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  1. I just manually set the waiver priority to the inverse of the draft order. So the 15th pick has No. 1 waiver priority, 14th has No. 2, etc. That's the way we've done it in past seasons. I think there's a 3-day waiting period after the rosters are submitted for the first waiver run, which appears to be March 17. I feel like that's how we've always let it run in the past, but if there's a big reason we should hold off I'm all ears.
  2. Everyone has paid, rosters are set on Yahoo and we should be good to go. That's how you run a draft, NJ Generals. Eat it.
  3. Chris Owings, 2B/SS/OF, Arizona @HellToupee OTC
  4. Nick Markakis, OF, ATL @cosjobs
  5. Billy Wagner retired, also, btw
  6. Jason Heyward, OF, CHC @HellToupee
  7. i'll go Pat Neshek, RP, PHI @cosjobs OTC
  8. it's always fun and games until you become the one with a "touch and go" Monday