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  1. I haven’t liked the whole Rollins|mysterio angle. The eye thing. Not sure where the daughter/Murphy thing is going but it makes me cringe.
  2. I thought Mandy might have been hitting the buffet with Otis a little bit too much. what was with Deville and her pants? Don’t they test these things? also I think mysterio’s hood outfit was another wardrobe mistake
  3. Yes that is why I said “wondered” I am not wondering anymore
  4. Plus I just don’t think there are enough bodies and tv time to support 2 singles titles (3 if you include NXT) AND tag team titles. I don’t think there are enough men’s teams to support the 2 tag titles they run.
  5. I have thought that the women’s tag titles were a way to move the female talent around brands.Without invoking the 4 time visitor rule or what ever it is. Not to mention there aren't really enough men's tag teams to support two major belts at the moment.
  6. I was thinking have everyone rank all the other teams rosters. Average them all, and that’s the order. Maybe reverse the 3rd round.
  7. At that price I get my beer an hour value out of it. Once in a while I like the 80’s stuff.
  8. I am not sure I would consider that upgrade big enough to warrant a 1st. Especially considering either way this would be your bye week guy. Buy low sell high. Right now Stidham is low. If he turns out to be a t10-15 guy maybe look at making a move. I doubt he can be valued any lower as a starter.
  9. The first trade for Jefferson or Ruggs is a toss up. I assume you liked them in the first place or you wouldn't have taken him. So you trade a player you already have, for a similar player next year and another guy you pick up in the 3rd. Granted having two first rounders gives you some capital to move up. I would say it depends on how much you like Jefferson or Ruggs. In a dynasty league I would have a tough time giving up the #1 player in FF for anything. Especially in the first year. He can almost single handily get you in the playoffs. If you make the trade I see Gronk and Robinson as spot starters, and Hunt becoming a almost every week player. I think this is a major downgrade and takes you out of the playoff hunt.
  10. Thank you for your detailed answer. Knowing that my "B,C" bid will be cancelled if my Z player gets dropped for my A bid is very helpful.
  11. I took over a IDP Dynasty team 39 man rosters and I have about 8 guys who are one step away from being out of the league and another 6 which I can upgrade. There is one Bid WW run coming up in a few weeks before weekly runs start in August. For my upgrades, I don't necessarily want to drop the guy I have unless I get someone at the same position I think is better. I am trying to make sure I understand how the WW run will work. For example I want to upgrade the kicker. I have McManus, but I think Gould or Myers would be an upgrade. If I put my waiver wire bid in order: Bid 2 Gould, drop McManus Big 2 Myers, drop McManus I am assuming if get Gould, my Myers bid gets cancelled. Or does my Myers bid go thru If I have an open spot. I am also assuming they run in the order I put them in. I hope that makes sense I don't want to get two kickers, and leave the rookie WR I like on the board due to a processing issue. I have a number of players I want to do this with. Thank in advance.
  12. I got him as my bag of chips in a trade. Hopefully he is healed up and puts on a good camp. At least he has a season under his belt which gives him a leg up on Reagor at least for the first half of the season.
  13. You mentioned you earned the 1.03. I would shoot for the sky and hope you get a stud at 1.03. Monte might be washed up by the time you are ready to contend. A 2.07 is a crap shoot
  14. Yes I not near enough to give up a super stud like Jackson