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  1. Chicken and beer bros. Only Cardinal I can remember openly disliking to friends and family without fear of ridicule.
  2. @Peyton Marino Looks like your Schwarber draft pick is finally going to pay off tonight.
  3. We're discussing an amazing 1993 high school yearbook prediction on the 2016 World Series, as well as Washington State football coach/pirate Mike Leach's thoughts on the Chicago Cubs in the ***OFFICIAL*** 2016 World Series thread. Join us, friends.
  4. Hey @pantagrapher, this is really awesome too. Really enjoying your company in here. Tell your friends!
  5. Momentum gaining. Welcome, friend. I submit this take from Washington State football coach Mike Leach for your consumption.
  6. Join me, friends. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/750208-official-2016-world-series-thread-make-the-baseball-forum-great-again/
  7. Come home, people. CHICAGO CUBS vs. CLEVELAND INDIANS GAME SCHEDULE Tuesday, October 25 8:00 PM WS Gm 1 Cubs @ Indians Lester (19-5) at Kluber (18-9) FOX Wednesday, October 26 8:00 PM WS Gm 2 Cubs @ Indians Arrieta (18-8) at TBD FOX Friday, October 28 8:00 PM WS Gm 3 Indians @ Cubs TBD at Hendricks (16-8) FOX Saturday, October 29 8:00 PM WS Gm 4 Indians @ Cubs TBD at Lackey (11-8) FOX Sunday, October 30 8:00 PM WS Gm 5* Indians @ Cubs TBD at TBD FOX * if necessary Tuesday, November 1 8:00 PM WS Gm 6* Cubs @ Indians TBD at TBD FOX * if necessary Wednesday, November 2 8:00 PM WS Gm 7* Cubs @ Indians TBD at TBD FOX * if necessary
  8. Come back to the baseball forum, you #######s. It's the ####### World Series. ####.