell likely will go to Matt Albers as the next in line for the closer role. Jeremy Jeffress also has experience. The option that would be interesting is Josh Hader, but you just don't know what the plan is there with his role. Managers always have their Plan B ready to put in place for the ninth inning." Look, I was as surprised by that as you may be. I think he sucks, but Hader is already rostered and
  8. The Milwaukee announcers quite literally said it. So...
  9. had Albers in my add/drop screen and was chosing my drop. literally couldn't hit the button fast enough... you guys are lunatics.
  10. Yes, I believe it is a revolving list of the league's top players (it's basically a collusion/drama safeguard)
  11. No, I don't think that's the format. We do have Yahoo's 'Can't Cut List' turned on, which seems to include most of the Top 2 picks. https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/64840/cantcutlist
  12. While I agree re: Arenado as the premium player, there's a real chance that each of those 3 he got in return are All-Star caliber players. Could be a situation where Arenado is the best player, but PIK still won the trade.