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  1. Yeah I also wondered if I was in the minority. I consider AJ a must start WR1 the rest of the year unless he is facing a particular cover man. Even then WR2,
  2. Well I'm stuck with Mincshew or Dalton. Sucky choices to be sure. I miss Dak snif.
  3. What would you buy low to sell A Jones high for?
  4. Thanks I look at Stafford as a guy I might have drafted in a 12 team league. Not so much the others. I am trying to get him 1sr then Minchew if I get bumped.
  5. I have Dalton and Carr. Right now unsure. I also have a chance to grab Stafford and Minchew. Trying to choose.
  6. And yet I wish I'd started him. Instead I played Mattison. Well it's probably my fault Mattison sucked and Mixon didn't. LOL
  7. I got AJ in a 12 team redraft 4:2. Finally getting returns. I had DK targeted in the next round with pick 5:11 but he was taken 5:9. I got McLaurin instead. ANd as we all know not nearly as good. Oh well.
  8. I hear you. This is my logic. Jeudy is the #1 receiver for a lousy passing offense. I don't think DEN will get it's offense together to make Jeudy more than an occasional possible WR2. Might have one or two good games but when they will happen I have no idea. Since I have AJ Brown, McLaurin, Ceedee Lamb, and just added Henry Ruggs I just can't use the spot for Jeudy. Harris is in a system that usually doesn't have a bellcow back. And it is very possible he is just part of a 3 headed RBBC as usual there and a waste of time. Betting you are right. If you (and I) are wrong and he runs for 14 touches and catches 4 passes for combined 100 yards and a TD suddenly it looks like he is a bellcow. Maybe I can then package him with Dalton for a QB upgrade. But I've been wrong before too.
  9. OK, I have QBs. Dalton and Cousins. But Bridgewater was waived and I have a claim in dumping Cousins for him. And Jeudy is gone.
  10. Someone waived Bridgewater so I am trying to replace Cousins with Teddy.
  11. Well, fingers crossed. I lost Dak and got Dalton and Cousins to try and cobble a QB production from. I confess I was feeling pretty good about my chances a week ago and now not so much.
  12. Yeah I am torn. I guess I don't see Jeudy becoming much this year with the uncertainty at QB in DEN. While Harris could become as close to a bellcow RB as it gets in NE. Maybe as good as a RB2 which has trade value even if I don't use him.
  13. I am an Edmunds believer. And yet - I don't think I'll start him this week. Between A Jones, Mixon, J Conner, Mattison and D Harris I have to leave some on the bench. Can only start 3. If and when AZ declares or is obvious about Edmunds as the primary RB I will start him I guess.
  14. OK looks like its the waiver wire for me. Here are the available QBs in no particular order. Opinions on how you'd handle it are welcome. Herbert (week 6 bye) looks like the real deal Brees (week 6 bye) (Thomas back might help) Carr (week 6 bye) Goff (week 9 bye) Dalton (week 10 bye) Wentz (week 9 bye) Mayfield (Week 9 bye) Cousins (week 7 bye) D Jones (week 11 bye) Honestly I am tempted to add Cousins for werk 6 against ATL. He should light them up. And try to stash Herbert for long term. Or Goff. Or Carr. Looking for opinions and strategy. I can drop Jeudy to carry 2 QBs so open to plan ahead for good and bad matchups. No guarantee I will get who I want so I need some order of 3-4 guys.
  15. Or Mattison for Minshew. ?