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  1. Let's just declare this draft a mistrial and start over.
  2. Agree. Hate this draft. Haven't wanted to make 1 pick lately, let alone 2 picks in a row. Screw you guys...I'm goin' home. #cartman
  3. I think this is the draft I got texted a link to join. I didn't see this draft/thread so didn't sign up but it looks like MoP did and my cell number is listed for MoP. So I got the invite and he probably didn't. You'll need to reach out to him. If you need me to hop in instead, I can.
  4. Under "Draft Order Setup - All Rounds", click the second button next to "Draft Type" -- first round is randomly selected..... Click Yes to send email to owners regarding how draft order was determined. I don't really care if you send email but other money leagues want to know there's no funny business.
  5. There should be a box to select under the draft setup (or draft order all round) to email owners the draft order.
  6. I don't have a good reason to say no...and even if I did, I'd still say heck yea. IN
  7. Why only 2? If there's 2 flex and you can flex DST, why can't your 2 flex both be DST?
  8. From a total points perspective, WR12 an RB12 are now being equated to DST25. Just seems off. I'm fine with making the defenses more relevant and adding the yardage category but maybe reduce those points and the points against a bit? DST is so random year to year. Right now it seems someone can win the league by a lucky random NE/SF pick like last year. You're more than doubling the scoring from the SLs. Maybe there's a happy medium somewhere? Or since we've started and we know the rules, we have to adapt to the DST run next round.
  9. 8 of the top 14 players are defenses. And the Wash DST outscored Julio an Hopkins. What's wrong with that? lol Kickers look to be jacked a bit high also. You're giving 3 pts per FG made PLUS the 3-6 pt distance bonus? So a 40yd FG is 7 points?
  10. Office closed and has everyone working from home. I've suddenly gained some free time the next couple weeks. PM sent.
  11. Sorry for the holdup. all sorts of internet trouble and MFL access. Not sure who is taken. Just give me a kicker. Can someone pick Gould or Zuerlein for me.