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  1. They don't make many like Roy. He was a good one.
  2. @Chemical X ... I need to pay your alias. Assuming that one paid.
  3. Sorry gents, I was traveling this week and didn't get around to this until now. @Fat Drunk and Stupid and @rodg12 ... you should be all set to claim funds via LeagueSafe.
  4. missing the number 6 on the end of that at gmail
  5. i don't see anything on my paypal
  6. A review of the LeagueSafe situation reveals that we're only paid from 13 of 15. Best I can tell, @cosjobs is one of them. Trying to narrow down the other. I'll pay everyone else and track those 2 down for my winnings.
  7. This still a thing?
  8. I did early on, yes. Roll is above.
  9. 1d1000, rolled once. Roll set 1 Die rolls: 843 Roll subtotal: 843 Roll total: 843
  10. Serious question: Are we drafting on Sunday or Tuesday?
  11. I just got deleted?
  12. Correct. However, little-known fact for many is that he was Wilt's great uncle.
  13. Guys, imagine how guilty you'll feel if you take this from me.