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  1. I'm with you. I feel like it's one of those things that will bother me for 6 weeks and then I'll never notice it again.
  2. Can't wait for those to be a cool throwback option in 2039
  3. I'm sorry, but this is wrong. The home plate umpire's primary job is to watch the ball for a called ball/strike. If he's able to identify a non-checked swing, he does. If he isn't able to/doesn't think it was a swing, it's on the other team to ask for a second opinion. Not only do the umpires down the line have a better vantage point on the angle of the bat, it's also their primary "pre-pitch" responsibility. Can cameras help with this eventually? Sure. But I don't get the "they've been doing this wrong for 130 years" shtick. Umpires are actually well-trained and quite good at a very difficult job. Anyone who says differently has clearly never given it a shot at real speed themselves.
  4. Jumping in to say kudos, fellas. Good stuff. Donation to Chance for Hope in honor of SnoreCal seems like a fantastic gesture from everyone.
  5. Let's talk through this in February and we can make some changes. I'm cool with changes. Also, I just floated through the Cake thread after some time away from FBG: 1- Really sad to see SCBF died. He was a long-time participant in our shenanigans. 2- I think it's really awesome that @jamny took over his team a month into the season and won the whole damn thing. 3- I think it's even more awesome that Jamny has the heart to donate the $1125 winnings from that league straight to SCBF's family to pay for the expenses, support the children, etc. Gonna make a guy cry, man.
  6. Paid out the following via PayPal: 1st - 800 - @HellToupee 2nd - 400 - @MAC_32 3rd - 200 - @Eephus 4th - 100 - @jamny Let me know if any mistakes were made there. Congrats to HT, again. Thanks to everyone else for a great season. See you all back for Year 6 in late February!
  7. Attention other winners: DM or email me with your PayPal addy of choice and I'll get it squared away.
  8. What time are we starting this thing? Been sitting in the draft room since 9 central
  9. Congrats, Nancy! Shall I send your husband his money through your account? I'd hate to see it get intercepted.
  10. Push back to 9:30 would be awesome for me, but I can make 8:30 happen
  11. 1d1000, rolled once. Roll set 1 Die rolls: 836 Roll subtotal: 836 Roll total: 836
  12. Pennant race getting a little boring, tbh
  13. Hot takes like this show my last place spot so far has been well-earned.
  14. Did we make this a keeper leeg or something?