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  1. Hi Bloom - thanks for all your help this year. 0.5 PPR. I need to drop one play, who should I drop? (All end of bench lottery tickets) K.Dixon R.Burket TJ.Yeldon
  2. Hey Boom (That was a typo but I'm going to keep it!). In a 0.5 PPR. I need to drop 2. Which player should I keep? (At the end of my bench) Theo Riddick TreQuan Smith Dez Bryant
  3. Nick Chubb was just dropped in my league this morning! What range FAAB would you drop to get this guy? (0.5 PPR 14 team)
  4. Hey Bloom - thanks for all the help thus far in the season. I need some help in a 0.5 PPR league. You have Stephen Anderson ranked Jack Doyle this week; however, my challenge is that A) Jack Doyle’s schedule is better ROS and B) I need to drop someone on my team. Who would you drop? Jack Doyle Jerrick McKinnon Martavis Bryant Mike Davis Stephen Anderson
  5. Hope you can help me with this one. I'm a league where I've locked a spot for the playoffs in a 0.5 PPR league. Which player do I drop? David Johnson ASJ Charles Clay (One of those TE will be my starter the rest of the way)
  6. Heya Bloom, For a 1/2 PPR I need to start 2 of the following: Dion Lewis Rex Burkhead Jerrick McKinnon In a vacuum I like Lewis and Burkhead, but am I okay starting both? Is that okay since they effectively play two different roles (with some overlap) ala Kamara/Ingram? From listening to you over the years, this approach may increase my floor but reduce my ceiling; however, since I'm matched up pretty evenly against my opponent this week, perhaps this is the correct approach? Let me know - thanks!
  7. Hey Bloom, I'm playoff bound (0.5 PPR) and I'm still holding onto David Johnson. This week the decision is tougher. My starting TE is ASJ. Do I drop Charles Clay or keep hanging on to David Johnson?
  8. Hey Sig a couple of drop questions League 1 - 0.5 PPR: Who do I drop? Tarik Cohen Josh Doctson Martavis Bryant League 2 - 0.5 PPR Who do I drop? Corey Davis Martavis Bryant Josh Doctson Thank you!
  9. Hey Bloom - thanks again for all the help A couple of quick questions: In a 16 team league, I have Big Ben and Dalton (BYE). Should I drop Big Ben and start any of the following QB's this week: J.Brissett J.McCown 2nd question: Which two players should I drop? (0.5 PPR) A.Morris D.McFadden T.Cohen L.Murray M.Breida
  10. Hi Sig, 16 team - 0.5 PPR - From the the list below who are the top 2 players I should stash at the end of my bench? J.McKinnon J.Allen M.Breida J.Conner A.Morris D.McFadden C.Clement Thank you as always!
  11. Hi Sig - thanks again for doing this weekly. Your podcasts and their association with fall is as ubiquitous as leaves falling off the tree in my household =) I have 3 questions. 1. I need to drop one player in the below league: League 1: 16 Team 0.5 PPR league (1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2Flex, K, Def, 5 Bench) - 2-1 Record QB - B.Roethlisberger, A.Dalton RB - J.Ajayi, T.Cohen, A.Abdullah, J.Allen, J.Charles WR - M.Thomas, T.Hill, M.Bryant, P.Richardson TE - K.Rudolph, T.Eifert 2. I need to drop one player in the below league: League 2: 14 Team 0.5 PPR league (1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1Flex, K, Def, 5 Bench) - 2-1 Record QB - D.Prescott, A.Luck RB - D.Johnson, K.Hunt, J.Allen, D.Henry, W.Smallwood WR - D.Bryant, M.Bryant, E.Sanders, S.Diggs, B.Marshall TE - E.Ebron 3. Do I drop A.Luck for D.Watson in the above league?
  12. Hi Bloom, I’m in a 14 team league with a small bench (5 spots) and you can only roster a maximum of 2 QB’s. · My QB’s are D.Prescott & A.Luck. · Dak’s bye is week 6, and if Luck doesn’t play week 6 I have to drop one of them. What should I do? · Hold on one more week to see if Luck practices next week? · Drop Luck right now for J.Cutler? · Drop Luck right now for Ja.Brown/B.Marshall/K.Wright and stream week 6? (Probably D.Watson level) Thoughts bloom?
  13. Hi Sig - I appreciate the responses, this if for 14 team 0.5 PPR league. My team is: QB: D.Presccot RB: K.Hunt RB: J.Allen WR: D.Bryant WR: S.Diggs TE: T.Eifert Flex: M.Bryant Bench1: E.Sanders Bench2: D.Henry Bench3: C.West Bench4: A.Luck Bench5: D.Johnson (No IR Spot…..) I feel like I’m going to miss on a ton of WW value because I have two injured guys on a short bench (5). However, it’s worth mentioning that 8 teams make the playoffs, and I’m currently 1-0, likely 1-1 after this week. Three Questions for you: Should I drop D.Johnson? (We have week 14/15/16 playoffs) As a K.Hunt owner, how stubborn do I have to be on holding C.West in my situation? Should I drop him for either E.Ebron or P.Richardson? Same question with A.Luck, should I continue to hold on to him? Should I drop him for either E.Ebron or P.Richardson