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  1. Let's just declare this draft a mistrial and start over.
  2. Agree. Hate this draft. Haven't wanted to make 1 pick lately, let alone 2 picks in a row. Screw you guys...I'm goin' home. #cartman
  3. I think this is the draft I got texted a link to join. I didn't see this draft/thread so didn't sign up but it looks like MoP did and my cell number is listed for MoP. So I got the invite and he probably didn't. You'll need to reach out to him. If you need me to hop in instead, I can.
  4. Under "Draft Order Setup - All Rounds", click the second button next to "Draft Type" -- first round is randomly selected..... Click Yes to send email to owners regarding how draft order was determined. I don't really care if you send email but other money leagues want to know there's no funny business.
  5. There should be a box to select under the draft setup (or draft order all round) to email owners the draft order.
  6. I don't have a good reason to say no...and even if I did, I'd still say heck yea. IN
  7. Why only 2? If there's 2 flex and you can flex DST, why can't your 2 flex both be DST?
  8. From a total points perspective, WR12 an RB12 are now being equated to DST25. Just seems off. I'm fine with making the defenses more relevant and adding the yardage category but maybe reduce those points and the points against a bit? DST is so random year to year. Right now it seems someone can win the league by a lucky random NE/SF pick like last year. You're more than doubling the scoring from the SLs. Maybe there's a happy medium somewhere? Or since we've started and we know the rules, we have to adapt to the DST run next round.
  9. 8 of the top 14 players are defenses. And the Wash DST outscored Julio an Hopkins. What's wrong with that? lol Kickers look to be jacked a bit high also. You're giving 3 pts per FG made PLUS the 3-6 pt distance bonus? So a 40yd FG is 7 points?
  10. Office closed and has everyone working from home. I've suddenly gained some free time the next couple weeks. PM sent.
  11. Sorry for the holdup. all sorts of internet trouble and MFL access. Not sure who is taken. Just give me a kicker. Can someone pick Gould or Zuerlein for me.
  12. We can arrange it a number of ways. Start drafting now and start elimination week 2 (just week 2 or combined week 1 and 2). Weekly elim until week 9 and then elim every 2 weeks (weeks 11, 13, 15, 17). Or some variation.
  13. Ouch -- sniped on the Murray and MVS picks at 9.01 and 9.02. Really wanted one of them but needed a QB and BUF TMQB was the last one I was ok with. With both Go DC and Indyram having only 1 QB, I felt one of them would grab him. So....@indyram96, would you have taken Buf TMQB if it were available?
  14. For your consideration.... Fewer leagues makes it easier to run...but not sure if consolidating all into fewer leagues isn't more work right now. And it looks like it would only be 1 less league. Probably not worth the effort. Right now, there are 53 people taking a total of 72 teams. 19 people are in more than 1 league -- 4 in 3 leagues (Bass, BroncoFreak, crippler, ryheaps) and 11 in 2 leagues (bro1ncos, cobalt, genester, Go DC, Jason Wood, JeremyX13, jhexel, Maggot Brain, Stinkin' Ref, Biabreakable and Anarchy/David). To get up to the 80 teams needed for 5 leagues, 8 more people need to double/triple up. I'd start with those in the fewest leagues and work up from there.
  15. From the comments: Wife came in the room so I quickly changed it to porn..easier to explain
  16. You may want to go back and revisit Finland's role in WW2.
  17. 7.09 Dak Prescott, QB19 8.08 Nick Foles, QB27 Missed on Brady by 1 pick. Settled on Dak – He’s been QB13, 10 and 10 the last 3 years. Has some poor games but Cooper seemed to help and was also able to put up 2 40+ point games with him. Good best ball QB. 8th round seems way too early for Foles but he should have a starting job somewhere and was the last QB I felt ok with and felt forced to go QB. I still haven’t figured out the QB runs in these leagues – either picking too early or scrapping the bottom of the QB2 barrel. WSL2 still had Jackson, Dalton, Darnold, Carr, and Mariota left at 8.08. Need Foles to start and keep starting job next year, otherwise I’m doomed with one of Dak’s 10 point games. 3.09 Philip Lindsay, RB19 5.09 Kenyan Drake, RB27 10.08 Nyheim Hines, RB42 12.08 CJ Anderson, RB55 20.08 Elijah Holyfield-rookie, RB78 Not thrilled with the group – no true stud and a lot of unknowns. Just missed out on Kerryon, Jones and Fournette in the 3rd. My gut says Lindsay is a bit of a value pick because he just looks like he has “it”. If he keeps going as RB19, I’ll have a lot of shares next year. Hopefully, Denver bails on the Booker experiment and Lindsay can improve on his 35 catches. What role will Drake have with new regime? I’m assuming the very least he keeps his passing role with the upside of his 2017 usage. Other option was McKinnon. Even with Mack, Hines should still have a role – he caught 63 passes last year. CJA seemed like a good gamble. With his strong showing at the end of the year, someone should give him a chance. Why not gamble on a rookie in the 20th? And the last couple Georgia RBs have looked pretty darn good in the NFL. 2.08 Odell Beckham, WR9 4.08 Cooper Kupp, WR23 6.08 Chris Godwin, WR36 9.09 Robert Foster, WR52 11.09 Tyrell Williams, WR65 16.08 Deion Cain, WR81 18.08 Kelvin Harmon-rookie, WR88 Really like this group. Not sure where OBJ will be but he’s elite. Kupp was top 5 before he was injured. Not expecting that but he does seem to be a huge cog in the LAR offense. Some worry about how an ACL recovery impacts his speed/cuts early next year. Other options were RBs Cohen, Guice and Freeman. The next 3 – Godwin, Foster and TyWilliams are all targets for me this year. I think DJax is gone, giving Godwin huge upside in that Arians offense. Down side was that Godwin pick cost me better QBs. Foster had something clicking with Allen. TyWilliams should leave and seek a WR1 role next year. He posted 70-1000-7 season when Allen was hurt, so the talent is there. Downside was Williams cost me Goedert. Other options were Dixon – whom I passed on, thinking I could get RB Richard on the way back but Ruds sniped him. Anyway, Williams is going to look like a complete steal at this price in the summer. Cain was turning heads in training camp and Indy craves for a WR2 – good chance they draft someone though. Harmon is an NFL ready WR and should contribute a few weeks. 1.09 Zach Ertz, TE2 19.09 Irv Smith-rookie, TE36 Ertz is a stud and only had 3 games below 14 points. Other options were Bell and Hopkins - but the top TEs last year gave such a huge advantage. With such a big investment, I knew I was going to slough TE2 but didn’t plan until the 19th. Was targeting Eifert or Goedert but waited too long. Missed Goedert by 3 picks – still stings. Usually rookie TEs are a waste but several were suitable last year and Smith should get an opportunity – good blocker route running. Other options were Vernon Davis and Jake Butt, who both went soon after my Smith pick. 13.09 Ka’imi Faribarin, K5 14.08 Aldrick Rosas, K13 15.09 LA Chargers, DST8 17.09 Atlanta Falcons, DST22 2 good kickers with jobs and plenty of opportunities. Caveat – regret taking Rosas but I thought one of Hyde, Crowell and Peterson would be there for round 15 and wanted to get another reliable PK before the run. Damn Bass taking both Hyde and Crowell. 2 defenses that underperformed last year but I expect will rebound. Both have high score potential each week. Overall, I need my WR/TE to carry me and RBs to have the opportunities I need. The need to balance out the weeks my QBs aren’t up to snuff. I normally don’t draft a lot of rookies. But since there doesn’t seem to be any clear cut choices, it only required some minor draft capital in rounds 18-20. There were vets I could have gone with but they are who they are…and they’re not winning any leagues for me. Have made it to final 3 without winning more times than I’d like. Thought I’d try the rookie route and hope to hit.