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  1. In for League 1.
  2. This draft is a ####### ####### cluster####.
  3. How about now? Almost 24 hours. I don't usually ##### about the clock but this is absurd. Draft hits a brick wall when it's his turn to pick. He's near the turn and is averaging 23 hrs/pick and hasn't checked in for 2 of his 7 picks. Hope things are ok with him but he obviously can't commit to the draft. It's time to replace him.
  4. League 7 - Shadowfax - IN
  5. You otc back to back

  6. Search under 2016 and you'll find it.
  7. blame Holloway and his 3 defenses.
  8. All this time to pick and I feel like I'm forced to take a defense here. :anti-climatic: I don't have commish access. Can someone give me Indianapolis DST?
  9. Odd, I tried earlier and couldn't get on. Let me check now and catch up on picks.
  10. you otc with replacement pick

  11. Same here. I'm checking every couple hours. I have no idea what the last 10-15 picks were or even who I've drafted now. I'll check in as soon as I can tomorrow.
  12. Looks like site is down again.