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  1. Gibson is a home run or a zero. But I find him interesting
  2. Yes this is a start up? It would seem to me throwing points away to get younger might be something you do after the season.
  3. It doesn’t look like Mandy Rose has any leggings on tonight?
  4. Well I ended up getting a 2021 1st,2nd both mid to late, and a 2022 2nd.
  5. Ok thanks fightingillini and gally. Been trying to get my head around relative values.
  6. Not sure have been a paying member for over 15 years
  7. Do you have to keep 2? I would almost keep one and see who is available in the second. Probably not a huge downgrade, lots of upside.
  8. Yes it’s been 15 years since I have been in dynasty. After thinking about it, I can prob get what ever is being offered after the season as what is being offered now. With the upside of a playoff contender cashing in. I will hold on for a premium offer.
  9. Thanks What would you think would be a fair deal? or one that someone might accept. Now I am thinking if that is too much, then whatever I could get now wouldn't be all that much different from what I would get after the season.
  10. I took over a orphan with a decent starting line up but zero depth. Can’t cover byes. I have Julio and I thinking of trying to move him. I haven’t gotten my head around values and I am trying to figure out what a good value is for him. I am thinking 2 2021 first, and a 3rd wr.
  11. Of Thomas is the #1 guy. Yes you take the #1 guy. If everyone of protecting a 1st rounder than you would have the first and only choice in the first round, so protect your 5th round guy, take Thomas with your pick and you gain a edge. It’s a gamble. Weight the down side calculate your and make your decision.
  12. Jackson would be a must at 12 no matter what the scoring. Robinson with a fifth is a good value also. Can you take a guess at what the other teams are doing? If they are all protecting 1st rounders then I would let Thomas and Zeke go as you will be able to draft them in the first round anyway.