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  1. Thanks Floppo! Good to be back. Fellani's tackle on Milivojevic on Saturday was just the latest in a long line of ridiculously reckless challenges. I don't understand how he is still allowed to make a living doing this.
  2. Marouane Fellani is a piece of human garbage.
  3. A guy vanishes from a message board for a few years and his topic gets archived. What's the world coming to? Zidane sign yet?
  4. For the metalheads: Code Orange - Forever (released yesterday) Spring: Mastodon, Pallbearer (March 24) Due late 2017: The Contortionist, Converge Due sometime in 2017: Elder, Ghost, High on Fire, The Ocean, Sleep, System of a Down Others I'm looking forward to: Flaming Lips (only listened once, but so far I dig it), King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Minus the Bear, Cloud Nothings, All Them Witches, Temples
  5. Dropping in to make sure Nattesferd had been shared in this thread. Its mother####ing brilliant.
  6. New Lightning Bolt is streaming on NPR.
  7. FYI - Consumer Cellular has raised their minutes/texts/data on all plans, as well as added another tier to their text/data offerings.
  8. New GY!BE releases March 31, and they've released an eight minute portion of the first track.
  9. Rest of the month has some of my most anticipated releases of the year: badbadnotgood/Ghostface Killah - Stone Sour Spectres - Dying Torche - Restarter Elder - Lore
  10. Hulk, just wanted to say thanks for your advice. We left Verizon first of the year, and had a couple issues with porting over as well as data setup on my new Moto X. CC's customer service did not always get everything right the first time, but they always were easy to get on the phone and able to get things cleared up with a follow up call. Coverage has been fine, service has been great.