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  1. A password box does not appear in Chrome. IE and Firefox seem ok.
  2. It's been about 18 hours now. Can we just skip BoltNlava and get this draft moving again?
  3. We can't seem to get on any roll here. We're 2 rounds behind most leagues and almost 7 rounds behind League 2. oof
  4. IN - league 7
  5. Looks like Crippler and Rudy were skipped putting Holloway OTC. Then a replacement pick was made for Crippler - I'm assuming by Crippler. Holloway has now since picked and the draft has Comet OTC. But why was Rudy skipped? Did Crippler do this in error?
  6. B&J made his pick so you have to assume he's good.
  7. I don't suggest continuing to draft waiting for whatever decision to be made. IMO, there are 3 options: 1. Remove FF WMD and go with 17 and figure out the changes needed on the site. 2. I can replace him, pick now and we'll move forward. 3. I can pick for FF WMD and if/when he shows, he can take over for me. Let me know.
  8. You're right. It's not an issue. Just wanted to make sure I didn't do anything wrong. I can stop trying to figure it out now. lol Thanks.
  9. I see that I can toggle between my logon and the commissioner logon. But how do I "unlink" my franchise with the commissioner? Or does everyone have that toggle option? Every now and then when I have a moment, I try to figure it out but have no idea how to do it.
  10. I think I'm set up but I seem to still have commissioner abilities. How do I unlink that?
  11. I don't have time right now to figure out this login stuff. Can someone make my pick on MFL? 1.02 Julio Jones
  12. IN
  13. 19.14 Keith Marshall RB rookie 20.03 nick Folk PK NYJ