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  1. Do you think trading D. Thomas for D Freeman is a good idea.
  2. Should I start Rawls or Murray for Week 2?
  3. I was just wondering if I should start Edelman or Maclin.
  4. Yeah, it is small league. But i still got money on it so i like to ask around and do my research.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Ok, so I'm going to keep Edelman. I was going to drop M. Thomas for Fitzgerald. The reason why i was going to drop Edelman because i wasn't sure if he was going to do good with the absence of Brady. As for right now I just have him on the bench. But because D. Thomas isn't doing so well and he Questionable for week 2 I'm not sure if Edelman would be a good replacement above J. Mathews or L. Fitzgerald. But i just realized i would of made a stupid decision of dropping Edelman for Jordan,when i can drop M. Thomas for Jordan to play week 2
  6. I am thinking of dropping Edelman for Matthews. I have Brady sitting on my bench, was hoping to handcuff the two. Any suggestions would be appreciated thank you.
  7. Anyone think Rawls will play more this week or should I stick with Woodhead. He did great last week, but will he continue to get the ball in week 2?
  8. Should I play D. Thomas or D. Baldwin for week 1.
  9. Should I play D. Thomas or D. Baldwin for week 1.