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  1. Ubaldo Jimenez, 2010
  2. Usually those low BA/high HR guys also bring the 0 SB anchor as well. Safe to put Jon Gray and Robbie Ray in the same discussion here, I think.
  3. This is actually a really good way of looking at him, IMO.
  4. to be fair, they might be better than the Padres.
  5. Betcha feel pretty dumb now, eh?
  6. Team bold predictions: Cubs fail to win the NL Central. Red Sox fail to win the AL East. Mets hold a July fire sale after pitcher health lets them down once again. Player bold predictions: Mike Trout becomes the 5th player in MLB history to join the 40/40 club. After a 6.15 ERA in his first 101 IP with Arizona, Shelby Miller turns in a sub-4.00 ERA as a key member of the DBacks rotation in 2017. Gregory Polanco becomes a household name in 2017, putting it all together offensively on his way to a strong campaign for NL MVP.
  7. Great. Can we work on Miguel Sano, next? Because, you know, that's not really a thing either.
  8. That's the No. 1 hurdle to surpassing value of his ADP. He's being drafted alongside guys who have been there and done that from an innings perspective. I'm not questioning the skillset, I'm questioning the mindset that he's a bargain at current ADP. There's some IP uptick anticipation built into his price, and to say he exceeds that price is basically calling for significantly more than we've seen to date. I want to believe. And I want to own him. Just can't find profit in his price.
  9. Still waiting on those projected numbers for Paxton that will have him outperforming his ADP. (Your words, not mine)
  10. Projection: Jesus Aguilar will be starting at 1B for Milwaukee by June.
  11. .224/47/18/51/1 ... withholding at-bat total until I can hook Peyton on one of those 30 HR bets.
  12. As deep as I can remember it. You can even consider guys like Trea Turner and Matt Carpenter for the position as well.