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  1. Love it. Meeting celebrities. I was in a bar in California down the coast from San Jose. just finished playing golf at a course called Poppy Hills in Monterey. Sitting with my 3 buddies at the bar and in walks Reggie Jackson who sits next to me. We all said "hey Reggie" and he joined the conversation. Seems he had also just played the same course. Anyway long story short he was very nice and open. No airs at all.
  2. Musial came to a father son cub scout dinner when I was about 7-8. I still have no idea what was in it for him. I don't think he was paid and the food was probably bad. But he came and sat at the head of the table. I was awestruck. After dinner he is signing autographs and I'm just sitting there. My dad says "go get an autograph". I 'm like oh he won't give me one. He laughs and says he'd giving everyone else one why not you? I lost the autograph which I don't care about (was probably on a paper dinner plateZ) but the memory is forever. And I have't been in STL since 1970 but am still a die hard Cards fan.
  3. Yeah Nails had/has issues. Same as Rose. Both have a darker side. I did get to meet guy hero as a kid and there was no damage done to my idols reputation then or ever. Stan the man.
  4. Yeah it baffles me when teams don't employ the platoon more often. It can be very productive and keeps the bench guy sharper. For some reason team seem to value an every day player higher. I can see not platooning more than one position (only have a 26 man roster) but whatever.
  5. Very similar to the Cards. If the Reds sign Ozuna (who I am not crazy about returning to STL) it does make them look serious. But do they want that commitment to a guy who has been just a little better than average other than one year in his career?
  6. Anyone that didn't notice how good the Reds pitching was last year wasn't paying attention. They have some really good arms. Especially when you consider they pitch in a band box stadium.
  7. Yup. As a Cards fan I'd like to ridicule the Reds. Not gonna do it. They had excellent pitching last year and the emergence of Suarez plus Votto gives them a nice 1-2 punch in the middle. Add in Moustakas and they are beginning to look capable of contending. I do think Akiyama is a bit risky though. The foot injury is one thing. Maybe nothing but with speed guys always a concern. His age another at 31 you never know where the decline will start. And coming from japanese baseball there might be some drop off. If I'm a Reds fan I like the move. but not without risk. Kind of like the Kim signing bt STL. Not a huge thing but upside in it.
  8. Hopefully he will be more consistent next year. Heck, I've actually got delusions the Cards could win a few more games in real life. LOL
  9. His season is now over. I'm just going to say I see a franchise level QB there. Remember he did what he did as a rookie, with limited team skills around him. if they add any talent to the team he is probably going to be considered a top 10 QB in next years drafts. And as a citizen of Phoenix - GO CARDS.
  10. These last two weks my bench has outscored my starters. I am sooooo happy FF is over for the year. ðŸĪŠ
  11. I am torn. No way I can sit my big guns. Carson, Chubb, T Hill all play regardless of opponent. Best WR is perelman so he plays. Left with D Freeman, Boone, M Sanders, Gallup, Mostert How in the heck I am in the losers section this year I have no clue. Oh yeah, my team was the most scored against in the league by a wide margin. 😐
  12. I'm in the same boat. I have Carson, Chubb, D Freeman, M Sanders, Mostert and Boone. You all should pay close attention to who I start because whoever is on my bench will have a career day. 🙄
  13. He won't look dorky to the gold diggers. 😎
  14. Maybe there will be lots of blockbuster trades. I doubt it but ya never know.
  15. 3 batters rule is stupid. Baseball needs to stop trying to fix what ain't broken. Are they going to enforce it in a world series game when a reliever comes in and can't find the strike zone? I doubt it.