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  1. You otc back to back

  2. Search under 2016 and you'll find it.
  3. blame Holloway and his 3 defenses.
  4. All this time to pick and I feel like I'm forced to take a defense here. :anti-climatic: I don't have commish access. Can someone give me Indianapolis DST?
  5. Odd, I tried earlier and couldn't get on. Let me check now and catch up on picks.
  6. you otc with replacement pick

  7. Same here. I'm checking every couple hours. I have no idea what the last 10-15 picks were or even who I've drafted now. I'll check in as soon as I can tomorrow.
  8. Looks like site is down again.
  9. Btsw should be OTC. He was skipped due to MFL being down. Don't know if we need to roll back the draft or not for him. I'm holding off on my pick for now.
  10. What changes?
  11. Go to 2016 WSL2 league. At the bottom of the page under commissioner setup is "duplicate this league".