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  1. Translation: "I can't compete in this without @Peyton Marino"
  2. See ya at the draft! (But seriously, we saw that you re-upped for the inferior auction league next door and we're not going to allow that.)
  3. RnR

    BTTF 2018: MLB123746

    Please advise. I'm not dropping the $12 yet because, to be frank, most of you nerds can't be trusted.
  4. I don't hate the Cardinals offseason so far, you guys. Don't hate it at all.
  5. What position are you wanting to call him? Catchers have won batting titles a total of 7 times in MLB history. Mauer accounts for 3 of the 7 (2006, 2008 and 2009). All 5 of his Silver Sluggers were won as a catcher and all three of his Gold Gloves were also of the catcher variety. Ranks third all-time (behind HOF catchers Mike Piazza and Mickey Cochrane) with a .899 career OPS while playing catcher (Min. 3000 PA at catcher). From noted stat nerd and cowboy boot aficionado Brian Kenny: "Joe Mauer is a good #HOF candidate. Joe Mauer 8 yr peak: 5 win player 139 OPS+ As a catcher. That’s not good, that’s great."
  6. Career .306 hitter, 2009 MVP, 3-time AL batting champ, 6-time All-Star, 5-time Silver Slugger, 3-time Gold Glove catcher, 2,123 career hits in 1,858 career games and a career OPS+ of 124. Hall of Fame catcher?
  7. Miss me with this no heart stuff. Or should I send you a picture of all the kids at the ballpark / playground complex down the street from me that he dropped seven figures on to ensure that disabled children have a place to safely play the game he loves? They may have a take on this no heart debate. David competes his tail off, and his heart is just fine. Time to find some other playoff sample size victim to terrorize, bruh.
  8. For those who believe the playoffs rent space in his head, that line almost seems too good to be true.
  9. Great baseball going on all over the TV for 12 hours yesterday and we're complaining about four games being on two different channels? Yeesh.
  10. RnR

    BTTF 2018: MLB123746

    i think we're doing this
  11. RnR

    FFA Fantasy Hockey 2018-2019

    No one booted you. The draft started on time and you're on autodraft.