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  1. Jamesinaz

    Playoff Defense

    I am in the same boat as you Zeke. Except I probably have the better team. So I'm looking for a safe play for week 14 and then roll the Bears in.
  2. Have the Bears. Looking to add SEA. Week 14 - Sea vs MIN Week 15 - Sea @SF or CHI vs GB Week 16 - CHI @SF Week 17 - CHI @MIN Best I can get I think. Don't mind JETS @BUF week 14 but I'm not holding 3 Ds.
  3. Jamesinaz

    Have to chose 2 WRs

    For the record I am swimming with TY and Cooks. So far the TY choice is looking excellent. Hope so for Cooks. Thanks for all the opinions.
  4. Jamesinaz

    Have to chose 2 WRs

    Wow. Harder than it seems.
  5. Jamesinaz

    Playoff Defense

    Hi. Good idea for discussion. I am currently streaming the Bears the rest of the regular season. At 9-1 I don't worry about the last 3 weeks. And I like the Bears into the playoffs excepting week 14 against LAR. I'll be looking for a streamer this week to stash until week 14. Titans are owned in my league so I will be checking alternatives. For week 14 I am considering: Broncos @SF Lions @Ari Patriots @Mia Seahawks vs MIN Saints @TB
  6. Jamesinaz

    Have to chose 2 WRs

    HI all. I'm in a 12 team non-PPR league. Standard ESPN rules. Need to chose two of these. TY Hilton B Cooks Golladay C Davis Leaning towards Hilton (thinking he is due for a big game) and Cooks.
  7. Jamesinaz

    Chris Carson - RB - Seahawks

    I believe Davis is still the primary if Carson is injured. Penny seems like he should be best but maybe they prefer the Davis style of basic running the ball. But if there are no injuries I think Davis is not relevant to fantasy, I will be waiving him Tuesday to add something else.
  8. Jamesinaz

    Njoku vs Seals-Jones

    Thanks. I figured. After the bye week gonna drop SJ and pick up a streaming D/ST for week 14 when my Bears D faces the LAR.
  9. Jamesinaz

    Chris Carson - RB - Seahawks

    I don't trust Seattle. I am benching Davis. Course I got Gurley, A Jones and K Johnson ahead of him anyway.
  10. Thanks for that. I am trying to set up my team for the playoffs and have the Bears D. Going to stick with it excepting week 14 when I hope to stream the Broncos.
  11. Currently owned in my league. Looking at Bears schedule other than week 14 LAR I'm OK running with them so I am now focused solely on a streamer for week 14.
  12. Jamesinaz

    Njoku vs Seals-Jones

    I am in a standard non-ppr league redraft. Honestly, I'm not really concerned with this week as I am 9-1 and assured a playoff spot. I'd prefer the guy with higher upside as neither is really consistent. it is my weakest position. Thinking of making an offer for a TE but either I am going to overpay one of my payoff competitors or be ignored by the teams out of it. Can't see how that makes sense. Thanks for the input. Guess Ill see this week if SJ is real or a fluke and decide after Sunday.
  13. Jamesinaz

    Njoku vs Seals-Jones

    OK, I really don't want to use both roster spots here. I grabbed Seals-Jones for Njoku's BYE week. And I will drop one after this. Going forward which do you all think is the better keeper? I know it's weak but it is my weakest position. Most important which is the better keeper for weeks 14-17 which are my leagues playoffs as I am assured of being in them already. League is 12 team redraft Non-Ppr ESPN standard rules.
  14. Thanks. I need the roster spot so I'm dumping the Lions. Hope I can grab a team for week 14 when the Bears face the LAR. Do not want. LOL