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  1. The old man tried to warn you guys. He's seen his share of Greg Birds in his day.
  2. Great news. As a lefty myself, this was my favorite clip of the offseason. Just wish I had seen it when I was young enough to utilize it. Some serious knowledge dropped.
  3. Sad part for Marty is that he's reaching the age/tenure at which he should be considered a baseball treasure. Even Hawk got to that point... but Marty is still a turd.
  4. "Why are those black ball players smiling so much?" -Rirruto after watching Brandon Phillips
  5. Take it to the politics forum with Tim, guy. We're building consensus through hating on Thom Brennaman in here, not making sweeping generalizations about players based on race.
  6. Hi Rirruto, Let's not do this, OK? Thanks, -R
  7. phone app is also noticeably better (not the best out there, but i don't hate using it anymore) ETA: also, still waiting on someone to trade me a reasonably priced closer.
  8. Sounds perfect. Also, someone trade me a reasonably priced closer.
  9. Even those two numbers seem suspect to me. 32/109 batting behind the NL MVP vs. 29/97 while routinely getting pitched around in a glorified Triple-A lineup.
  10. Waiting on Captain Hook to confirm.
  11. I brought it up? You littered the last page with your same ole rhetoric about why baseball sucks. You even called NV stupid. No one wants to read it. Maybe someone should be more direct with you: No one cares if you don't like baseball. And no one here thinks enough of you to i-stalk you. I try to humor you by attempting to engage in some banter about it, but you clearly aren't built for that type of back-and-forth. That's fine. Just keep being that loser who makes his internet shtick hating baseball on a baseball forum on a fantasy football message board. It's gold, baby.
  12. So, as I was enjoying a Cubs loss this afternoon, I was reminded that Anthony Rizzo won the Silver Slugger for NL first basemen last year. In what way was he superior to Joey Votto, exactly?
  13. Yep. Losing sleep over it. It'd help if I didn't run into it every time I log into the Foosball Guys. Relax, nerd.