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  1. Yeah, Ripken was a pretty dumb player. Same with Gehrig.
  2. LD cleaned this up pretty well re: Kennedy. But I'd just throw in that four years of a cost-controlled Jorge Soler in exchange for a one-year rental of Davis (who ended last year with all kinds of arm issues) has to be considered a very forward-thinking move for this group who knew that free agency was coming for the big bats (well, what used to be big bats).
  3. Time for a Franklin Barreto watch. .980 OPS through 25 games at Triple-A.
  4. Eephus is getting into the PIK market, I see. Meanwhile, I've cornered the DL'ed Top 5 pitcher market. Good luck to the rest of you with healthy lats and parked motorbikes.
  5. I'm coming off as a jackass because Peyton bumped a post after 5 starts? My response wasn't even directed at you, it was directed at the person who quoted me. You've done better work, sir.
  6. He's been great. And he still wasn't a "sleeper" in any league I drafted this spring.
  7. The old man tried to warn you guys. He's seen his share of Greg Birds in his day.
  8. Great news. As a lefty myself, this was my favorite clip of the offseason. Just wish I had seen it when I was young enough to utilize it. Some serious knowledge dropped.
  9. Sad part for Marty is that he's reaching the age/tenure at which he should be considered a baseball treasure. Even Hawk got to that point... but Marty is still a turd.
  10. "Why are those black ball players smiling so much?" -Rirruto after watching Brandon Phillips
  11. Take it to the politics forum with Tim, guy. We're building consensus through hating on Thom Brennaman in here, not making sweeping generalizations about players based on race.
  12. phone app is also noticeably better (not the best out there, but i don't hate using it anymore) ETA: also, still waiting on someone to trade me a reasonably priced closer.