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  1. We have the option to keep 2 players, however if you do you loose a 1st round and your 2nd round pick. You can also only keep a player for 1 time then they go back to the pool. I been trying to get them to change the rule to be you keep the player you drafted in the round that you drafted them in. I hope this clarifies, I understand I did not explain it enough. Thank you for your responses.
  2. I need help with keepers I have Alvin Kamara will keep him for a 1.08 pick my question is Delvin Cook or Keenan Allen for 2.05 1 PPR, I believe Hopkins, Hunt and Gurley will be the only ones kept. My keepers are due by the end of day on Sunday.
  3. I need help, please. I am in a 12 team PPR keeper, we can keep up to 2 players, however they will cost a 1st and 2nd rounds. You do not need to keep of you choose to. I pick 1.11, I can keep E Elliott for this year only and loose a 1st round pick. Here comes the conundrum, I predict Green will be kept at 1.04, L Bell at 1.05, McCoy at 1.07, A Brown at 1.08, J Jones at 1.09, Gordon at 1.10, D Johnson at 1.12, M Evans at 2.04 and D Freeman at 2.08. There are 4 people who are not keeping any players and they draft before me. The team who drafts at 1.03 also has the 2.01 pick due to a trade last year. I been mocking using the Draft Dominator this year I have the AI set to how my league mates draft due to draft data that I collected since 2012. I understand that mocking is never 100% correct. Here is the big wrinkle, i need to set my keeper by 12.00am on Monday, August 14, 2017. I would like to know what everyone would do.I can only keep him for this year. Regards, Specoali,