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  1. Well, since he is my only QB I am biased towards Brees. OTOH Ben always plays lots better in PIT. And GB isn't exactly a league leader in defense. I think both are top 10 picks this week. Coin toss for me.
  2. Well, unfortunately I did not start M Jones. ZING. Well every choice makes someone happy. My opponent likes it. OK, for RB I am torn. As are Bloom, Dodd and Tremblay. They all give differing advice under myfbg. I need two. Doug Martin - will get touchs but so what? has sucked for weeks Crowell - pretty much same as Martin. Jamaal Williams - is the starter in GB. Woodhead - is he really healthy and has a tough HOU defense D Booker. - rumor is he is moving ahead of CJ but... I dunno. Sadly that is it. Two of them. WR is fortunately better (and coulda been much better if I'd started Jones). I need two Baldwin - a winner TY Hilton - a weak TEN defense Funchess - #1 now and plays like it TW - Kelce Flex one of the above or Greg Olsen TE CAR. Would really like more input from people who've been at this longer than I.
  3. Thanks. I have to admit going with Martin concerns me. he has had a total of 22 points the last five games. I a thinking of Booker who looks like he has emerged as the #1 in Denver against a weak OAK run defense. I don't know. And Woodhead but he is against a tough D as is Abdullah. I agree with Baldwin/Hilton and a Panther in my Flex position. Thanks for the opinion. Oh, just wondering why you prefer martin. Maybe I'm overlooking something. And happy Thanksgiving.
  4. Thanks. I have reposted in the correct forum.
  5. Hi all, I have a tough call this week. I am in a redraft non PPR ESPN 12 team league. At 6-5 I still have delusions of making the playoffs. Maybe D Johnson will return and carry me to victory then. Ha, OK, for this week I am baffled who to play. RB RB WR WR TE FLEX RBs - Doug Martin, Crowell, Abdullah, Jamaal Williams, D Woodhead, Devontae Booker WRs - Baldwin, TY Hilton, Marvin Jones, Funchess TEs - Kelce, Greg Olsen
  6. Hi all, I haven't done this before but I really need help. I think when you see the choices I have you'll appreciate my dilemma. First off I am 6-5 and trying for the playoffs. It is a redraft standard ESPN league. 12 teams. And I am hoping maybe my first pick D Johnson returns to give me a legitimate chance in the playoffs. But I got to get there and this is the bunch I have now, And I NEED to have 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE and one flex. Baldwin - no brainer Kelce - no brainer Doug Martin, Jamaal Williams, Isaiah Crowell, Abdullah, D Booker, D Woodhead, TY Hilton, Funchess, Marvin Jones, Greg Olsen. I have to start 4 of this line. And if I am going to start either Abdullah or Jones I need to do it before game time tomorrow. Really can't decide on this. A lot of similar players. Thanks for any help.
  7. I can't believe he was waIVED IN MY LEAGUE last week. I was like 6th or 7th in the list for waivers and I got him. I know without a decent QB he is struggling but the talent is there as we just saw. With he, Baldwin and FUnchess I feel like I finally have a decent WR core. Now if only someone would waive Bell or Hunt. LOLs.
  8. Ha. I had Chris Carson too. LOLs
  9. Well it no longer matters. Watson is out for the year so I need Brees. Let me see now. D Johnson and now Watson. Yeah, anyone wanting to sell me a lottery ticket can forget it. LOLs
  10. OK, I am desperately trying to remain relevant in my 12 team standard non PPR ESPN league. And I was fortunate enough to grab Watson a few weeks back. Not smart enough to start him last week but that ends now. He is the best QB right now . So I am marketing my previous starter hoping to improve the team. That would be Brees. I offered him to the league and am awaiting replies. My team is week at RB and WR and I have been streaming Defenses. Yeah at 4 and 4 I am lucky. So far one offer is for the Rams defense. I am inclined to accept if no one else makes an offer. Opinions not only welcome but HELP. In case you wonder: QBs - Deshaun and Brees RBs - D Martin, Abdullah, Darkwa, Crowell, D Johnson WRs - Baldwin, Funchess, TY (got off waivers yesterday), E Sanders, Lockett, TE - Kelce, G Olsen Titans Lutz
  11. Same here. My RB picks were D Johnson, Crowell, Abduhlah, and D Martin. Ugh. And I thought I was gonna be dealing Res at midseason. LOLs.
  12. Huh. Would have been nice. I just got TY on waivers in my league. Now if only he had a quality QB throwing him the ball.
  13. Hi all. I feel I got an OK team but this week I can not decide who to start. OK, 12 team league standard scoring standard roster. Brees over Rivers. That I like Kelce is my only TE. Fine by me. Only K and TD are set. Question is - with 2 RB and 2 WR and a flex who out of this group. Crowell Abdullah Baldwin Martavis Tarik Cohen Terrell Williams Chris Carson JJ Nelson Perine Seems like a lot of the same here and can't choose. HELP.
  14. I accidentally picked up Carson Saturday before the game. Yes, I clicked on the wrong guy as I had been consuming adult beverages. Having said that, my dilemma is this. I now have Carson. And Rawls. And this weeks FA pool includes Derrick Henry (who I waived) and JJ Nelson (who I want) and I don't know. I loved Rawls that stretch he had as I owned him then and maybe I'm still living in the past. Question is - dump him and add Henry or JJ? Tough call.''